How to Complete the Fourth Chapter of God Eater 2

Hardcore Gamer: When it comes to importing games, you always run the risk of getting stuck. With smaller communities and limited understanding of the language (in most cases), even the simplest of requests can baffle someone unable to read the dialog.

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ChaosKnight1706d ago

Here's a better question: how do we even play God Eater 2?

tubers1705d ago


Not ideal but that's "how" you can play GE2 right now.

MeteorPanda1706d ago

this just brought my hopes up :<

why is this here if we can't play it? lol

admiralvic1706d ago

1) The world doesn't revolve around the US/EU or what games make it to the US/EU.
2) The Vita is region free, so you can in fact play it.
3) Do I really need to say more?

LiViNgLeGaCY1706d ago

1) True, but most users here are from one of the two.

2) I believe most users on here are English speakers and probably can't read Japanese.

3) Yes, you do.

kratoz12091706d ago

Thats an easy question :D

Be Awesome and practice

admiralvic1706d ago

How does being awesome and practice help you when the game is asking you to get an item?