Import Showcase: God Eater 2

Hardcore Gamer: The Monster Hunter genre is insanely popular in Japan, so naturally, when Capcom moved Monster Hunter from a Sony series to a Nintendo series, fans were crushed. However, companies saw this as a chance to fill that void with their own Monster Hunter like game. Since the Vita first launched, we’ve seen Lord of Apocalypse, Ragnarok Odyssey, the updated version Ace, Soul Sacrifice, the upcoming update Delta, Toukiden (closest to Monster Hunter) and now we have God Eater 2. So far none of these titles have matched the same success as Monster Hunter, but will this change with God Eater 2?

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admiralvic1801d ago

I still hope it gets localized.

ChaosKnight1801d ago

God Eater? God Mode? God Hand?

How do you keep these things straight!?