Dylan Jobe Has Been Thinking About Warhawk Remastered for PS4, "Could be pretty spectacular"

Looks like Warhawk fans aren't the only ones who want a great 3rd person shooter on PS4. On Thursday, Sony Santa Monica made a post on Facebook about Warhawk. Is Dylan Jobe hinting at something?

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Abash1590d ago

Warhawk was the first game that made me really, really love the PS3. This remastered version on PS4 would be amazing

ZodTheRipper1590d ago

Well I guess I'm not the only one who didn't think about THAT before ...but it's a great idea. Just let the same team make a Warhawk 2 without any fundamental changes to the core gameplay and I'm sure it will be a smash hit. Warhawk is still considere by some as the best multiplayer game on PS3.

JeromeNtheHouse1590d ago


Yet again I agree wit u Zod. I wouldn't care if they remastered it, made a sequel, whatever. The whole idea would be fuckin amzing! I loved warhawk a lot, and if they kept that same core gameplay with more players, and bigger maps, and more weapons... maaaan.

badz1491590d ago

Warhawk remaster on PS4??


BkaY1589d ago

yep i am included in that SOME .. First and best multiplayer game i have ever played.

still playing it here n there... but it would be best for them to release WH remastered then boom announcement of warhawk 2...

please no Starhawk 2. i like that game but its nothing like warhawk..


M-M1590d ago

I agree, I honestly think we'll get a Warhawk on PS4 eventually I probably wouldn't have been as active on my PS3 if it wasn't for Warhawk, Starhawk was fine but people didn't stick around lol.

-EvoAnubis-1590d ago

Same here, man. I've never been much of a competitive online gamer, but something about the simplicity and variety of Warhawk just drew me in. I spent hundreds of hours on that game, and if a remastered version came to PS4 I'd be prepared to spend hundreds more.

twinspectre1590d ago

is this Next gen or Remastered Gen ?
why don't make Warhawk 2 ?

ZodTheRipper1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

It would be better from a marketing perspective, too. A Wahawk 2 exclusively for PS4 would sound much more exciting than a Warhawk PS3 Remaster. It could be a multiplayer only game with an online campaign just like Titanfall. Would suit the franchise better than the way Starhawk did it imo.

XisThatKid1590d ago

Despite what people say I still play both Warhawk and Starhawk alot. I had an acknowledged tweet to Dylan that I'd pledge 100 to a kickstarter few months ago when he has talking of a legit Warhawk sequel. I think this may happen and he's very involved with the potential supporters I see all over the net. I'd love to see anything-Hawk for PS4 I love TPSs my fav shooters anyway.

Warhawk was my first PS3 game while normally I get or Play a Twisted Metal game first then I realized that was the same people who made TM I was so happy I kept my tradition alive!!! TM Head for PSP TM head on for Vita(lol NOW with my PS4 I just played TM on PS3 with My DS4 lol to keep the ball am I ganna do for PS5?

Monolith1590d ago

100% agree. Warhawk and twisted metal forever!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1590d ago

No remake please. Just a new next gen warhawk.

princejb1341590d ago

hell yes
i love warhawk
starhawk not so much
that build your own base thing just didn't work for me

ThanatosDMC1590d ago

I would prefer Warhawk over Starhawk... mainly because I decimated all enemies in Starhawk and Invisibility, Shotgun, Stomp, and Shields were OP.

BitbyDeath1590d ago

I tried to like Starhawk but just couldn't.
Regen health is not suited at all for these types of games. Also having to call buildings to get weapons and such was painful and takes away from the sparaticness of the game.

Among many balance issues, no stealth and no real knife.

HammadTheBeast1590d ago

And the Warhawk players (including me) would just stomp all over the new players because we had mastered the hawks so well. Then they nerfed the hawks a lot.

The beta was a lot of fun though, I'll always remember the Space map.

jocomat91590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Warhawk was my first online game I ever tried, and I have never since August 07 played a multiplayer thats even close to as awesome. It was Dynamic and is an experience unlike any other. I am not opposed to any Hawk title on PS4 (this would be sweet), except Starhawk 2. I really would love a true sequel tho. And if you do, tell Santa Monica on there recent FB post here:

Jaces1590d ago

Just as long as it's not like Starhawk. Great idea executed poorly. I'm all for a remastered Warhawk!

Sarcasm1590d ago

Same here, I put countless hours into Warhawk. I miss that game.

I'd go crazy for a re-make on the PS4

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Majin-vegeta1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

If this were to come true.

Someone needs to start a twitter trend for this!

@Below what part of my comment don't you get??

ginsunuva1590d ago

Warhawk = best MP game ever if you took the time to get past the enormous learning curve.

Hmmm... Warhawk remaster or Warhawk 2?
If they can get the original team back then Warhawk 2. Otherwise don't risj ruining it and just remake the original.

grassyknoll1590d ago

Warhawk is still the best pure multiplayer experience ever: no perks or classes, just skill!

XiSasukeUchiha1590d ago

Hell yeah it would be fantastic

WeAreLegion1590d ago

Yes, please. I'll take this OR Starhawk.