FINAL FANTASY XIV coming to Steam

Square-Enix will be releasing FFXIV on Steam, as detailed in their latest maintenance announcement.

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Reibooi1441d ago

I'm wondering how the Steam version will work. Will people who already have the game and it's old download be able to just download the steam version and run the game from steam or will getting the game require you to buy it again?

SE let old players from the original version of the game get the game for free when it relaunched but I wonder if the Steam release will do the same.

TekoIie1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

They've done this with MMO's before like EVE Online and it usually ends up requiring you repurchase the game to gain the steam version benefits like trading cards and achievements :(

MrTrololo1441d ago

Y you no release FFIX for PC !!!

Irishguy951441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


Then either torrent it, or stick your original disk in. Or pay 10 euro to get a 15 year old game on Ps3/Vita

The modding of the FF games normally isn't that great? Unless I missed something recently?

MrTrololo1441d ago

Nah i prefer they release it on PC because of the possibility of modding

iamtehpwn1441d ago

Really? Have you not seen the FF7 mods people have out there for the PC version? They're amazing!

Irishguy951441d ago

Which ones? The only ones i've seen are reskins and...thats it really, replacing the midi files with the Mp3 ones of the Ps1 version too(PC version lacked voices in the music and stuff)

XishikiX1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

There's difficulty mods, new character models (these aren't reskins), reskins, backgrounds Fractilized, Remixed FMV's, Redone Menu's, a variety of soundtracks, etc.

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GentlemenRUs1441d ago

I see Square are turning to the old games to make a quick buck...

They losing money or what?

reaper241441d ago

uhm.. this game came out a few months ago

NiteX1441d ago

He must mean FF7 and FF8 just releasing on Steam of course.

Capt-FuzzyPants1441d ago


Yeah, but this article isn't about those games.

iamtehpwn1441d ago

Even if he did mean FF7 and 8, they were originally released PS1 and PC, and those versions currently don't run on modern PC's or any resolution above 640x480, so even though I'm sure Square did make a quick buck for not much effort, putting them on Steam with technical updates so that the PC Versions would run on modern PC's just seemed like a good thing to do anyway.

NiteX1441d ago

Well it's no secret SE has been in the red for quite some time now.

GentlemenRUs1441d ago

Oh boy... Looks like I posted this in the wrong article :P

But still... You know what I mean.

LAWSON721441d ago

Square just release them all on PC and I will get them

bligmerk1441d ago

The big deal is Valve developing a Square partnership.

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