No one is playing Super Mario 3D World – a historical look at Mario series sales figures

Sean from takes a look at historical sales figures for the Mario series.

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Knightshade1827d ago

I have to admit, the older I get the less I'm into Mario. Throw me a Metroid title already Nintendo! I bought your Wii U, now give me some games so I can scrape the inch of dust off the damned thing!

BullyMangler1827d ago

lol . you obviously havent played the new mario game 3D world for wiiU . . (;

just yesterday I was playing mario galaxy 2, i had no clue that if i collect the golden metals i get more stars that leads to more NEW levels!. sweeet i thought i was finished!

FriedGoat1827d ago

I liked Galaxy, awesome games. I really hated 3D world on the 3DS though, short levels, short game and really repetitive. It really annoyed me they decided to make a sequel to that instead of a proper mario game.

cleft51827d ago

I don't really get all of the negative articles about Nintendo as of late. Also, I see plenty of people broadcasting this game. "No one" is one of those phrases that tends to be a gross over exaggeration of the truth.

abzdine1827d ago

i have never been really into mario games but i have still played most of them.
This one seems interesting enough, but only with 2 or more players.

Necro_5591827d ago

I have played it and its nothing special, its way to easy and its the same game we have been playing since 96', i mean its alright but nothing we havnt seen already. It was boring. The WW remake was better and its a remake. Nintendo should have done a Mario 64 type Mario game.

sinjonezp1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I love mario but it is losing.its appeal. In my opinion. I bought my daughter the mario 3ds bundle.and.i played the game and.found.myself wanting to go back to super mario 64. The issue for me is the age content. Most of us in our laye 20,s and early 30,s grew up on mario and i think we are now overtook by fps and other games. The kids of this new generation never grew up on mario and.they are more into social games or mobile platforms. My daughter played mario for about 20 minutes before she wanted my phone.for an.hour. thats what its coming to. The gap is real and with the older crowd leaning towards mature content and younger kids playing mobile applications, mario is how. Say stuck in.the middle. Its an opinion but recognized through my child, nephews and.nieces

2muchw1nn1ng1827d ago

You reek of insecurity.. All you post is literally angry, passive-aggressive comments against anyone that criticizes Wii u or Nintendo.

Work out your issues, buddy. Then maybe you wouldn't have one bubble to deal with.

Sarcasm1827d ago


Unfortunately the way things are going, the Wii U is going to be the new dreamcast.

Great overall system, some very excellent games, but just isn't selling.

Which is a stark contrast to its predecessor the Wii which sold like gangbusters.

alphaomega881827d ago

'I/we love Mario, but he is losing his appeal'

Now, lets flip this for the other perspective:
'I/we love/loved FPS's, but they are losing their appeal'

There. See how that can actually fit into lots of other peoples minds, just as the first sentence can? Fact is, play what you like. Mario may not be drawing in tons of new people, but the days when COD/any other unnamed shooters did that is over too. Mario, in the 3d platforming genre, is always of the highest quality. The same cannot be said for the others.

Chrischi19881827d ago

lol^^ noone plays it, right^^

Mario 3D world is in the top 10 sales chart of the past two weeks and Wii U has a installbase as small as 4,4 million. A lot of dev studios would be super proud, to achive such a percentage of sales compared to the install base.

The bias towards nintendo on this site becomes bigger and bigger^^ Actually the Wii U isnt doing that bad as of now, but whatever, tell lies to feel better, if thats the only way.

Irishguy951827d ago

Not a fan of Galaxy, WAY to easy. Presents no challenge whatsoever and is thus, a boring game. Don't know about Galaxy 2 never played it.

ThaBx1827d ago

Son! It's time for you to Grow Up! If u think that was sweet, then you probably still poop in your pants! Sincerely a NEXT GEN GAMER!

clouds51827d ago

That is a general problem with games... Most of them are just a walk in the park. The whole 3rd person cover shooter system makes everything just easy and boring.

Yi-Long1826d ago

The problem isn't the game. The problem is the system, and the (lack of) marketing of the system.

By all accounts, the game is fantastic and one of the very best Mario games ever.

However, it's not enough to convince me to buy into the WiiU. For multiple reasons, which I won't bother listing again.

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The_Villager1827d ago

Well then you will be happy to know that Nintendo has just renewed the trademark for Metroid Prime.

Concertoine1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

that doesn't really mean anything, just that nintendo wants to retain the rights. theyve been renewing eternal darkness stuff for the past 10 years, no sight of that anytime soon.

Beastforlifenoob1827d ago

That means nothing most companies even if they are not going to invest anything into it in the future they renew the trademark. The reason is because Nintendo doesnt want random people using the games name to make crap games (that actually have nothing to do with nintendo) and then tainting nintendos image.

ShinMaster1827d ago

If it's a third-person Metroid game, sign me up.

Dehnus1827d ago

With me it's the other way around, the older I get the more I start to like Mario, DKC and Zelda games :).

Concertoine1827d ago

you at 80 will be a scary sight

8831827d ago

The older I get, the more I find myself wanting Mario and other Nintendo titles to appear on another brand of console...

Phil321827d ago

The irony here is that the older I get the more I find games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and GTA more immature and juvenile. But hey, look at the comments on N4G on average. Immaturity runs rampant, so the industry gives consumers what they want.

8831827d ago

Seriously? Who disagrees with the appeal of having Nintendo titles appear on other brands of consoles? I guess some people are suggesting it is a bad thing to want Nintendo first party franchises available to a wider audience and running on current gen consoles (no I do not believe Nintendo has had a current gen console since GC --- unless we want to count WiiU as being current gen up to the point that XBoxOne and PS4 released). Or, do you just not like Nintendo first party stuff?

PHIL32: I hear ya.

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hellzsupernova1827d ago

My mate has a wiiu in the same condition I've never actually seen it going

bangoskank1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )


Who are you even referring to in your attack? And talk about insecurity: who really gives a flying [email protected] about how many bubbles you acquire on this site. You must have a such a robust, fulfilling life to take this site so seriously. Your handle also reeks of immaturity and insecurity. Surely you are winning at life.

Bobby Kotex1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

I'm no Nintendo fan, but that stupid chart is not in chronological order.

bangoskank1827d ago

Firstly, I'm not biased towards sony, Microsoft, or nintendo as each of their systems offer excellent titles that provide hours of enjoyment.
Saying that adults who play nintendo are a minority is absurd. A lot of us grew up playing Nintendo games back in the 80's and still do because the quality of their flagship titles hasn't faltered. On top of that, third party titles like Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade, and others justify owning a Wii U. That said, I can't wait for The Order:1886 and Titanfall. It's about being a gamer an loving video games, not what company is more popular or makes more money.

joab7771827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

It is hard for ppl to imagine that Mario isn't quite what it was to all of us in our 30's. I still love Mario but I am not buying a console to play it when I have a 3ds. The kids love it and love playing on the ps3 & ps4. Kids today are different. Once they reach a certain age they wanna play CoD...not Mario. Most ppl I know that play Mario and donkey Kong are my age. I do wonder though how many copies it would have sold as a PlayStation 4 launch game. I know it sounds like heresy but it's troubles obviously are not quality related but consumer base related. And like I mentioned before with the arrival of new consoles, successful handhelds and cheaper ps3's & 360's, I just don't think too many kids are screaming for a wiiU for Xmas...even if there is a new Mario to play.

popup1826d ago

I played Mario in the 80's and have purchased certain historic titles but am by no means a fanatic lunatic but I got this new title on Wii U and it is excellent!

I love the whole artificial world, materials and whole reach out and touch 3d aesthetic. The design of the levels in absolute genius. It's not trying to be realistic and it doesn't need to.

With so many games striving to emulate the film medium, Mario is still a refreshing reminder than computer and console games have their own exclusive and legitimate domain.

The fact that it has not sold many is obviously a concern but, from my perspective, is also a 'sucks to be you' to those missing out.

RobbyGrob1826d ago

I'm the same with all of Nintendo.

FACTUAL evidence1826d ago

Everyone complaining how easy this game is, go play'll be great-full for mario's "easiness".

XisThatKid1826d ago

The older I get the more I realize I see Mario the same...barely interested.

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iamnsuperman1827d ago

The graph isn't in chronological order. That alone brings the article into disrepute. It needs to be in order to show if demand has fallen.......

Ol_G1827d ago

how can anyone disagree with this they place the highest selling mario's in the front and and titles that sold worse in the back like snes versions that's not really indicative of declining demand

MrTrololo1827d ago

That is really bad for Nintendo. Mario were known for its system seller for Nintendo console. Not even super mario 3d world can save the wii u.I am worried about X and Bayonetta 2.

Chrischi19881827d ago

Mario 3D world was in the top 10 of weekly game sales the past 2 weeks. Considering the install base of Wii U, that is a very good number. Considering that Nintendo games sell over long periods of time, not like a CoD, where you get a new one every year, it is even greater.

Nintendo has Mario as is mascot, so they use him in a lot of different games, to act like, they are all the same is delusional, just because the others dont have such a successful mascot.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1827d ago

You should fill bad for x because hardly anybody played xenoblade lol.

If ppl think x is going to sell systems better thank gamestop exclusive deal for it not.

Now they want almost a 100usd for it smh.

I have xeno but it wad limited print.

Zodiac1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

That graph has 3D World sales at 50K. ummm no lol

The graph is poorly done, too. At least have an attach ratio listed as well.

Also, what iamnsuperman said is true as well.

admiralvic1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

While the premise of this article is good, the execution is very poor. For starters, the chart goes in terms of sales, instead of chronological order. This makes the chart largely useless, since it doesn't show any rise or fall, just fall. The other problem is that the article seems to either be against Super Mario 3D World or just poorly researched.

The thing is, the chart lists Super Mario 3D World at 0.05 on a scale of 1 million. This would put the sales, according to the article, at 50,000 units. According to just the Japanese week 1 sales ( ), which were released weeks ago, we know the game sold at least 100,000 (I rounded up) copies. According to a less accurate, but equally informative source, VGchartz puts the game at 710,000 worldwide sales. This means the sales chart they're using is at least 1/14th what some easily found numbers suggest. This alone makes the article pretty worthless and rather moot.

wonderfulmonkeyman1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Thank you, bubble up. Set that response into the article's main page, too.

animegamingnerd1827d ago

don't forgot digital sales for all we know they could be even higher then physical sales or add like anohter 50.000 to the already sales since we don't know how much it sold digitally