Forza 5 gameplay: tearing up the Top Gear Test Track in the Lotus E21 Formula One Car

VVV: "Alan's not quite finished with the Lotus E21 Formula One car yet, a car renowned for being the most expensive car in the game. Here we see him tackle the Top Gear test track in the terrifyingly-fast F1 car."

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Utalkin2me1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Well i have to say the car looks good but the rest looks last gen. It is having framerate drops. Does Forza 5 not have car damage? He rammed into the car and not a scratch.

Elit3Nick1555d ago

there are zero frame rate drops in this game, the only drops you'll are because of youtube

mcstorm1555d ago

The frame rate dose not drop in Forza and there is damage on the game he may have it turned off though. Also compare gt or Forza 4 to Forza 5 and you can see Forza looks better in the terms of cars and surroundings but it not as big a jump as we will see over the next 18 months.

Mkai281555d ago

Also, this guy should turn the difficulty up.

Knushwood Butt1555d ago

So, there is damage but you can turn it off, and clearly, this guy who runs a web site dedicated to driving games has the damage turned off??

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RIP_Weazel1555d ago

..the physics on those cones are ....interesting.

xJumpManx1555d ago

This game keeps growing on me and getting better. I love drivatars. Its fun getting messages or sending messages abut how the friends drivatar is doing.

pennywhyz1555d ago

I luv GT but this game is Gangster.

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The story is too old to be commented.