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There was no doubt, that, at least visually, the next-gen would begin with a bang and any naysayers were silenced otherwise. What a shame then, that after the release of the game, the most memorable moment of the game is still that trailer we saw back in February. Killzone: SF falls short of its promise of greatness and Gameondaily discusses why.

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BullyMangler1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

poor sony.

cant wait for them to get great games on that ps4 besides Resogun .

Decastis1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Yeah "poor" is the right word for a brand that sold millions of consoles, and still has an insane demand around the world.

If Sony is "poor" then what should we call XboxOne??

abzdine1555d ago

Nothing to do with PS4 being a bad console.. PS4 is one hell of a beast!!
KZ: SF is right now a disappointment to me, i just hope DLC fixes some things.
The game is definitely playable, but definintely not an amazing experience like KZ2 or 3

ThanatosDMC1555d ago

The shield system screams Resistance 2.

chazjamie1555d ago

killzone 3 was a skitsophrenic mess of a game. Only bought it because of the graphics.

malokevi1555d ago

When COD sells well, sales don't matter. When PS4 sells well, it's indicative of quality!

Not saying the ps4 isn't great, but the double standard is obvious. As far as quality exclusives, PS4 is currently lacking. There is no denying it. Not that X1 is doing much better. We all need what 2014 will bring.

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GamersHeaven1555d ago

Poor Nintendo

cant wait for them to get great games on that Wii U besides Mario.

NiteX1555d ago

Oh oh! Someone do PC now! .... oh wait.

Irishguy951555d ago

I think people were expecting too much from it. It's only Killzone it was never going to be great(besides that lucky hit with KZ2). The initial gameplay trailer in the reveal showed GG had lost it even more so that KZ3. The Multiplayer is bleh, the Single player is decent for one of these type of shooters but still very poor for an FPS. Well behind any of the FPS's with actual good single player experiences.(No not Cod or BF). I also think BF and Cod got let away with far too much. But they normally do so whatever. KZ got what it deserved. COD and BF got more than they deserved

Deltaguy1555d ago

i agree resogun was the only good 1st party game they had at launch..the fanboys are in denial

Irishguy951555d ago

The only good 1st party game at all at next gen launch. Was made in 1995, but released in 2014.

dcj05241555d ago

Killzone and Knack are pretty fun too.

scott1821555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

-Resogun = Highest rated
-Killzone SF = Highest selling

poor Sony /s

joab7771555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

What is the hate for Killzone. Its like it can't brrak its niche label. I will admit that its almost a travesty that they have wasted one of the greatest antagonists in video game history by consistently giving us so-so stories. I could have written a better story for shadowfall with the prevolent civil war and genocide themes. That beimg said, I love how they opened up the sp and gave us more options for combat. I wish they had kept k2's difficulty. SF needs an elite difficulty.

And the multiplayer is one of the best made. I like how they took the focus off of k/d and leveling and put it on gameplay. I kinda wish they had moved more towards the dynamic play, but who knows? Maybe offering leveling for classes or perks for teamplay would have been nice. But we get free maps to go with the already amazing ones at launch. I'd live to know how this guy reviewed Ghosts and B4's sp is very similar to SF. I just don't get the hate.

Maybe they should hav launched SF in February away from other fps games. Should have given us GoW4, GT6 on both consoles and Knack at launch, followed by KZ and Infanous in Feb and March.

Ju1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

SF is right there where it belongs. It's the top FPS on the PS4 - and I have CoD and BF as well. Those two don't come close. BF is BF, and CoD is CoD. SF has the longest campaign, the best visuals and the best gameplay in my books out of the three. This here must be the "SF hate section". Don't play it if you don't like it. According to how it sells, a lot of people seem to like it though. It sold better than BF & CoD in Europe, fairly well in the US. It can hold up with the big guns, why delay? ...

I just wanted to point that out. Otherwise I agree what you just said.

Edsword1555d ago

Its still the best selling exclusive of the new gen.

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D-riders1555d ago

really i like all my games

arbitor3651555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

the campaign has way more diversity and strategy than most FPS games these days.

the game isnt perfect, but a 6/10 is just absurd, uncalled for, and totally lacks proper perspective.

Raf1k11555d ago

A lot of these reviews seem to score the game largely on it's single player. The multiplayer makes up for what the single player lacks IMO and TBH I can't think of any of the usual FPS games (CoD & BF) having single player campaigns that are much better.

kiz26941555d ago

Completely agree, the SP in both BF4 and Cod, are okay but there nothing special, at least Killzone tries to avoid the generic story and be different, and with its setting alone adds more to the story than the basic story in BF and Cod.

Kennytaur1555d ago

Damn straight. Killzone has better campaign than BF4 (I haven't played CoD Ghosts) even if it isn't that good, but the multiplayer is a LOT of fun and the best part of the game. Plus, free maps.

InTheLab1555d ago

Not enough military types yelling at you to breach a door or follow them through narrow corridors for the length of the 4 hour campaign.

By the way you the same guy from YouTube ? Name looks familiar.

InTheLab1555d ago

Nice work with that whole reviewtechusa nonsense. I subscribed right after that

jspillen1555d ago

Agreed, it's not the best game of all time, but 6 out of 10 is just outright idiocy. The controls are so freakin tight and really feel as good as ANY other shooter. The graphics are arguably the best of any game in existence.

Those two things alone bring it up past a 6. The story is decent and the voice acting is solid.

Horrible review... Boooooooo !!!

chrissx1555d ago

People have their opinions but this reviewers opinion is whack. this game is nothing less than 8/10 its a rly good game

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