Wii U Is Winning Next-Gen Gaming, Not Xbox One Or PS4

Everyone's wondering whether the PS4 or Xbox One is winning. Well, wonder no more. The answer is clear: the Wii U is winning.

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mafiahajeri1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Gamers are winning...

Edit: not sure if this guy is stupid or that he's acting stupid. He says the Wii U has the most market share and then answers the obvious by stating that the wii U had a 1 year head start. The Ps4 sold half of what the Wii u had sold in 3 weeks. Same goes for the xbox.

I don't know why I'm trying to explain this it's obviously flame/hit bait...

Nintendo better get comfy in 3rd place if your disputing market share... Nintendo has advertised a accessory not a console heck I still don't know what a wii u is, and poor Nintendo expected their casual fan base to notice... The hardcore proved their still the decisive factor with the Ps4/Xbox.

iamnsuperman1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I cant fathom the logic behind this article. Ofcourse the Wii U has the biggest market share it has been out for a year with no competition (we have just hit the first month on the market for the PS4). Sine the release of the other systems that market share to a huge nose dive (the PS4 did bettering the UK than the Wii U has done in a year). The same explanation can be applied to the games point. Ofcourse the Wii U has more games. It would be really bad if it didn't.

The numbers coming out from this launch (PS4 and One) should be worrying for Nintendo. We haven't seen anything like this (demand wise)

gaffyh1706d ago

@topic title - No it's not


Naga1706d ago

By the author's reasoning, Nintendo's next generation market share, which took a year to build, has been cut by almost 70% in 2-3 weeks.

I own a WiiU, but if that's not the most damning condemnation of Nintendo's security in this race, I don't know what is.

joab7771706d ago

This would be my best advice. Get 3rd party publishers on board to make exclusive wiiU games as well as ports. Promise them 3DS support to make money. Then, like Sony, use some of the money they hav to buy a bunch of companies, some indies and some full scale, and begin making more exclusuve games. Also, create an incentive for the 10 million ppl or more that own a 3ds to buy a WiiU. There is a way. Or scrap the wiiU as fast as possible and create a new console that can compete. I never understood why they didn't take the yr head start to creat a console similar to the ps4. Drop the controller and they could have sold a much more powerful system for $300-$350. Take a loss if possible and they would have had a years head start to get ppl on board with 3rd party games. How many ppl may hav bougjt CoD or Battlefiels for the WiiU if it looked like the ps4 a yr ago. Once u did that, u roll out exclusives and build up online and app support and then sell peripherals if u want. I just never understood.

NewMonday1706d ago

PS4 sold more software than WiiU in November and it was only 2 weeks old.

HammadTheBeast1706d ago

Is this satire? Please tell me it's satire.


Shnazzyone1705d ago

Just don't forget. Wii U sold it's biggest share during the christmas time. And while xbox one and ps4 are selling well, Wii U is also selling New consoles. Unfortunately while ps4 and xbox one have their post release dry spell nintendo will be dropping a new Mario Kart AND a new Brawl. Wii U will likely keep its lead until the competitors finally get their system seller titles. I don't doubt it will lose the worldwide lead. Just it's going to take a while.

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Chrischi19881706d ago

Same goes for the Wii U itself ;) See launch sales, do not reflect the sales afterwards. nd a lot of people where holding back and waitet for the others to come out, to decide, which will be the next console.

otherZinc1706d ago

William Usher & Pete Haas are both drunk.
That's "obvious".

CapsLocke1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

It's a contest about console manufactures getting more consumers, therefore more money.

GAMERS WINNING - by raining money on MS, Sony and Nintendo.

Flawless logic. Thanks to brains like yours these companies will never bankrupt.

ZainreFang1706d ago

"heck I still don't know what a wii u is"

This is the perspective from which most Wii U critics speak from. People with no knowledge of the system, thinking they know exactly what it needs.

AngelicIceDiamond1706d ago

@Fang You got a point. The critics and journalist don't know, or have a very little knowledge on how the system works.

But yet give criticism on something they don't know anything about but to be fair the critics/journalist's aren't at fault.

people are critiquing there ideals on the sales of the system, The software its pushing and the companies PR and message to the fans.

hence the criticism and debates.

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41706d ago

Sure This guy for kid game NINTENDO XD.
I love classic SNES and Nes than Wii change kid game.
Bye I played now hardcore on PS3/4 and aduit games.never forget Last of Us lol

Kennytaur1706d ago

You're not an aduit until you dare to be childish.

And just to prove how bias can change things: what's more childish, Ni No Kuni and Puppeteer or Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade?

I think it's important to play a variety of games, which is why I have Playstation and Nintendo.

JSDude11706d ago

I'd add that you're also not an adult until you at least try to use proper grammar and spelling!

avengers19781706d ago

WiiU is dead in the water both XB1 and PS4 are going to outsell the U by summer 2014

neogeo1706d ago

Whoa! all the way in summer? I call spring, maybe as early as April that PS4 will at least be tied with WiiU before passing it in the fast lane like a Porch passing a Geo Metro.

wonderfulmonkeyman1706d ago

Being out-sold never killed off a Nintendo console before now, it won't do so this gen.

1706d ago
liquidhalos1706d ago

They will outsell the wii u as soon as the manufacturers make enough. These new consoles are crazy hot. We just need more games now

alphaomega881706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I am not necessarily going to disagree on what the sales are going to be, but I have to ask...who is this massive user base thats going to buy these systems in the new year? And what will they be buying it for I wonder? 2-3 new AAA games by summer? Everything else is playable on old systems without having to drop $400+ dollars, new controllers, and pay for online.

I'm sorry, but I just don't see what everyone is saying. No one seems to be looking at the big picture. While these systems may be selling gangbusters now, what is gonna keep that momentum going? Heck, the Wii U sold 2/3 of its total in the first two months, and again, I am not saying they arent gonna sell better in their first year, but based on what? Games that aren't out yet? That kind of a mindset is only for the really hardcore, which makes up a very measly percentage of gamers on a whole.

Not to mention economies suck right now, and dropping chunks of money on novelty systems with nothing to set them apart really from their predecessors, other than they are more expensive all around, yea, I think that is absurd. I keep hearing 'it will probably outsell the ps2!' which I can only logically respond: Based on what? It doesnt double as anything people dont already have(2 had dvd and 3 had bluray), it now costs to play online, and honestly, it doesnt look that much better than ps3(and regardless of what people say about how good this or that looks, the average consumer is not going to see this, not at the cost of $450+ dollars anyways...)

Honestly, I don't see either of the big 2 even hitting their previous numbers of 80 million to be honest. I think the games market is gonna see a contraction this generation, not because of mobile or anything, but bc the average consumer already has fancy graphics on their ps3/360, and I think they just aren't gonna care to upgrade...but hey, thats just my take.

SLUG1705d ago

thats very true wii u is all really dead

AJBACK2FRAG1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

That's certainly the way it looks but I believe every Nintendo developed first party game that's been released on the Wii U look fantastic, play beautifly and is a heck of a lot of fun! I think Ninrendo has already released a couple of masterpieces. Pikmin 3 and Super Mario 3d World both look amazing! Control amazing and both games utilize the internet in cool, innovative way. I believe this is really just the beginning of seeing what the Wii U is capable of. I think what I've seen so far of Nintendo's first party software releases for two thousand fourteen they're going to continue to be building on this trend of developing brilliant first party software that third partys and Sony Microsoft could never dream of developing!
Video game history shows the least powerful and least expensive home video game console always win's it's respective generation but this generation could possibly buck the trend and the Wii U could possibly come in second or even third place! I really don't care that much who wins this generation! Because I know as a Wii U owner I'll win! I'll be playing not only the best video games of this generation but maybe some of best Nintendo video games of all time!

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Tetsujin1706d ago

If Nintendo wants to dominate again, bring back Nintendo from the 90s.

For the author,

Back in the 90s you would have a valid point, and even proof. Now? Not so much, especially with the whole "family friendly" approach. Playing it safe and having a target audience for kids is 2 completely different things; and personally I'd rather have the Nintendo where they released both types of games and let parents decide what their kids should play, not them.

Magicite1706d ago

in my country nobody cares about Nintendo consoles since Playstation One times.

iliimaster1706d ago

the fact that you say you dont know what a wii U is really? you honestly dont know what a wii U is but your current with the knowledge of ps4 and xboxone? all i know is ive had my shooterfix with ps3 and 360 which is pretty much the games available for these new systems, nintendo offers gamers much more than shooters as of right now this holiday say what you want but nintendo has the games THIS holiday not just another shooter

Beastforlifenoob1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Yeah because there are only shooters on 360 and Ps3... Why do you Nintendo fanboys all ways say 360/ps3 ONLY has shooters they have a huge array of games that are not shooters...

Gran Turismo
God of War
Little big planet
Mod nation racers
Red dead redemption
Tomb Raider
The Last Of us
Assassins creed
Batman Arkham origins/city/asylum
Mortal Kombat
Final Fantasy
Need for speed
Splinter cell Blacklist
Playstation All stars
Hitman absolution
Elder scrolls
Sleeping dogs
Heavy rain
Saints row
Just cause
Ratchet and clank
Metal gear solid
LA noire
Dragons age
Please don't tell me you own every one of those games and also dont say Uncharted is a shooter because in reality its not, its an action/adventure/platformer. And neither are games such as GTA/redemption/SAINTS ROW, they feature shooting eleements but their definately not shooters.
EDIT: there are also many,many more I have not listed.

Bathyj1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I know what a WiiU is, (hint, it's not just a tablet controller for a WiiU like the general public seems to think it is) but I'm not sure what it looks like as I've never seen one or know anyone that has one. WiiU is a Ps3 X360 generation standard hardware. It's not winning anything, it released 7 years too late.

So guess whose gonna give up on this gen first and jump the gun on next gen with a weak system. Again. There's no way WiiU has the technical legs to keep up with ps4 and Xbone.

And I'm not a sales define a console guy, but ps4 is going pass it's life time sales the same week they manufacture one more console than WiiU has sold. Probably February or March and that's really not that long when you consider X360 held its one year lead for about 6 years. Nintendo have just squandered their opportunity.

iplay1up21705d ago

What a troll comment. What are you 10 or 11 years old now? Really, Please re-read your comment. As far as your 7 years too late portion. I believe around 7 years ago Nintendo released Wii Which won last gen.

kenshiro1001706d ago

No offense to Nintendo but I don't consider the WiiU next gen. Not sure how this journalist came up with this conclusion.

RevXM1705d ago

Same, from a hardware point of view it looks like a 360 clone on roids with a tablet hybrid controller. and it appears to a lot of people as just a fancy controller.

XO and Ps4 are something else, and more noticebly they appear next gen by just about all definitions, like an uppgrade rather than an accessory to an old console.
And both Microsoft and Sony have been stressing games, hey look at this FLASHY game for our next genereation console and there is a hundred more coming, oh look indie games, here have one for free.

What Is nintendo doing? I dont really know, but they need to fill the vacuum with killer apps.
Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin is a start. But most of the core fans wants a proper Zelda, SSBB, Metroid or Mario Galaxy or something.

iliimaster1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

@Beastforlifenoob theres plenty you should of took off too... lol ur comparing a whole systems life span to nintendos wiiu which has been out how long?ur telling me ud rather play knack over super mario 3d? ur kidding urself read and understand what i typed please as of right now 12/14/2013 and for the next months and months to come the wii U has the best games of the next gen until ps4 and xbox release better games (and they will) but right now nintendo has the best games and soon mario kart and donky kong.,. ps4 knack...killzone with no gamechat... xbox forza? killer instinct so yes as of 12/14/2013 nintendo has the best games

ovnipc1706d ago

Soon fourth place when the steam box comes out. Wii u had a year lead wont be in first place for long.

RAFFwaff1706d ago

umm...seeing as you regularly troll nintendo articles, i'd say you know exactly what a wii U is. Stop trying to be clever and 'hardcore' you idiot.

Movieworld1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

The opinion of someone who "dont know what a Wii U is" is irrelevant. Your lack of knowledge on the subject of video games is embarrasing. (@ mafiahajeri)

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Axonometri1706d ago

As much as I love Nintendo, you might want to check the numbers again.

BullyMangler1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

lol since when do SALES prove somethings glory? ha. everyone knows the only reason ps4 is selling is because of the number 4 at the and of PlayStation < FACT

the wiiU has better games more high quality than the much awaited ps4 x1 < FACT

AND the wiiU has already been proven to be the more immersive more pro gaming experience because of the GAMING-PAD < FACT

The new Deus X, Rayman, and splintercell PROVED the wiiU to be a better more next gen system over a ps4 x1 PC because of the pad (:

but what really suX, is not the wiiU normal sales, nor how sony FAILED with the ps4 vita HAND CRAMPING integration IMITATION to be like a wiiU gamepad for this generation of gaming, no , what really sucks is how ps4 and x1 launch exclusives RAUNCHED . . so sad for sony and microsoft . . they need to step it up if they want to "compete" with the big boys.

Sony and Micro need to learn to lead their own way

Nintendo wins and always will. get used to it

Majin-vegeta1706d ago

*the wiiU has better games than the much awaited ps4 x1*

If this was the case the sales would be picking up but they're not.

It's time for Ninty to break out of their safe bubble and go back to the SNES days.

EXVirtual1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Are you serious? Don't get me wrong. I'm looking to X, Next gen Zelda and somewhat Smash, but c'mon.
Not everyone likes the gamepad. In fact, with certain games, it's completely useless. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sakurai say he's not bothering with the Gamepad in Smash?

As if the Wii Us launch was any better. And next year, yes the Wii U will have more games, but the XBO and PS4 will have a wealth of third and first party support by the end of next year. Much more 3rd party support than the Wii U.

Nintendo is winning in lifetime sales so far, but it's not gonna be long before the PS4 and XBO outsell it. The PS4 hasn't even been released in Japan yet.

Utalkin2me1706d ago

Ignore feature is the greatest feature on this site.

Studio-YaMi1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I thought Nintendo fanboys LOVED to bring up the sales thing when it was the Wii case last gen?

The rest of your comment is just damage control so I won't even bother.

I like Nintendo for what they are and I like their games,I wish them success this gen(I have a Wii U and I'm ENJOYING New 3D Mario Land),but you are just a sorry soul.

SwordandShield1706d ago

It's Nintendo that needs to step up their game if they want to compete with Sony & MS. Not everyone loves Nintendo as much as you and the sales of the Wii U prove that. Fact.

supes_241706d ago

I literally thought this was sarcasm but I was shocked to find out you were serious. I just don't know where to begin with this.

Trekster_Gamer1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

You might want to get some professional help for your delusion!

Wiiu has lost before it has even started!

monochromer1706d ago

Reassurance is good. Keep doing that.

ZainreFang1706d ago

"If Wii U has such good games, why isn't it selling?"

Well, by that logic, the best game on PS4/XBO is Call of Duty: Ghosts.

nunley331706d ago

Nintendo needs to really needs to do what their old slogan suggested " Change the System"

InTheLab1706d ago

Just like to point out that the new deus x is really a two year old game.

The rest of what you said is crap. Pure crap

nosferatuzodd1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

You know what bro I'm not going to even diss you cuz I love Zelda and I'm a Playstation fan look I said fan not fanboy
But everything you said is incorrect I admit Nintendo makes good first party games but they need more than that if the want to stay in first or even second place..Mario alone just aren't going to cut it,they need to get creative with their first party make a story about why bowser is the way he is ,make a Zelda that
Don't have Ganon has the evil guy,surprise us make a story where link of to join forces with Ganon or dark link to stop some even more powerful, more evil bastard than anything he ever face before come on I know they can do way better than that
There doing right now ..saying remote play is rip off,((that's not what I'm mad ))
You know what I'm mad at landslide

SLUG1705d ago

not this time nintendo is not doing to good right now i heard that nintendo maybe stoping making games for the wii u in 2014 and this is from nintendo them self they will end up like sega

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Bigpappy1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Sad that Nintendo is having such a rough time again. But that is what happens when you keep playing the same tune over and over. At some point it gets stale and no one listens any more.

Eonjay1706d ago

I have to agree. Especially since their target market is getting older. I think they should have maintained their core business, but invested in a more mature spinoff that could appeal to older gamers.

ZainreFang1706d ago

Sony/Microsoft are perfectly fine with playing the same tune over and over again. That's what's so appealing about them. You can get the same games with better graphics. That is the appeal of PS4/XBO.

The mainstream doesn't like Wii U because it's designed around making new ways to play games. The fact that it changes anything besides the graphics makes CoD/Fifa gamers nervous.

2muchw1nn1ng1706d ago

Touchscreen controllers are hardly new...

But go on. I enjoy reading fanboy excuses

Relientk771706d ago

Well the Wii U is winning RIGHT NOW in terms of lifetime sales,

but it won't be long until both PS4 and XB1 surpass it.

LOL_WUT1706d ago

How did that 1 year head start work out for them? Because from what I've seen it didn't do nothing ;)

The_Villager1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

"didn't do nothing" it did do something?

Two negatives equal a positive buddy ;)

joab7771706d ago

And by the same argument, I should buy a ps2, a ps3, and an xbox 360. All have sold more, all have bigger libraries and the latter two are similar in actual tech. I bought a ps4 b/c I wanted next gen, I wanted to invest in the future. And I already own these 3. So, why would I buy a wiiU when I have all these consoles and a 3ds.

Majin-vegeta1706d ago

Lol OP must have been drunk when he wrote this.

M$ and Ninty can learn something fron Sony.

Why do you think PS4 is the best system to date?Cuz its a machine made by developers for Developers.Case closed.

_QQ_1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Steambox is the strongest console to date, and yes it is a console, no spinning it. case closed. Valve just knows gamers the best.