Watch Battlefield 4...with Star Wars Sounds

The creators behind the Battlefield series are hard at work on Star Wars Battlefront and the anticipation for Battlefront’s long-awaited return is practically killing fans around the world. That’s why Star Wars Headquarters has put together this video, showcasing Battlefield 4 with Star Wars sounds and the results are…well, judge for yourself!

And, after watching the video, I’m sure you will be just as pumped as we are about Star Wars Battlefront! What are you looking forward to most in Star Wars Battlefront? The epic space battles? The vehicles? Weapons? How about those lightsabers?

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kiz26941826d ago

I don't know why this video alone has got me more hyped for Battlefront 3 ten times more than the leaked pre alpha footage did.

dillhole1826d ago

I prefer Battlefield 4 with no sound at all....and then it crashes.....and then I lose my campaign save.

Tru_Blu1825d ago

Was gonna say something along those lines. People do realize it's Dice making the game right? Expect bugs, then a patch to fix 1 bug but make 10 more bugs. And the cycle continues.

Yo Mama1826d ago

After the disaster otherwise known as Battlefield 4, I have 0% faith in Dice/EA to make this worth a damn.

Neo Nugget1826d ago

Aside from the weird crashes I had the first week or two on PS4, I have had absolutely no problems with this game. That's just me though...

xActionBasturdx1825d ago

Yea no issuses here either...i think he just wants the game to be bad

Yo Mama1825d ago

Negative. I want this game to be so good I can taste it! I'm just bummed out because I bought battlefield 4 after I said I wasn't going to. The reason I said I wasn't going to was because I didn't like BF3. But dice made BF4 look so awesome! I just had to give it another shot. Besides, I told myself even if I didn't like the MP, I could still play and enjoy the single player. Which I did.....twice! It deleted my single player campaign twice now! Even after the last patch. A month after release and its still unplayable for me. So no. That's why I have no faith in Dice or EA.

KwietStorm1825d ago

To be reasonable, there is a clear reason why Battlefield had to release at a very specific timeframe, which ended up probably being the reason why it didn't finish testing. Star Wars doesn't really have any competition. They can take their time with it, and after what happened with BF4, I think EA might not take any chances with this franchise.

Bercilak1825d ago Show