Is PlayStation Plus Helping or Hindering the PS Vita?

Push Square: "Speculation seeping out of this week’s NPD sales report suggests that Media Molecule’s universally acclaimed PlayStation Vita exclusive Tearaway sold around 14,000 copies in North America during its release window. That number is heartbreaking for a title that not only came close to a 10/10 on this site, but also secured an outstanding Metacritic rating of 87. It didn’t perform much better in the UK either, squeezing into the top forty during its launch weekend before disappearing without a trace. But how much is the outstanding value of PlayStation Plus to blame for the poor sales?"

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iamnsuperman1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I think some wait out for the title to go free but I think that number is small and insignificant. Let's be honest the library of the Vita is quite large. You could be waiting a least a year for a title like tearaway to appear free on PSN+ (by that time it would be almost forgotten about).

The problem is poor Vita sales and releasing the game now (the PS4 just released). The whole thing has been overshadowed by a PS4 launch (I havn't seen one advert for this in the UK). Sony can't afford to advertise a game like this over the PS4 (being early in the launch and the run up to Christmas)

Th4Freak1706d ago

There's plenty space for both so I dont see why Sony has to choose between market PSV or PS4 when these are different devices for different audiences.

The problem is that there's no marketing for PSV at all, I havent seen a PSV TV ad since COD: Decassified in 2012, there arent even freaking posters, its like if PSV didn't exist to SCEA.

Now that PS4 is out, people will always buy PS4 games over PSV games and how can Sony counter this? Simple, MARKETING, if you can hype people they will buy it, oh and stop the freaking live-action ads, those are horrible, we want to see the games!

iamnsuperman1706d ago

I think there strategy will be advertise the PS4 so the demand for the PS4 sores. Then use that to attract non Vita owners to buy one (with remote play as they have the PS4 and the library that comes with it) so we will see more adverts for it next year

bothebo1706d ago


You're an idiot for thinking that will work. How are hardware sales in the last week for the Vita proving your theory? The PS4 is out but Vita hardware sales have returned to normal levels. How are gamers going to be enticed to buy a $200 HARDWARE accessory for a $400 piece of HARDWARE. YOU BUY HARDWARE FOR SOFTWARE NOT HARDWARE FOR HARDWARE. For instance, you're using Chrome, Mozilla, Safari etc. right now, you are not using a tablet that is having your browser streamed to it right? You probably don't buy a tablet to have services that you could already have on the tablet streamed to it right? THE VITA IS ITS OWN SYSTEM NOT AN ACCESSORY.

Rethink your stance.

pabsis1705d ago

I think the biggest problem is that vita owners need to speak with their wallets.. I would love to see how many of the people replying here actually bought the game... I see so many vita fans on this site defending the vita... but are they actually buying any games for it... a lot of hypocrites out there!

Blastoise1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

This is a good little read with some good points.

Makes me sad when I see "I wanted to play Soul Sacrifice, but I didn't wanna buy it".

The Vita has tons of good games and the prices are usually really reasonable. I picked up Killzone for £25 on release, and Soul Sacrifice and Persona for around £27. There are great Vita games out there now for as low as £8 (Little Big Planet, BlazBlue, Everybodys golf) Tearaway is as low as £17.99 in the UK brand new, but people would rather wait it out.

I can't say I blame them, two of the games I bought this year have just been announced for Vita's plus.

Also sad to see Tearaway selling so bad, it was sent out to it's doom. It's disappointing but predictable. Why release a platformer around the same time as next gen consoles, juggernauts like CoD, Battlefield and Assassins creed and the new Super mario game?

I guess at the end of the day games like Persona 4 Golden and Soul Sacrifice appeal to certain gamers (like me), but the majority just aren't keen enough on them to pay full price.

Nail131704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I got a vita because Soul Sacrifice was free on ps+, if not for that game I would of never bought a vita. Soul Sacrifice Delta and Vita TV, if those come to North America I will be picking them up.

Belking1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Sony has done a horrible job promoting vita IMO. Now ps4 is overshadowing it . They should of focused on getting a stronger lineup for vita launch. It's a awesome device that not a lot of people care about and it's getting worse. IMO they should just exit the handheld market or get more games like tearaway and stop with all the console ports.

joeorc1706d ago



"Sony should just dump vita and stick o the home console. The thing is obviously struggling since launch"

That is like saying, because your not the #1 selling smartphone you need to get out of the smartphone industry. "

what you are stating makes not a [email protected] lick of sense!

out of all other mobile dedicated game handheld system sales, other than Nintendo name any other company that makes, a dedicated game handheld that has more market share % even close to Nintendo other than Sony.

Nvidia shield? Nope
Archos Game pad? Nope
Wiki Pad? Nope

thus where is this challenge, by any other company to even reach the Number's that Sony has? there is none so what you are asking is the #2 largest Market share holder in this part of the market to just give up?

Really? if this was Microsoft sitting @ #2 in the dedicated Mobile handheld Game system, would you tell them to just give up?

How about Google, Apple, Toshiba? Etc.

You are pretty unrealistic in that request for the # 2 to give up and pull out of a market, when they hold the 2nd largest market share %.

What you and many still do not seem to grasp, Sony built the PSVita for somthing other than just against the 3DS, and if Nintendo does not wake up they are going to loose quite a bit more than just the crown of the mobile dedicated handheld game console market.

(The PSVita was built in Challenge to the Smart Device function of Remote Access)

HighResHero1706d ago

I agree for the most part, but their marketing has been kinda lackluster in general for the past few years. It's getting a bit better now and a new SKU is being released to go along with the PS4. Even though it was kind of painful to watch I'm glad they spent much money investing in their game studios.

DanielGearSolid1706d ago

I think its more the lack of advertising...

I see tons of 3ds, and Wii commercials on cartoon network and Disney, never see amything on vita. Handhelds should always be advertised to younger ppl. The dedicated older ppl are gonna buy it with or without advertising

Pridefall1706d ago

Just an Aussie perspective, Tearaway and Invizimals Vita ads are being pushed HARD. You can guarantee you will see one of those each commercial break atm.

DanielGearSolid1706d ago

Cool, I never thought of how its marketed outside of the US

What would you say the target demographic is for those ads?

sdozzo1706d ago

It's the game not ps plus. Some games sell well some don't. Even with good scores.

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