Need For Speed: Rivals - New PC Update Released, 30FPS Cap Not Removed Yet

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have released a new update for Need For Speed: Rivals that is supposedly addressing its performance and frame rate issues.

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decrypt1559d ago

Its not just the 30fps cap that can be corrected. However not supporting Steering wheels is absurd.

Gamer19821558d ago

The update hasn't fixed any major issues you still cannot play the game with a HDMI plugged into your graphics card meaning you cannot play the game on your TV. Something that should be fixed I cannot even play the game I friggin paid for until they fix that unless through my 22" monitor. Much prefer my 42" TV.

jamz41558d ago

I play the game on my TV through HDMI. I do have a monitor plugged in too though, maybe that will work for you

ExitToExisT1558d ago

I play on my 32" hdtv with a x360 gamepad, however as a second screen my monitor is plugged (showing only desktop wallpaper)

Angerfist1558d ago

its a arcade racer, a steering wheel is pointless.

dsswoosh1558d ago Show
MidnytRain1558d ago

*Has never seen the inside of an arcade*

HammadTheBeast1558d ago

The cap cannot be removed because SOMEHOW the devs made it linked into the speed of the game itself. Increasing the fps increases the game speed.

sorane1558d ago

There's already an unofficial fix for it so yes it can be removed.

tee_bag2421558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

This game is trash. As if they screwed up this hard.
Another EA product that gets hurried out the door far too quickly.

Pain_Killer1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Hardly trash, its better than the last two games (Most Wanted and Run).

Visuals are stunning and this is currently the best looking arcade racer. The only downside is the 30 FPS which didn't hinder me from getting past the Racer career, now on to the Pursuit career.

If they can get a 60 FPS patch out then great, otherwise the game runs fluid and that's the most i want from a game.

P.S PC Gamer here!

tee_bag2421558d ago

I've actually got it on PC. It looks great. I've just really anal about my FPS more so than visuals

GT671558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

watched "THE RUN" last night on youtube RIVALS nothing more than re-berth of "The Run" with UP-GRADE graphic.

dantesparda1557d ago

Actually i would argue its alot mo0re like Hot Pursuit (2010). The Run is more of linear race across the country like an old scholl racer, that basically goes from one stage to another. Rivals/Hot Pursuit is more of a open world game where you drive around looking for things to do (just like Burnout, Most Wanted, and Hot Pursuit)

1558d ago
DanielGearSolid1558d ago

Somebody fill me in... They capped it because the console version is at 30fps?

Angerfist1558d ago

there is apparently an online feature(autolog) that only works on 30fps across all platforms.

dreamoner1558d ago

It means additional programming for PC, which is too expensive obviously.

kevnb1558d ago

The game probably has terrible jittering at higher than 30fps

carreirabr1558d ago

Welcome to the MS's game lauch parity policy.

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