Final Fantasy XIV’s PS4 Version Will NOT Require PlayStation Plus to Play

During The Letter from the Producer Live broadcast going on right now Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida announced something that will please many.
Square Enix managed to strike a deal with Sony so that the PS4 version of the game will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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Godmars2901828d ago

Considering that most MMO style titles on the platform don't, would hope not.

Think out of most, only Destiny will, but its a shooter MMO.

Hatsune-Miku1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Ps4 is such an amazing system with the best core gamer friendly options. Being the most powerful and having amazing games and features that can be quantified its not an opinion but fact its the best next gen console for core gamers. Some might not like some of the games but as a whole with all its attributes there is no denying itis the best next gen console.

Powerful console, ps plus, indie games, f2p games, a lot of features not behind a pay wall, superior version of multiplatform console games, amazing first party exclusives, and the list goes on

ZodTheRipper1828d ago

Well at least all people that are visiting N4G should know all that.

@Topic: Good news but it still requires a subscription just like Elder Scrolls: Online, doesn't it? And as far as I know, Destiny doesn't have that at all while looking like the higher quality game overall.

Jubez1871828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

@Zod Destiny isn't a full on true MMORPG. Isn't it like instanced-parties exploring a world? Or do you invite other players into your world? I don't know the specifics but I know it's completely different than any premium MMORPG. Also, there's a full on "halo" esque FPS pvp mode which I think is dumb to spend resources on, as it will surely hinder the other aspects.

TL;DR apples to oranges. actually more like apples to cats.

ZodTheRipper1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Well yes, after giving it a second thought you are right that really was a bad comparison :D
But Destiny still has lots of similarities with MMO's, especially the persistant online world and the dungeon-like raids.

UltimateMaster1827d ago

Maybe because it's free on the PS3 and you can play on the same servers as PS3/PC, I would assume.

Good news either way.

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Magicite1828d ago

PS4 the true and only MMO console.

3-4-51828d ago

They can't charge for:

Game + Subscription + Internet = $100+ just to play game.

I think Sony sucks up the loss on the internet with this one and allows them to use server space without having to pay for it via some deal worked out with SE.

How much is the monthly for this ?

KillerPwned1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

So Destiny is considered a full fledged MMO? I tried to stay up to date with the game but failed to do so.


Its $12 for 8 character slots 1 per server then for $15 you get 40 character slots and 8 per server I believe. I personally don't like to make a lot of characters so I just stay with the cheapest.

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ltachiUchiha1828d ago

Its something the uchiha clan has seen happening already. Right now your stuck under a genjutsu & are seeing illusions of a flashback.

Tetsujin1828d ago

This is one of those "no s-it" moments. Sony already stated multiple times F2P and subscription games do not need +; yet they still have to remind people multiple times the same info we already know.

Abriael1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Actually Sony didn't say anything like that clearly (especially for P2P games), nor did they say it was for all the games.

They said it for THEIR games (IE: games by Sony), but this is the first time they say it about Final Fantasy XIV. Last time we heard about it it for FFXIV was at E3, and obviously they weren't sure. It was never mentioned afterwards.

MegaRay1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

But it obviously that developers dont want to limit thier players (nor money) to plus only

monkeyDzoro1828d ago

They said F2P and MMO wont require PS+

twinspectre1828d ago

so , this means the elder scrolls online will not require PS+ ?

ZodTheRipper1828d ago

They definately did say that in the months before launch. But people probably were busy raging about online gaming being tied to PS+ now.

maddskull1828d ago

most p2p games like this one and elder scrolls online dont require psplus because it is up to the developer but not without confirmation from sony while bethesda wanted elder scrolls online not to require xblg but microsoft didnt accept

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AceBlazer131828d ago

They said it was up to the devs.

pompombrum1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Being honest, their approach to the PS+ subscription is a hidden gem for a lot of consumers. Seeing how Microsoft are insistent on sticking everything we take for granted behind their XBL gold subscription, I'd be milking it too if I was Sony.

MegaRay1828d ago

Thank godness your not Sony

Redempteur1828d ago

Thank god you're not in charge.

See how that subcription worked for the MMO on live last gen ?

i thought so.

pompombrum1828d ago

I meant milking their approach as in praising it regularly, not trying to milk people with extra fees.

FRAKISTAN1828d ago

Please Bethesda make ESO F2P. no monthly subscriptions. If you insist of monthly subscriptions than at least make the game available as a free download

Abriael1828d ago

Lol. Not going to happen. Besides, monthly subs = superior quality and much bigger/better updates. FFXIV is the perfect demonstration of that.

despair1828d ago

I'm with you there, only problem I have with the monthly sub model is how they limit the number of times you can do certain things like quest or dungeons per day. If I'm paying monthly I want full access to everything an unlimited number of times not limit me to a few a day.

That is my problem with the sub model but the quality is usually much better and the content built more balanced than a F2P game.

DeadManIV1828d ago

I prefer the buy to play model of GW2.

ZodTheRipper1828d ago

Monthly sub = superior quality?

This might be true most of the time but look at Destiny ...this game screams quality while not having a monthly subscription. Elder Scrolls Online on the other hand doesn't look that impressive after seeing so many MMO's in the last few years.

Jubez1871828d ago

@Despair You should look up the economic principle of "smart for one dumb for all." Yes it's good to play nonstop and get ahead of the curve, but if EVERYONE maxed out the game within the first month then everyone would unsub and the game would die. They only limit PvE gear progression at the moment. Once PvP progression comes out you can do that in the meantime, or work on your crafting classes and so forth. Also they just raised the Myth cap by 150 so they are working on it. It's all about limiting the disparity, and thus limiting the barrier to entry.

And also, not every monthly bill means unlimited access. Look at cellphone data plans for instance.

Frodosmugins1828d ago


How can you compare Destiny to FF14!?

ZodTheRipper1828d ago

^I misunderstood some things about Destiny, especially the "shared world" and the "dungeon like raids" made me think it's similar but it isn't quiet there. But still - it has a persistant online world like an MMO and overall superior quality without a monthly fee my point wasn't completely rubbish :D

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Frodosmugins1828d ago


If you are referring to FF14 there is no limit to what you can do!

josephayal1828d ago

I miss the good old days when MMO fees were like 99 cents a month

Abriael1828d ago

You may be missing your dreams, because that was never the standard price for MMORPGs.

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