Microsoft to Launch First Original Shows on Xbox in Early 2014

Developing original series for Microsoft has taken a little longer than veteran TV executive Nancy Tellem had hoped, but her first slate of shows will launch on the Xbox videogame consoles early next year.

“We’re hoping we will be able to put something up in the first quarter, at minimum second quarter,” said Tellem, president of entertainment and digital for Microsoft, at Variety’s Dealmakers Breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. The shows will be available on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One through Xbox Live.

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dieforgame1677d ago

Halo: The Musical coming in 2021. Halo: The Licensed Trash Bags coming in 2017. I love the games but this is getting pretty ridiculous. It is probably as bad as Agents of SHIELD.

SG1_dapunisherX1677d ago

I can't wait for halo tv series sure be fun..Im a big halo fan so I going support it... judging it without seeing it is not smart in my book

gaffyh1677d ago

I'm like 90% sure this will include some sort of Quantum Break TV show for the Xbone.

Computersaysno1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

It is at least staying true to their promise of TV. Why actually play the new Halo or Gears on the Xbox One games console when you can just sit and watch it requiring no effort or interaction at all?

Frankly this is genius and the next logical step for gaming.

I'm glad Microsoft are investing absolutely millions into this instead of putting it into exclusive games. That dedicated singular focus of vision is inspiring.

Seriously though, why are companies not coming to them to license and make this kind of thing instead of Microsoft having to fund it? Probably because they don't think it has much value.

Lets face it the Halo and Gears movies both collapsed long ago and that was when the series were at the very peak of their popularity and powers, having waned somewhat since. If nobody thinks they would work then why would stuff like that work or appeal now in the a market where there are countless high quality TV shows on demand from around the world.

TomShoe1677d ago


I hope that was sarcasm.

Whatever. I hope they enjoy watching TV while I'm busing enjoying my VIDYA GAEMS

CrossingEden1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

@computerssaysno "Glad to see microsoft investing millions into tv instead of their games"
Hey GUESS WHAT, these articles would like word with you!
Hmmmm, a million into tv and a billion to games/700 million into improving the already great xbox live service. GEE, I wonder what they care more about.
Try looking up FACTS next time!

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DiRtY1677d ago

Halo Forward unto dawn was pretty amazing actually.

So was the Alan Wake prequel series:

So if this is done well and it supports the gaming franchise I am really looking forward to this.

BG115791677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Better yet Halo: Full kinect Combat!!!
I'm trying to be funny...

True_Samurai1677d ago

You didn't even get a smirk outta me. #Fail

Mr Pumblechook1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

This is great news. I've been waiting for Microsoft to deliver on their XB one Reveal Event promise of more "TV, TV, TV!"

LORD_RIEKA1677d ago


Dehnus1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I would pay to see that! Halo the Musical sounds hilarious! :D.

MS make it happen! After which we can have musicals about GranTourismo too (Please sony!?):). I'm sure the team that was behind BBC's Kombat Opera can help :).

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MegaRay1677d ago

I hope they announce "The return of DRM"! That game rock

1677d ago
XiSasukeUchiha1677d ago

Return of DRM game haha obivous trolling here sir, But Gears of war talk show hopefully

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