Eurogamer Hardware Test: Playstation Vita TV

Genius idea, half-baked product, or both? When Vita TV was first revealed on the eve of the Tokyo Game Show, the reaction to the screenless version of Sony's underperforming handheld was uniformly positive.

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TomShoe1556d ago

Very nice micro console, already better than the Ouya.

However, it might have to undergo some re-branding before it's able to be sold in the US. It might be best to distance itself from gamers and go towards the mainstream to boost sales.

iamnsuperman1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

As long as the advertise it as a media device (like an alternative to Apple TV.....) but say it can play games and connect to your PS4 (the later being extremely important if the PS4 sells bucket loads) it could do quite well.

Price is key though

Mikey322301556d ago

Its going to fail even though i dont want it to.

The thing doesnt work right.. It uses a touch screen interface copy and pasted from the vita, there are a lot of issues with that just of in itself. It has compatibility issues with many games.

I think they should make it have a more modified OS, thats more specific to the needs of the device.

Then they needs to advertise it as such.. which they wont. this is sony.

FriedGoat1555d ago

I kind of agree with mikey.

The Vita OS needs a overhaul. It needs to be more like the PS4 OS. I still can't believe we have to deal with these horrible bubbles with almost NO information.

OrangePowerz1556d ago

Looking forward for it to come to the best, could remote play on a TV in lunch break at work :D

ruefrak1556d ago

You can't review the VitaTV just yet. A big selling feature for this is the PS4 remote play which isn't available yet. Right now it's very tied to Japan and the services offered there. However, once it does come to the West and the Remote Play functions are patched it, this is going to be amazing.

I also really want it to be able to play any Vita game. If the game is not optimized for the VitaTV, warn the player but let it still play.

SG1_dapunisherX1556d ago

Vita tv is going to do big in U.S $100 to play with a ps3 &4 controller will be amazing

joeorc1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Wow Again?

Digital Foundry: Compared to PS Vita Remote Play and Nvida Shield, the Wii U GamePad Scores 13 days ago

Lol, Yes i read the entire thing, and i must say while quite entertaining.

Its an Apple's to Orange's testing to make, or imply its an Apple's to Apple's test.


Richard Leadbetter being used as a source for an unbiased test and even to try and claim its Unbiased; is like asking Microsoft to say that there is not one part of Linux that does not infringe on any of Windows Patents.

Look again, at this review on the PSVita TV, that by the way is made with software just for the "japanese Market" but yet he's doing test's on it right now, outside of Japan!

but still lambasting the product the same!

Great going there Leadbetter

Did Sony drown your Cat or did they eat your cup of ice cream or something?