Top 10 Winter Levels In Video Games

With the holiday season creeping up slowly, Chadley reminisces on all the great winter themed levels in video games from his youth to create this list of excellent levels in winter-themed gaming.

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hulk_bash19871828d ago

No honorable mention at least for the Uncharted 2 Winter level? The snow alone in that game was amazing. Oh well.

dktxx21828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

I think the Winter Act in The Last of US was the defining chapter of the game. Definitely hit the hardest.

Shadow Moses though was awesome as well. I never played MGS1 and even I could feel that going back was an important moment in MGS. The creators did an awesome job on creating that feeling.

imtheman20131828d ago

That chapter in The Last of Us was so amazing. After that chapter, TLOU was cemented as one of my favorite games this generation.

Nes_Daze1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

TLOU's winter level reminded me a lot of Shadow Moses, mainly due to the stealth, such awesome levels.

Ezz20131827d ago

the moment i saw this article
nothing was in my mind other than TLOU

chadley1827d ago

At the beginning of the article it says I haven't played every game ever and TLOU is one I haven't gotten to yet. I bought it, just haven't shoved it into the PS3 yet

Utalkin2me1828d ago

Title should be top 10 winter levels on Nintendo consoles.

chadley1828d ago

Nintendo makes a damn good winter level son

Utalkin2me1828d ago

Really? Had to call me son, how immature. But i can think of quite a few that needs to be on there then some of those. Star wars shadow of the empire, Uncharted 2, Last of us, MG4

chadley1828d ago

Okay, clearly you didn't read the list. MG4 is on there ya dude bro.

kratoz12091828d ago

Uncharted 2, The Last of Us and Metal gear Solid 4 Shadow Mosus

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