Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Passes 1.5 Million Registrations

Square Enix, Inc. and Square Enix Ltd., publishers of Square Enix interactive entertainment products in the Americas and PAL territories, respectively, have announced that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has exceeded 1.5 million registered players since its launch. The combined total is across North America, Europe, Japan and PAL territories on both the Windows PC and PlayStation 3.

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TheBlade1827d ago

Square Enix have 1.5 million employees? Wow!

piffyd1827d ago

that's actually pretty terrible

and how many of them actually paid any money

I got to play it for 100% free because I got the travesty that was the original release

its actually a very well made game, its just very niche

most people do not like the calm slower pace of this type of game

personally I think it is a great mmo, it just lacks that mass appeal needed to make a big budget, AAA mmo successful

MaximusTKG1827d ago

Your comment is both unintelligent and makes no sense. 1.5 million registered users within 6 months of launch of any MMO is a great success

PurpHerbison1827d ago

The crossplay is also an amazing feature.

Nevers1827d ago

Must get through my backlog before resubbing... so difficult.

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