Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 And Marvel VS Capcom 3 Soon To Be Removed From PSN/Xbox Live

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 will soon be removed from PSN and Xbox Live.

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zeal0us1823d ago

There really isn't any reason for Capcom to remove those games. It seem like a cheap trick to boost digital sales for those games if you ask me.

sinncross1823d ago

Well it is like the article suggest, Capcom are probably losing the Marvel license and that might have something to do with this.

jimbobwahey1823d ago

Yup, if they're pulling the games from retail channels then it's because they lost the Marvel license, as many people suspected. It's a shame if so, especially since I was hoping they'd put out a MvC game on PC sometime.

Other games have been removed from the PSN/XBL stores in the past as well, for similar reasons. First example that springs to mind is Outrun Online Arcade being pulled from online stores when Sega lost the Ferrari license.

tehpees31823d ago


You know I think Capcom wanted a PC port to happen but for some reason there was no approval from Marvel. At least thats what they were implying. If that is truthful is debatable because Marvel seem fine with releasing other games for PC.

Personally I see no reason it couldn't have happened if Capcom would have pushed hard enough.

MasterChief36241823d ago

Whoa, Capcom losing the Marvel license? Is that really happening?

That is seriously sucky... Even though Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 have left their awesome marks on the fighting game world, I still feel like more could be done with the series in the future.

If Capcom is losing the license to do do, that is actually kind of sad :(

legionsoup1823d ago

Are they also removing the Origins games? Those are Marvel fighting games too.

hellzsupernova1823d ago

Capcom really didn't do much with the marvel licence

Gamer19821822d ago

Licensing issues is one thing however it should not affect previous games. They were selling MVC 1 and 2 digitally before they regained the license. Look at the movie industry where the superman movies are now owned by a different studio yet you still see the older superman movies for sale. You can still sell them.

When you lose a license you cannot create new content using that license. Thats all it stops. UNLESS the content owner demands it. Disney own Marvel now so maybe thats something to do with it but I see this as something else.

The thing i'm more worried about is are the files staying online for people who purchased the game to re-download?

Baka-akaB1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"UNLESS the content owner demands it. Disney own Marvel now so maybe thats something to do with it but I see this as something else. "

I think it is precisely a polite a vague way of telling you that . Disney obviously not only pulled the plug for future content , but doesnt want the old one to remain .

The question is the why . My bet would be some shadow war to force Marvel to accept new terms and get them more money .. more than Capcom is willing to give or is currently able to afford .

Maybe also Disney is putting an end to this , because they have their own plans for Marvel games , for the licenses they still hold .

"The thing i'm more worried about is are the files staying online for people who purchased the game to re-download? "

Yes, i doubt they can do anything about that

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PSjesus1823d ago

if i bought these games and already on my PSN account but not on my PS3 Harddrive do i lose them also?

rdgneoz31823d ago

Just go to your download list to get them again. The link on the store is all that's being taken down.

Skate-AK1823d ago

Nope. It is locked to your download list.

3-4-51823d ago

well....there goes the Marvel vs Capcom series.

Marvel probably wants to team with a company who is dedicated to making good games. Probably the reason they teamed with Capcom in the 90's, back when Capcom was making good games all the time.

caseh1823d ago

MVC3 is a great game.

Admittedly i'm not its biggest fan but even I can see how moist the fighting community get when this game is present at tournaments.

At this years EVO it had the biggest draw of spectators and entries alongside SF4 and oddly enough, Smash Bors. Melee.

JEECE1823d ago

UMVC3 was very good. Though, it was the only Capcom game I bought this whole generation, so I guess I see what you are saying in general.

KwietStorm1822d ago

You can say what you want about Capcom in recent years, but no other studio is going to handle the Marvel/Vs series like them. Hell, the fighting genre has been the bright spot for Capcom overall, throughout this past generation. This would be really sad if it happens.

admiralvic1823d ago

"There really isn't any reason for Capcom to remove those games. "

Well, Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 are both on sale at the moment and both versions of 3 are currently on sale. It's entirely possible that they simply lost the rights to the game or some aspect of the game. It isn't uncommon for license games like this to get pulled over such disputes. This is what lead to the Xbox and PS2 version of MvC 2 being rare by the way. The game was pulled shortly after releasing, so not too many were out in the wild.

"It seem like a cheap trick to boost digital sales for those games if you ask me."

I just checked the PS Store and only the Vita version (because all of them are) is listed. The sale is also limited to DLC, so it doesn't make a lot of sense that they would be making a ton of money doing a push like this. It seems more like something happened and Capcom is trying to do a "make good" by offering the DLC.

Remember, Capcom has done some awful things, but they've also done some good things too. The DLC in MvC3 is cross-buy, so you could pay the additional $15 dollars and get all the extra content if you want it. They can't remove it from your download list after purchase, so there would be no risk.

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LtSkittles1823d ago

The capcom blog mentions 2 in their title, but then it says just UMVC3, and MVC3.

And I guess if you have them in your download history, you can download them whenever, they just won't be able to be bought.

XiSasukeUchiha1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Wow crapcom stop with this BS i'm sorry but this why your games aren't selliing well

Baka-akaB1823d ago

It's the marvel license the issue , not capcom .

tehpees31823d ago

Yeah. They are probably losing it soon. Everybody download costumes, Jill and Shuma while you can.

Blastoise1823d ago

I was going to buy this game for the Vita, but then I realised it was a massive DLC Capcom milk-fest and bought BlazBlue instead

Redempteur1823d ago

yeah right ... like there aren't dlc for blazblue as well ?

Blastoise1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

A few voice packs. That's it.

Definitely glad I got Blazblue. Capcom could have done what Mortal Kombat did and add all DLC characters for the Vita version, but nope. "£3.99 for a character please!"

hazardman1823d ago

Dude almost every game milks the dlc. But when you look at it, its things you can easily unlock if people would just putbsome time into the game.

PSjesus1823d ago

BB was free few months ago on plus

admiralvic1823d ago

"A few voice packs. That's it."

Thats because Extend was a REALLY old (roughly 2 years) GOTY/semi-updated version of CS. They added a little story (not much more than II), 1 unique character, tossed in the DLC characters, the pallet swap DLC, changed a few modes and charged $40 dollars.

However, go buy the upcoming sequel on the PS3 and tell me Capcom is the evil one.

Downloadable Content

Available October 24

Kagura – 250 yen – *Also unlockable by clearing story mode
Noel old costume – 300 yen
All unlimited characters – 300 yen - *Also unlockable by clearing Unlimited Mars mode
XBLAZE & Magical Beat lobby characters – 100 yen each
Character system voice (full set) – 5000 yen
Character system voice – 600 yen each
Character additional color palette 1 – 200/250 yen each
Available November 11

Terumi – 800 yen *Available as first print bonus DLC from October 24
Kokonoe – 800 yen

So you have, early unlock/micro-transaction DLC, palette swaps (Capcom at least does legitimate costumes), voice overs, lobby characters, classic noel ($3 dollars for her too!) and two DLC characters totaling roughly $16 dollars (more than the update to Ultra Street Fighter IV).

Yeah... Capcom is certainly worse than ARC System Works. -eye roll-

"Definitely glad I got Blazblue. Capcom could have done what Mortal Kombat did and add all DLC characters for the Vita version, but nope. "£3.99 for a character please!""

Well, the DLC was cross-buy (it all was actually), so I sort of liked that choice. I thought doing the Injustice / MK updated version within a year with all of the DLC cheapened the value of the DLC. You figure, the DLC for Injustice costs more than a new copy of the GOTY edition, so pretty much everyone that bought that before the GOTY edition got screwed. At least with the Capcom version, that money you spent got some more bang.

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mydyingparadiselost1823d ago

Yet another reason to be wary of a full digital future

JessiePinkmanYo1823d ago

Quiet! Youre making too much sense!

admiralvic1823d ago

If they lost the license, then they will also pull hard copies off store shelves. So it isn't that different, just one is digital (though you can download it forever, trade for someone who downloaded it or find a code that unlocks it) and the other is physical.

mydyingparadiselost1823d ago

Your right, if it is a license problem retail copies would be pulled but physical has the second hand market while digital doesn't (at least for now). Downloading it forever on the otherhand isn't going to happen, in 10 years the psn store on ps3 will be gone but those physical copies will still be kicking around.
The thing I'm really upset about for digital AND physical is that in 10 years time all the patches for the game will be gone too...

admiralvic1823d ago

@ mydyingparadiselost

As I pointed out in my post, there are STILL ways to get the content after its been pulled, even if we're talking digital.

The PSN has game sharing, which allows the content to live on (there are ways to get around the 2 user limit, but I won't make a long explanation). It's also possible on either platform to get a code and redeem it. The CE for MvC 3 had a code for Jill / Shuma, they gave costumes as preorder items and it's entirely possible someone, somewhere has codes for other things. Until these codes expire (they all might have, I don't have time to track it down and ultimately verify they actually expired, since they sometimes expire before or after the date printed), you can buy them and redeem the content, even if it has been pulled. A lot of trophy / achievement hunters look for these codes to obtain rare lists.

nosferatuzodd1822d ago

Real talk so no one will able to get those games in the future
You're going to hear old ps3 and Xbox fans laughing at new gamers saying you young whippersnapper don't know anything about downloading mvc3 and umvc3 lol

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