Skewed and Reviewed Preview Destiny in Their December Magazine

Skewed and Reviewed have revealed the cover of their December magazine. The soon to be released December issues previews the hot game Destiny and features their huge Holiday Gift Guide.

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CursedHero1797d ago

A preview of a preview? Nice!

Garethvk1797d ago

I like to think of it as a preview of the previews before more previews. They have the lid very tight on this game. They were beyond thrilled that we wanted to put it on the cover but they also said they were not doing interviews for it so we were given a sheet of information and some other data to form the article from.

XiSasukeUchiha1797d ago

Sweetest Christmas present falalala

Garethvk1797d ago

Thank you. You should check out the Holiday Gift Guide as we did not wrap the magazine one up until this past week. Every year we have so many people come in wanting to be included and we still had to leave people out of the issue. That is why we do an online one and the ones on radio and newspaper. The online one can be updated all through Xmas. I always love how once an issue comes out, we get e-mails asking to be in the guide. I want to say, hmm we contacted you in Sep, you know we have one every year, and now you wait until you are reading the magazine to ask to be in the magazine? But then we put them in the online one and all is well in the world.