Grand Theft Gender

GotGame: (M. Wiland) - We don't care if you're a female who plays games. Now people strain to be unique! It’s celebrated! And the gamer culture is one of the worst about it. The console wars, the casuals vs hardcores, the gamer "gurls", it’s all negative, and it needs to end.

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Ramon3MR1829d ago

LOL I agree man, all this "gamer girl" stuff is over the top, especially when you can tell it's hella fake.

Dirkster_Dude1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Part of the issue is that society itself reinforces the stereotype this person is talking about. Why do men open doors for ladies? Why do they pick them up to go to the prom? I could go on. All of this is for the male to show the female what type of person they are and to get attention. Some of that is changing, but apparently not fast enough for this person. For the male age group that is said to play video games the most they really don't have the life experience or if they do they don't use it. This is really no different only that they can act more juvenile and get away with it because they don't see that it matters. The only problem is that it does matter.

donwel1829d ago

"Why do men open doors for ladies? Why do they pick them up to go to the prom?"

Oh I don't know, being a decent human being maybe?
If I hold the door open for someone I'm not thinking about their gender, it's just manners, a random act of kindness to a stranger.
The only people who bring gender into it is feminists and their pet white knights.
I was listening to a gaming podcast a couple of days ago which had a female on it and she was asked her opinion on whether she'd like to see more female characters in games and you know what her answer was?
"I don't care, I don't really pay attention to their gender as long as they're well written characters".
THAT is a gamer, not these knee jerk idiots trying to push their agenda into gaming.

Wargrave1829d ago

The problem with that reading of the issue is that it assumes games themselves never have an agenda, which they do. Sure, not every game has an underlying message/theme, but as gaming becomes more sophisticated an increasing amount of games have political or social messages.

On a lesser note, being a "gamer" doesn't come down to simply dismissing larger social issues. A well-written character is great, but we have a whole medium to explore that seems mainly interested in straight, 20-something white guys.

donwel1829d ago

No, being a gamer is about enjoying the games you play, which is what they are designed to do, they are entertainment pure and simple.
If you're that jaded that you try to find things to be offended at (what clothing a character wears-lol) then you shouldn't be playing games.
Games are not a medium to push social and political agendas, simple as that and to be honest, this is all a case of ignorant people with agendas looking for hidden meaning where there is none.

Wargrave1829d ago

I agree, a gamer is someone who enjoys games. Games however have already had 'agendas' for a very long time. Cannon Fodder and the Metal Gear Solid franchise are anti-war, Miami Hotline is about the meaning of violence in video games, GTA 4/5 targets capitalism and the hollowness of the American dream, Defcon is about the futility of nuclear war. To think that messages are either new, or not there at all, is wrong. They have been part of gaming since the beginning. That isn't going to stop, and as time goes by it will only happen more, especially from indie gaming.

Games with little to no agendas aren't going anywhere, and will always be around. You will have to accept however that games which try and do more outside of brighter explosions, better lighting and more realistic faces. If you disagree with the sexism or racism in games being a thing, you are sadly wrong.

donwel1829d ago

Tomb Raider
Remember Me
Resident Evil
Silent Hill 3
Gravity Rush
Assassins Creed Liberation
Beyond Good and Evil
.. I could go on

Oh wow, where did all these women in games come from?
The sexism in games argument falls flat on its face when you actually take the time to look into games properly. And let's not forget the male characters in games aren't exactly what one would call "deep", they always follow a certain archetype, whether it be grizzled soldier or shallow adventurer.
As I've already said, games should be appreciated for what they are designed to be; entertaining pieces of software that people can enjoy and escape from the day to day grind of life.
Developers make the games that they want to make. You don't like them, don't play them, simple as that.
And repeating myself again, if you're going to get so bent out of shape about what a character looks like or what they're wearing, instead of enjoying things like gameplay (the important bit) then gaming probably isn't the hobby for you.

Wargrave1829d ago

By all means go on. That is a short list taken over the entire history of the medium. For every 1 female protagonist, there are 20+ with a male, hardly even in number.

Developers don't always get to make they games they want. It is well know that publishers will refuse to fun/greenlight a game if it has a female protagonist. Remember Me is the newest game that ran into that issue.

Also I never mentioned about being annoyed over how females look, that was you making assumptions.

I have no problem with silly games which go bang/kapow/whatever, but they can also do more, something you seem against. Why can't we have both? Games that both entertain us, and other ones that make us thing. Hell a great game can do both.

SoulMikeY1829d ago

All of these topics create something that wasn't there before. Gender equality, no matter what platform, is BS. You want to see a chick getting the shit kicked out of her in UFC? Didn't think so. You want to see a dude in fishnet stockings in a magazine? If you answered yes, stay on the Internet and open a new tab. When it comes to gaming, every single female I've ever met that plays games, prefers to play as a male. Why do people not realize that female characters are for lonely virgin males?

Anyways, I'll keep fixing my woman's car, and she'll keep doing laundry. This very (pointlessly) vocal minority needs to shut the f*** up. No one is saying anyone is better. You're lame ass little hot-words like "gender stereotypes" are meaningless. Most are true, how else did they become stereotypes?

BldyShdw1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

You're saying you can't do your own laundry because you're a "man"?

Also, I am a male who is not lonely and certainly haven't been a virgin for a long time but I play female characters all of the time to get a new perspective (e.g. Mass Effect)

SoulMikeY1829d ago

Didn't say I can't do anything. We, along with most of the world, just happen to fall into those "stereotypes".

Lol, heard that one a million times, "new perspective". A game doesn't give you a new perspective. It makes you a weirdo.

It in your best interest NOT to respond to me. Dudes playing as females is an argument you won't win. You just look like an idiot when you admit to doing it.

BldyShdw1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

A guy playing as a girl is weird but a girl playing as a guy is somehow okay in your warped sense of reality?

How would any guy play Tomb Raider/Metroid?

And how is it not a new perspective if I beat Mass Effect once as a male Shepard and once as a Female Shepard?

rainslacker1829d ago

In WOW I played as a female character for my main because I just felt the art style for females was better than the males. Same with Mass Effect, as most of the males were just ugly character designs based on the limitation of the options. They were just too generic for me and weren't interesting at all.

For most games that don't give me the choice, I could care less what the gender is. For a story based game, so long as the character fits the story, gender is irrelevant. If gender is part of the story, then the story and character better fit into that.

For games that use female characters as a main selling feature and exploit the female form to just get sales, I tend to pass on them unless they happen to be very good games, such as Dragon's Crown...which in itself wasn't designed solely to exploit the female form.

Wargrave1829d ago

So the only way a gamer can't be weird in your world-view is by only enjoying playing as a straight guy? That sounds rather limited and boring. That is like saying films with female leads are there for men to star at.

I like it when you call this whole argument pointless, because it is that sort of thinking is what necessitates the call for gender equality in the first place.

SoulMikeY1829d ago

I think you fail to understand, games and real life are separate. That's all she wrote. End of story. If someone thinks they have an "agenda", they don't know what that means.

And why is it that women never have the problems, it's you "weirdos".

Wargrave1829d ago

Sorry, once again I will have to disagree. Games are not created in a vacuum. Game development, and therefore games, are informed by real life. Why? Because the people who create games are humans who have lives, ideologies and opinions. These bias, good or bad, make up much of what you do whether you realize it or not. Games have done, and will continue to, have messages and themes whether you realize it or not.

Dismiss me as a "weirdo" all you want, that doesn't stop me from being right.

cyphertech1829d ago

Gender is part of someone's identity. It's "implied" when you're on this forum that you're male by default. They mention that they're girls because it's unique to game culture that the genders do an activity together that's so intuitive and competitive. While male gamers don't exactly have to explain themselves and their presence in the culture, women "kind of" have to at the moment. It's not nearly as bad as it used to be, it's not like they're flamed off the planet for playing games, but it's certainly made very clear that their gender matters. While some of them do attention whore sometimes, I don't believe it's the majority. My wife plays games and I don't think I've seen anything funnier than her raging about Uncharted 3 online. We don't have to have perfect gender relations in society or end chivalry as we know it just to play games together. It's already happening.

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