[email protected] boss "super-psyched" to put No Man's Sky on Xbox One

Hello Games's procedurally generated space exploration game No Man Sky has yet to be announced for a console. Microsoft's [email protected] program director Chris Charla would very much like this to stop being the case, pretty please.

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TomShoe1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

So this game is probably going to be multi-plat, which is a good thing.

However, Sony has already gotten into contact with the dev, so it remains to be seen.

BALLBAGS1708d ago

for such a small studio I hope this ambitious game goes multi so we as gamers can all enjoy, and this four man team get the kudos they deserve

FamilyGuy1707d ago

It being a small man team makes it releasing on multiple console (simultaneously at least) unlikely.

Cueil1707d ago

It would behoove them to put it on as many systems as they financially can and with PC and Xbox One sharing so much both physicly and software wise that's probably not a bad starting point and porting it over to PS4 shouldn't be an issue and eventually other platforms should be in the books asap

Mr Pumblechook1707d ago

Where Sony go, Microsoft follow.

2013 has been defined by this. I wish Microsoft could get their mojo back and lead rather then this constant me-too behaviour. :(

Pogmathoin1707d ago

I hope they do not get there mojo back either, even though why that would bother me, I do not know. I have a million other things in life more important.

IcicleTrepan1707d ago

Do you really think they want this game because they saw that Sony wanted it?

IcicleTrepan1707d ago

their previous games went to all platforms so it wouldn't surprise me to see this do the same.

3-4-51707d ago

Hoping this comes to PS4, if not I'll get on PC.

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christocolus1707d ago

Awesome news....hope chris charla is able to get the game over.

harrisk9541707d ago

This is not "news"... the actual quote is: "I would be super-psyched IF they want to bring that game to Xbox," It is an MS employee just saying he would like it to be on XB1. The article also says that the guy wants Hello Games to "get in touch"... The title is completely misleading and should not have been approved the way it is phrased.

christocolus1707d ago

"I would be super-psyched IF they want to bring that game to Xbox,"

And i said i "hope" chris charla is able to bring it over. I see nothing wrong with my statement... there is a posibility and im hoping. Chris has stated his interest .most likely the guy sees this and they get talking.

Yo Mama1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Love how as soon as the MS guy opened his mouth to try to compliment and talk about the INDIE game, he immediately started tooting their own horn and evangelizing Kinect and smartglass. Jesus, can you just praise a game for a moment without talking about yourself? It's like they're brainwashed.

CrossingEden1707d ago

When bringing a game to your console, why wouldn't you want to talk about the features of your console? The face tracking and voice commands for this game could be excellent. Like being able to track your head movement in BF4 to look out the cockpit, same thing could happen here.

JackISbacK1707d ago

i dont know but it is getting realy strange,sorry to say but lot of times i have got your bubble down ,because month are may be some week's back when i use to read your comments they use to be fanboy tipe like most of these stupid yo mama and majin vajeta etc. but i dont know you have changed or not but now your comment's looks nuetral it may be wether you were having lot of hate for ms becasue you were unhappy with their policies but now you've changed ,now a day your comment have realy like gamer and i realy like it ,its good to see people are forgeting their hate and are playing games not companies ,i hope every buddy here disscuss as a gamer they have to be and leave working as a pr for the companies ,i'am realy sick of this fanboy wars .a bubble up and agree for you and it is realy bad to see this stupid yo mama is still writing shit and people are agrreing him.

deadfrag1707d ago

Joe danger was first released on the PS3 so most likely this will go first to the PS4 and some months later to the X1.

MasterCornholio1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Due to the Xbox Ones parity clause that isn't possible.

It will have to come out on all platforms at the same time.

P.S This is with games for their id indie program.

moparful991707d ago

Unless Sony has an exclusivity deal with HelloGames.. There's a clause in that parity agreenent for this scenario and Sony has gone on record courting this developer...

ZodTheRipper1707d ago

Well noone gives a s**t about that parity clause if they don't want to release on Xbox. It's the developers choice and I'm sure they have a plan already.

Prime1571707d ago

Don't forget the [email protected] clause that states that a developer HAS to release on xbox before or at the same time as other plats.

So, in order to bring it to xbox they have to delay their game on pc (basically any platform other than xbox) or move solely to xbox.

Just a friendly reminder.

JackISbacK1707d ago

yeah you are right ,if devs want to be the part of the policy and are benifited from it.then nothing is wrong in it and it is all up to devs to support this policy or not and we all know it is not the devs priority to release the game on ps4 first,what they want is to deliver their game on all platforms.

JackISbacK1707d ago

first it is an multiplat and an indie so its not gona come on the same date on ps4 as it come on xb1 and if devs want to be the part of the m$ policy about indies so it gona come on xb1 first ,i'am not a fanboy and like this game to land on all platforms on day 1 ,but it is not possible ,according to this policy games will land on xb1 first but now your question will be why on xb1 first?
this is because m$ provide devs tolls and help for the indie devs and what they require is only just to release it on xb1 first and then you can work on ps4 and nitendo or what ever with M$ provided tools and one thing is obvious this game is gona land on ps4 first or xb1 first because indie devs can release all versions on same day they dont have the resources.

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