Editorial: How Many Former Xbox Fans "Switched Sides"?

Considering the current sales tally, it seems clear that at least some loyal Xbox followers jumped ship heading into this generation. Not good for Microsoft.

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dedicatedtogamers1682d ago

We've come nowhere close to the sales of the original Xbox yet, let alone the 360. It will take years to make the OP's determination.

That said, I do believe we'll have a significantly lower number of multi-console owners this gen. It won't be an "everyone sells pretty good" generation this time around. One console will be on top by a very wide margin, 2nd-place will be far behind but will still do a respectable job, and the 3rd console will be a bomb, perhaps even knocking someone out of the console market.

The macro-environmental conditions simply won't allow for another generation like the one with Wii/360/PS3. It was a bubble, and the bubble is going to burst.

GameSpawn1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I don't think anyone is going away from the market. The only reason SEGA sank was that they made too many poor decisions leading into the Dreamcast that it could not save them -- between the Genesis, 32x, Sega CD, the Saturn, and the Dreamcast they sank too much money on R&D and were banking on the Saturn and Dreamcast being MUCH more successful then they actually were.

Had Microsoft not gone anti-consumer earlier this year the WiiU might be in worse shape, but Microsoft's blunder took the gaze off Nintendo. Undoubtedly Nintendo must have picked up a little steam from pissed "potential" Xbox One buyers that immediately went elsewhere. What also has been saving Nintendo from a SEGA fate is that Nintendo has secured their own almost monopolistic hold on the handheld market.

IF... and this is a big IF... Nintendo's WiiU flops straight on it's face forcing them to bow out of the home console market I would think they would just go full steam into handhelds for a while -- their only direct handheld competition is the PSP and Vita right now anyway (mobile, iOS and Android are indirect competition as they are platforms were games are not their primary purpose and function).

Not to leave Microsoft out, there is still a possibility that the Xbox One is the last home console we see from Microsoft -- a VERY SMALL TINY INFINITESIMAL possibility. Depending on who Microsoft finally chooses to take over after Balmer the new CEO "could" choose to cut the Xbox division loose from Microsoft, at the best, and without the coffers of Microsoft to bank roll on (not as much money for advertising, R&D, etc.) the Xbox division would be between a rock and a hard place to maintain being competitive and profitable.

The market has already proven to the world that Sony's PlayStation brand is here to stay for the 8th generation and a successor will follow with the 9th -- 1M in 24 hours is the world saying:

Hey if anyone wants to point to even the remote possibility Sony is "the guy in third" go ahead - the comments that follow might be interesting. At least I'll admit to the fact there is no definitive answer to which of the three will end up in third and even if they run 100% of a chance of doing SO bad they'll kiss the industry goodbye.


KingDadXVI1681d ago

The PS4 will do great as evidenced but they need more than a bunch of indie games to keep people interested. They don't have any firm dates for AAA exclusives that can compete with TitanFall, Halo 5, or Quantum Break. They need to get more than just Uncharted 4 or they could quickly lose some people who are starving for AAA titles.

The real fear is not that PS4 won't be viable as a console but the company that makes PS4 i.e. Sony does not dig itself out of the money losing pit that it has been in for many years now. It is never good when a corporation is losing money so fast that they have to sell their NA and World head quarters to pay the bills.

I am not trolling hear as I play the PS3 too and will be getting a PS4 (I play all the consoles) once they get some decent AAA out but I am concerned that a good console may get hurt because it is part of a company that has shown for over 5 years now that it cannot make a profit as a whole.

JohnnyBadfinger1682d ago

Why do people assume people have switched sides?
The ps4 launch price is the one and only advantage to its early success. It's price just means more early adopters where as Xbox fans like myself are waiting for a more realistic price tag. And when it comes to price drops you know Xbox will be first to drop te price probably in the new year or more likely e3. Ps4 will be stuck at the "$400 USD" price mark for atleast 2 years.

Any gamer who "switched" sides is a liar. Either you bought both consoles and are pretending to favour one over the other or you stuck with the console all of your buddies play on.

IRetrouk1682d ago

Why do you think the xbox one will get a price drop before the ps4? I think you are forgeting that micro has the console and kinect components to try and make cheaper, sony has just the ps4 to make cheaper, i dont see the one ever being cheaper than the ps4, there will be gamers who switch sides so to speak, nothing wrong with that and the people that say they did switch are not automaticaly lieing, i myself usually buy two or so consoles every gen so i never really switch sides but there are people that only own one console per gen that may swap and change.

stuna11682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

This is a question that could never truly be answered! Just like it will never be known how many PS fans switched over to the Xbox1.

If someone just wanted to take a guess; it'll probably be similar to the previous generation, where the majority of the gaming community will wind up with both the PS4/Xbox1 and probably the WII U also.

NatureOfLogic1682d ago

How many PS2 fans switched to x360, then bought a PS3 and haven't looked back since?

SG1_dapunisherX1682d ago

worldwide yes but united states nope even if i like beyond 2 soul and tlou 360 was a success for ms.

ElementX1682d ago

"Considering the current sales tally, it seems clear that at least some loyal Xbox followers jumped ship heading into this generation"

Just because PS4 sells more doesn't mean Xbox fans have jumped ship. Current prices could be a concern for a number of people, the holidays are coming up, people don't have as much disposable income, etc. Maybe people are waiting for their tax returns before purchasing their console. A hundred dollars savings is quite substantial for a number of people but clearly you can't assume people are switching.

CursedHero1682d ago

Great work! I approve ;-)

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