Friday Night Rant: How Did This Woman Destroy Final Fantasy?

OnlySP: Square-Enix's in-house obsession over Lightning boggles the mind of lifelong Final Fantasy fans at every turn. What we know for certain is the unwarranted attention given her has dragged one of the greatest franchises of all time into one of the greatest slumps of all time.

There's something about Lighting, but was it worth killing Final Fantasy for her?

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-Foxtrot1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I think the reason they are so focused on Lightning is because they WANT us to like her and like most Japanese developers they are too proud to admit they are in the wrong.

Lightning was one of the many things wrong with FF13 but in general she is a boring, bland, depressing b**** with no backstory to why she is the way she is unlike past hero's like Squall or Cloud. She is a pain to watch through the cutscenes and being the main character in the game, the main character which links to a numbered FF game she is the worst. The reason I think most could tolerate her though is that she is mostly surrounded by characters WORSE then her which in the end makes her look good compared to them. Without those characters in Lightning Returns...well I think they'll see how boring and a pain Lightning really is.

The people who do like her either like her because they havent played FF before so like the game it's self they have nothing to compare her with OR it's mostly female fans who like her because she's female...thats all...and too be honest I've noticed around where I live anyway that the majority of people who like FF13 are female.

I have to admit this article is spot on with most of the points especialy Square brining back references to past great FF games to try and sell you the game.

However after Lightning Returns AKA needs to stop, they should NEVER dwell on her again and let FF13 be forgotten about. They could of had it forgotten about if they let it die but no as I've said Square being proud as they are are trying to force us to like her...and I'll tell you something even in 10 years time they will still say the majority of people loved her and she was a fan favourite.

Seriously it's sickening what they've done with her and FF in general. I really hope this bombs outside of Japan.

yellowgerbil1798d ago

Agree. I only played about 10hrs of FF13 was full of the most annoying and stereotypical characters ever. The only cool thing was the baby chocobo in the black guys afro.

NarooN1798d ago

My friend left his case of games at my house this past summer, and I tried to give FF13 a chance. Played it for about 5~10 hours and gave up. Had no motivation whatsoever to keep going. Characters sucked, environments sucked, story sucked, gameplay sucked (quick! press X again!, etc.) I mean, I don't see how people can even defend that game, it was horrible.

And it boggles my mind how FF13 even got a sequel, let alone TWO of them. They could've let FF13 just exist, and made completely original games set in new worlds instead. But no, they'd rather dwell on Lightning and try to force everyone to like her. Hell no.

And it should be considered blasphemy to have Lightning wearing Yuna's kimono from FFX, even having the same weapon and mimicking her fighting pose. Yuna was 1000x better character than Lightning will ever be.

CursedHero1798d ago

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo true

OptimisticPrime1798d ago

This is so typical of western gamers who think they're the most important consumers in the world...

In japan lightning is one of the most popular final fantasy characters ever.

Western gamers need to stop acting like their opinions are all that matter.

NarooN1798d ago

So it's best to just discard all of our opinions just because we weren't born in Japan or live there? Lol, no.

OptimisticPrime1797d ago

No, but they're entitled to their opinions and getting games they liked too. And last I checked, square Enix was a Japanese developer so it would make sense that they cater to Japanese sensibilities

Magoiichi1797d ago

Japanese gamers should stop crying when they don't get everything like they usually do and stop ruining franchises. It is your fault that Japanese developers are making bad games. Let that sink in and simmer for a bit.

OptimisticPrime1797d ago

Oh, and wester gamers aren't crying whenever a game doesn't turn out exactly how they like it? Ya'll are doing the same thing you're accusing them of doing.

Let that sink in and simmer for a bit.

DrRobotnik1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

You speak the truth sir. Now let's not piss off square too much before they punish us with ff13 part 4. I think we dwelled in the house of death long enough.

rextraordinaire1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I kinda liked Lightning. Much better lead than many other Final Fantasy heroes. Squall was an annoying nihilist emo boy, Vaan was really not much more than a placeholder for the player while the other characters made the story, Tidus was way too cheerful for my tastes.

I'd rank Lightning in the good FF leads class, along with Cloud, Zidane, Terra/Celes and Ramza...

Yeah I know it's uncool to enjoy the XIII series, I suppose I'm uncool then.

NarooN1797d ago

Tidus was too cheerful? Lol did you even play the game? He *tried* to be cheerful, but he had his own issues and thus spent a large portion of the game bitching nonstop. He actually grows up a bit and becomes a lot more mature by the time the game was over.

Lighting had next to no personality. Just on her period 24/7 with no emotions until they decided to turn her into a goddess for some reason.

Oh, and Zack >>>>>> Cloud.

rextraordinaire1797d ago

Yeah he had daddy issues. But I don't know why, there's something about his little surfer boy looks that really flew over me.

And you're one to talk, you admit to have been playing only 5-10 hours of XIII. Each character has a nice development in that game, but oh, you wouldn't know that, would you? Unless you hate-lie about XIII like many persons...

NarooN1797d ago

I've seen enough of the other characters of FFXIII in various videos and playthroughs, and they're barely more interesting than the MC was.

A lot of people dislike FF13 because it was crap. Obviously that's just an opinion, so get over it.

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