Hey Nintendo, nobody wants a Wii U under their Christmas tree this year

The buzz today is that the PS4 sold 12000 units in 27 minutes on Amazon last week, and Sony claimed the trophy of the most sales for the month of November, while Microsoft bragged as the Xbox One was the fastest selling console in the US last month with 909k units sold.
In parallel, Nintendo have been pretty quiet about their sales.

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diepdiep1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Seriously, whats with the recent surge of these negative Nintendo articles?

BullyMangler1825d ago

ha haaaa . . attack of the butthurts!

I'm loving it . .

all these sony and microsoft fanpies living in nintendos land are finally realising who really runs these parts . .

ps4 and x1 were supposed to have the best launch lineup in the history of gaming what happened?

The fact of the matter is that a wiiU has higher quality games that require more skill to pass, that look more next gen than anything on any new sony microsoft machine < fact

a wiiU is a better choice over the new sony microsoft gaming machines . sony needs to step it up and show us gamers what gaming is all about.

the truth will hurt many fanpies

Destrania1825d ago

That was the most ridiculous thing I think I've ever read.

Concertoine1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Dude, you give the wii u fanbase such a bad name its not even funny. Youre just a gibbering hypocrite who hates fanboys, when you are one. And this is coming from a nintendo fan... please grow up and calm down.

EliteGameKnight1825d ago

sigh.... dude I like the Wii U and its my favorite system as of late but your not really helping the stereotypical "blind fanboy" thing go away.

The PS4 and XBO had excellent launches, that really can't be denied. The Wii U also had a good launch having sold most of its systems in the launch window, then it fell into the drought that it's in right now.

There is a low possibility that the other systems will fall into a drought also due to the large scale of units sold at launch, but its wrong to hope that that will happen on the people who purchased the systems. And if it did happen, let's not be the same as those who have shown immature derision to Nintendo fans as that would just continue this childish tirade. I feel that people have begun to love the companies over the medium they represent, and that is very sad.

Trekster_Gamer1825d ago

You are obviously wearing Nintendo corrective glasses. The Wii U is a niche console with very few games. I just read how cod ghosts made up less than 1% sales on the WiiU, I will bet that is how every other major game release that actually makes it to the Wiiu will fair!

People need more than Mario to justify the cost of a Wiiu

DomceM1824d ago

i agree with bully.

I have a gaming PC with quadruple titans but it has yet to achieve grafix of the wii u.

srsly. the wii u is like some kind of interdimensional ultra graphical generation device.


greenlantern28141824d ago

What the wiiu of course has more games it's been out for a year. But it has already been out sold by ps4,and xb1 in the U.K and sales of both next gen systems from sony and ms, will catch or pass the wiiu by late spring if it takes that long.
So while Nintendo has some good games their system lacks mass appeal and it is showing with the mass success of the ps4 and xb1.
The fact is if you want the Nintendo experience you can get it on the much cheaper 3DS.
And I have a wiiu and after a year it has super Mario, Mario 3d, Zelda ww HD, and pikmin. With next year DK, X, Mario cart8 and beyoneta so if you don't want those games there is no need to get a wiiu.

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herbs1825d ago

Just another flammable Bull$hit article written by some pathetic loser trying to get a reaction...

ATi_Elite1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


PS4 is only weeks old and is less than 46% away from passing the wiiU in hardware sales.

wiiu 1 year head start but will be passed in 6 months or less by PS4 and 9 months by XB1.

Game wise:

WiiU has only manged over 13 million game sales in 1 year.

PS4/XB1 are right now doing 2 million a week each!

so 7 to 8 weeks later I expect the PS4/XB1 to pass 13 million games sold each

I'm not bashing the Wiiu I'm just telling the TRUTH! I'm looking at the same DATA Publishers and Investors are looking at.

.No one wants a Wiiu especially with X30/ps3 being so cheap now
.the WiiU right now has NO OMG I have to have that Game!
.Third party Publishers see low sales figures and are turning away from it.
.Nintendo is dragging their feet cranking out hits for it.

Zelda may make an appearance at E3, but E3 will be too late for WiiU as XB1/Ps4 begin to release their Big Hits backed by the POWER of superior hardware in their machines.

Nintendo should have had Some truly amazing games ready for this Holiday to combat Ps4/Xb1 but they did nothing.

Chrischi19881825d ago

Nintendo gets its big hits, way before PS4 and Xbox One. Anyone who doesnt consider Mario Kart as a big hit, is truly delusional, because it sold more, than most of your super duper franchises.

Many people were holding out to buy a Wii U, because they wanted to wait for the others to be released, to choose one.

Wii U had over 3 million sales during its launch time, so if you compare that to the sales of PS4 right now, there really isnt that much of a difference, the problem with Wii U were after launch sales.

We dont know, how the after launch sales, after the hype settled, will be with the PS4 and Xbox One, To think, that the sales right before christmas, right during launch of the console, reflect the sales of the console, in like february, that too, is delusional. Why did I use that word so often, because its a word, people on this board use a lot.

R00bot1824d ago

The PS4 and Xbox One won't pass it that quickly. A console has never, in the history of consoles, kept the same pace after a great launch.
The Wii U sold 3 million in it's first month. Then it tapered off and has only recently reached 4 million.

The PS4 and Xbox One will probably overtake the Wii U, but not that quickly.

Concertoine1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I dont know. At this point the wii u's future is in definite, long term trouble. But any of the big 3 do their best when theyre cornered. MS fought the uphill battle with the original Xbox, easily their best system. Sony had to pump out tons of exclusives when the ps3 wasnt selling. Nintendo secured tons of great 3rd party exclusives on gamecube. Safe to say if mario's not selling the system (he is, but not enough), some interesting decisions are underway.

cesuf1824d ago

Wait, how was the original xbox better than the 360? It didn't have wireless controllers and the online wasn't nearly as refined. Nostalgia maybe idk.

Concertoine1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

well, it didnt have a bad failure rate,it was a friggin monster in specs, playing pc ports like half life 2, doom 3, deus ex 2, thief 3 and morrowind amungst others. also had tons of backing by sega, with games like panzer dragoon orta, jet grind radio 2, shenmue 2, and crazy taxi 3. also microsoft was pumping out exclusives well into its short lifespan, unlike the 360. the online was amazing at the time, miles ahead of competition. the 360 has better online, but the xbox did it first, and had more games.

WeAreLegion1824d ago

Probably all the positive Nintendo articles...

frostypants1824d ago

The reason for the articles is that Nintendo is legitimately f*cking up in ways not seen since the Sega Saturn.

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G20WLY1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I'm sure sales will have picked up to some degree, with the new Mario game and the time of year.

That said, I don't think Nintendo can hope to compete in terms of home console sales for the next few months. Well, failing some huge manufacture disaster for MS/Sony.

maniacmayhem1825d ago

I wonder when we'll start getting the "media is biased" remarks from everyone the same way we got them for every negative Sony/PS3 news that came across N4G.

I know, that will never happen on this site.

wonderfulmonkeyman1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

We don't appreciate you putting up BLANKET STATEMENTS, as if you're the voice of every damned serious gamer out there! Christmas isn't even HERE yet and you're saying there's not a single person who's looking forward to the Wii U, that's just egotistical hater BULLSHIT!
And that after ignoring that the Wii U's sales got a small boost recently. Never occurred to you that some of those sales would be under trees this year, now DID it?

"No one" my ass. Even a small amount of 100K would still be a nice amount of sales for the console after some of the months it has had in the past.

Chrischi19881825d ago

That is because people on forums tend to be asses, because nobody does know, who they really are. Most trolls, are probably not older than 12, at least, at that age, I know how I surfed the web and had no respect and trolled everywhere.

I dont want a Wii U this year under my christmas tree, because I already own one ;)

I know a lot of people, who are actually buying a Wii U right now. A lot and not one of them would be considered a core gamer, thats the main point and failure with all these articles, they really think, that the masses care, what they say, because what the core wants, has no voice over the whole market, because the core is smaller than 3% and the rest doesnt care about that stuff, you all say, they just want games, if nintendo can deliver them anytime soon, than people will get a Wii U, it is as simple as that.

GamersHeaven1825d ago

Very true my 5 year old nephew hates the Wii U loves the PS4 can't put the controller down :)

Beastforlifenoob1824d ago

What does he play? Killzone Shadwofall, Assasins creed IV, Battlefeild 4, cod ghosts? Seriously the only 5 year old friendly game out there is Knack and some racing games. But yes cant wait till i get my ps4 in early 2014 i will be like your 5 year old nephew.

GamersHeaven1824d ago

Knack, Skylanders swap force he loves them dual shock 4 as well.

cesuf1824d ago


Skylanders is on every system. Even on the WiiU that he supposedly hates.

R00bot1824d ago

And Mario 3D world is better than Knack (as the reviews have stated).

Ol_G1824d ago

knack i can't understand and skylanders is available on anything except smartphones
so is he loving ps4 or just the games he plays on it ?
honestly i find it hard to believe a 5 year old would say he loves them dualshock 4 and hates wii u sounds more like immature brainwashing

GamersHeaven1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Brain washing haha hes a smart kid thinks for him self he told me straight out what he thought about the Wii u.Even he knows there franchises are milked "Nintendo is stupid all they have is Mario" his exact words.He loves Skylanders btw I don't buy or play mulitplatforms on Wii U lmao.

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