Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Console War Is Still Too Close To Call

Forbes - "Not that long ago I wrote that the console wars are just getting started. At the time, I said that it would be months if not longer before we had a clear picture of the “winner” in the war for the modern living room. This seems to be playing out right on schedule."

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Bigpappy1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Already changing his tone. He was pushing the M$ must remove Kinect slogan Now not one mention of it. This I suppose will be a common theme. quoting Pachter isn't helping to build credibility either.

bobsmith1463d ago

they need to remove kinect ill never use voice command never play kinect games so why do I gota buy it ill just buy ps4 100 cheaper
I think ps4 will win in the end for sure cause of ps plus xbox free games with gold sucks still want one for titanfall and halo though maybe

Godmars2901463d ago

To remove Kinect they'll have to redesign the UI because that was built to favor the Kinect.

Then again by most reports they have to redesign the UI regardless.

Sono4211462d ago

nope... from a consumer's point of view that owns both... I can say there's a clear winner here... and to most I would say that winner is pretty obvious.

Also from the company's point of view (Sales) I would say the winner for the consumer is also the winner here..

The winner is obvious everybody.

XisThatKid1463d ago

REALLY? It's been almost ONE month and we're already trying to crown winners of the "war"? These people make me laugh.

stuna11464d ago

Of course it is! Nothing is set in stone at this point in time, but best believe all parties involved will be tested in the years to come concerning their commitment to their supporters and that will ultimately determine the true winner this generation.

And it's not who everyone probably thinks it is!? It us the "Gamers"

1463d ago
MrWegman1463d ago

So after a few weeks it is STILL too close to call??? so it may take some time to see a winner???

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The story is too old to be commented.