Kojima Productions on Metal Gear Solid V: There's a significant difference between normal and hard

During the latest podcast, Kojima Productions staff members once again talked about Metal Gear Solid V's difficulty, or rather its perceived lack thereof.

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XiSasukeUchiha1592d ago

Good so can be different experiences and actually challenged to your extent

Nyxus1592d ago

Yeah, personally, I think I'll just use the new features. I don't mind them.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I'm thinking about not using them on normal but using them on the difficult setting.

levian1592d ago

I think I'll be turning off as much as I can when I play, and playing on hard. I want the true MGS experience. I'm not a fan of most modern stealth games adding a "see through walls" power, but thankfully they were nice enough to give us the option of turning it off.

Unlike, what was it... Tomb Raider I think? That dedicated an entire button to it, and if you turned it off you were left with a useless button. It's nice that it will be integrated with the binoculars so all the buttons will be used by everybody, regardless of game settings

MazzingerZ1592d ago

I get the feeling this will be the weakest MGS story-wise in order to appeal to everybody

Ratty1592d ago

I'll probably use them too. At least for my first few playthroughs.

RedDevils1592d ago

hmm I probably just jump straight into hard mode

MizTv1592d ago

I can see myself enjoying this game playing it a bunch of different ways
These are good options

cyphertech1592d ago

Hopefully this doesn't mean today's "hard" is yesterday's "normal"

Roccetarius1592d ago

Let's add slightly more awareness to enemies, plus a little more damage done. Now we call it a day and name it Hard mode. /s

Sometimes i wish modes would actually be different.

AaronMK1591d ago

Remember the days when you would get a special ending if you completed a game on hard, or no ending besides a screen telling you to complete the game on a harder difficulty if you only completed it on easy?

I like that this trend went away.

Not everyone has all the time in the world to become expert level players, and being able to adjust a game to the challenge that is right for you without be penalized content wise is a great thing. Varying the "twitch" characteristics, like levels of AI, penalties, and damage is, in general, the best way of doing that, not just the easiest.

Roccetarius1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Having something exclusive to a harder mode is great, because it gives people more incentive to go for it. Adding more abilities to enemies in RPG's for example, instead of tweaking numbers.

The accessibility for new age gamers, and other people with excuses like time, is why it's not different. I hope games like Dark Souls 2 doesn't cave in to demand, because it's one of the few games treating players like adults.

In all honesty, last gen was holding your hand more than anything.

LAWSON721592d ago

Normal has always been challenging. I hope that does not change

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