Sony’s Adam Boyes “Lost His Mind” for an “Amazing” Upcoming PS4 Game after Getting a Sneak Peek

Sony's Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations Adam Boyes loves to tease, and he did some more teasing during the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, during which, with his typical quiet conspiring voice, he talked about a sneak peek he got of an upcoming PS4 game.

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Vojkan1706d ago

It's SSM game. From what I have been told in last month it is something that no one will see coming. And that it is the game with biggest budget that Sony has ever made. What that means exactly I don't know.

christrules00411706d ago

Well Cory Barlog returned to Santa Monica to work on it plus the Battlestar Galactica writer was working with SSM . http://www.playstationlifes...

Eonjay1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

SSM is working with the writer from Battle Star Galactica right? Savage Starlight perhaps?


I was thinking the same thing.

Vojkan1706d ago

It's not Barlog game, it's way too early. he has yet to build his team.
It's from Stigs team. they have been working on it since GOW3 was completed

PoSTedUP1705d ago

i will never let go of the idea that The Getaway 3 is still in the works. "there was a lot of money put into it so its still comming" not the exact quote but something like that. [they] said it was best to put the game on hold, untill when; we may never know but i think itll come soon. well, im praying.

edgeofsins1705d ago

Where is the comment that is has the biggest budget Sony has ever made? And if that is true then this means it could be a free roam game. Linear games typically have lesser budgets but we shall see

mikeslemonade1705d ago

It's obviously the The Order.

guitarded771705d ago

I want to lose my mind too... hope they announce soon.

Omegasyde1705d ago

Its a Santa Monica game and its Heavenly sword 2 (working title)....

It will be released along side the heavenly sword (direct to dvd/blu-ray).

No idea on release date, but I am absolutely sure this is it.

ZombieKiller1705d ago

Greatness truly does await.

I am so glad I got a PS4 at launch and can't wait to see who has what in store for us. I hope they put Barlog back on God of War and they make a really nasty one.
Him and Todd Papy need to team up and kidnap Stig. I would lose my mind.

I know this isn't a God of War game (at least I don't think it is) I hope they wait a bit more for that.

I wonder if it's new or if it's a game series we know already....

pheature1705d ago

would we then not know about it if its the biggest budget game ever.

MazzingerZ1705d ago

Todd papy I think is now working at Crytek, but I do hope SONY really surprise us with this one, I mean something that doesn't leak and noone saw it coming, I miss those E3

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Freak of Nature1706d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Could very well be SSM, they have the highest odds... Or Media Molecules new IP? That is a game that can be something really inventive,creative and so stylish that causes someone to go into "lost your mind" mode...

Could even be a 3rd party game, he normally works with third parties...Sony’s Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations would probably hoot,holler and scream if it was an exclusive...What a tease, give us a bone...

Hope it's an exclusive, they are what I want most for all my systems...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1705d ago

Hope is not a multiplat but something that takes advantage of ps4.

Retroman1705d ago

Nor a FPS to many out now. something new that take advantage of ps4 would be great.

TH3BR3W1705d ago

@dakunclear That would be one of the most epic releases I could imagine them doing as it was one of the top games that my friends and I hoped would have a sequel.

Imagine Dragons O-o

indysurfn1705d ago

@dakunclear I was about to say arc the lad but Legend of dragon would be awesome. I hope it is a JRPG. Also those usually take the largest budgets. Even a REAL Final fantasy third part game would be awesome, like FF I through FF9, (FFIX)!

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miyamoto1705d ago

The same game Shuhei Yoshida saw.

The Last Guardian by Ueda

Doink1705d ago

Typical sony overhype

kenshiro1001705d ago

Typical naysayer in a Sony article.

ZombieKiller1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Typical fanboy d-bag. That's ok, typical bubble loss.

BallsEye1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

He's from Sony but I'm sure it's not just a PR talk. If it would be MS guy excited for XO exclusive it would be a PR talk for sure! n4g style yo! Anyway, more games is always good. Poor choice so far.

insomnium21705d ago

MS PR people do it only for the money. Sony's PR-folks are gamers so yeah!

lawgone1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

insomnium2...I hope that is sarcasm. I don't know because there are so many here that would actually believe that.

Edit: Holy crap. I just realized from your other comments on here that you're probably serious.

BallsEye1704d ago


Your comment blew me away...and all the agrees on yours and disagrees on mine just show how blind herd sony fanboys are. It's just unbelievable. This is a funny place!! :D

insomnium21704d ago

Sorry to burst your bubbles ballseye and lawgone but that is the way people see Sony PR people. I've heard people playing on PSN with Adam Boyes and such. People see them being gamers and doing their business for the gamers. Why the hell do you think PS4 is so popular?

It's easy to just say this site is full of Sony fanboys. It only shows your bitterness though.

You could ask around about what these PR-peoples' PSN and XBL ID is and check their trophies and achievements to see for yourself wether they are gamers or not. Please do the same for the MS PR-people too while you are at it.

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G20WLY1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

^Butthurt style, yo!

Gotta be SSM, been waiting for ages for news on what they have cooking! :)

SkippyPaccino1705d ago

Lair 2: Skyrims revenge???

DonMingos1705d ago

Well, Adam Boyle is responsible for third party relationship...

Could it be a third party exclusive like... you know... this:


Majin-vegeta1705d ago

Well there is a shenmue conference next year with Mark Cerny being there so maybe yes it is.

TBONEJF1705d ago

STOP SPAMMING POSTING bogus links. this guy is a lucky bastard. now we have to wait till E3 next year for some PS4 GOODIES

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Crossbones1706d ago

Please God Don't Let It Be A Indie Game. I like indie games but Sony next year needs to focus on the AAA Games.

Crossbones1706d ago

But he didn't say specifically what type of game it is, so we don't know for sure. I believe 100% it is a AAA Game but you never know.

Vojkan1706d ago

I know it isn't. Besides that isn't his field. He works with 3rd part big titles. Like The witcher, Watchdogs, etc. Shadid works with Indies.

Gamer6661705d ago

LOL. Indies are definitely important to the industry but Sony dealt with a lack of launch content by getting a bunch of PC Indie ports... Really Sony launched with Resogun, Killzone, and Knack as exclusives. Nothing wrong with them, but these games have not given me a lot of reasons to replay them.

MS may not have a bunch of AAA titles, but at least they got a lot of exclusive and content that makes you want to play them again... DR3, Forza 5, Ryse, Powerstar Golf, Killer Instinct, and even Lococycle are good games even though some have a last gen feel there are some fresh IPs. And of course the timed exclusive Peggle 2...

IAmSovereign1705d ago

Only decent game you listed was Forza 5, and thats being generous.

showtimefolks1705d ago

only decent game is Forza 5, dead rising 3 is alright nothing to write home about and Ryse just sucks man. get real games like Ryse shouldn't be used in the same sentence as good

Kryptix1705d ago

lol He said Lococycle was a good game...

To me, both sides were ok with their launch games, but Sony's future plan looks much more better if you're aware of the very high quality the PS3 brought in.

BIGBOSS081705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

sure PS4 launched with hardly any exclusives but that xbox one list aint too interesting either. unless your a racing fan, dead rising 3 is about the only game worth playing. powerstar golf?? wtf? well atleast exclusives mean something to xbox fans again.

insomnium21705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

"well atleast exclusives mean something to xbox fans again."

Exactly! When someone uses a game with below 50 in MC to make an argument you KNOW eclusivity is important.

Here's a question though. If PS4 becomes much more popular than xbone what will the xbox-people turn to then once the landslide of great exclusive games do hit the shelves for the PS4? If they don't even get teh zales to boast about then what?

Poor xbox-fanboys.

Gamer6661705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )


I have both consoles... There is no side worth taking because they are both corporations. I buy consoles to play games, not to rant about how great MS or Sony is.

MS has a distinct pattern. They bring out more exclusives and better exclusives at the start of the generation. And then they don't do as many exclusives at the end of the generation.

Sony is different. They don't start with strong exclusives and then they start to bring the best new IPs and exclusives at the end of the generation.

So when it comes down to a pure gaming perspective it is better to have an MS console near the start of the generation and a Sony console at the end of the generation.

Fortunately, I have both consoles all generation long. And right now committed Sony fanboys are in denial that X1 doesn't have better games because they are counting the multi-platform games on both consoles and looking forward to next year's games. infamous, FF XIV, The Order, Drive Club, etc. And MS is already strong next year as well... Titanfall, Quantum Break, Halo, Fable Legends etc. So really, it is people who are complete fanboys of one console that miss out. Not gamers who have both consoles and can enjoy the best of both worlds.

insomnium21705d ago


I don't support bad business practices.

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FluffyPeech1705d ago

I read this as "Please God Don't Let It Be A Indie (Indiana Jones) Game" to which I was about to hit disagree with the force of a thousand whip cracks, but then understood and agreed

ZombieKiller1705d ago

Dude....could you imagine an Indiana Jones game done right? It would be.....uh... Uncharted oh wait nevermind.

Haha No seriously! That would be cool. I'd like to see one if it's done right.

DigitalAnalog1705d ago

@Prodigy_X. The difference between an "indie" game and a AAA game is that one requires a publisher, the other doesn't. GTAV can be considered an "indie" game if R* self-published their title.

iceman061705d ago

Exactly!!! For all intents and purposes TitanFall was an indie title. State of Decay was an indie. Nobody complains about those indie titles. Indie, as you pointed out, is NOT about budget (though smaller devs can have those constraints) but more about whether or not the developer has a publisher.

ShutUpDonny1705d ago

I think the line between indie and AAA is getting thinner. Just look at No Man's Sky. I have never seen a game that ambitious in my life and 4 guys are making it.

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Gabenbrah1706d ago

Most likely SSM game, let's hope they don't disappoint because GoW Acension was a disappointment.

FunAndGun1705d ago

Ascension had a super fresh MP component. Not one single MP game played like Ascension did during this whole past gen. It was original and solid.

The SP had some flaws, but still better than the large majority of hack n slash games on the market.

Gabenbrah1705d ago

I found the MP very boring and dull, the SP was fun at times but I think GoW has past it's time. Time for SSM to move onto a new IP.

jetlian1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

clearly didnt play ninja gaiden 3. its was 4v4 and with the full combat of single player. Much better online than gowa

DanielGearSolid1706d ago

Dualshockers is on a roll today

twinspectre1706d ago

i keep my finger crossed , because i wish the PS4 era to be more like the old PS1 - PS2 era than the PS3 era IMO sucked a lil bit compared the old 2 consoles

sAVAge_bEaST1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

I have a feeling, when the ball gets rolling, it will be more like ps1 ps2 days.. -Time to Triangle.
Plus the lighting effects, textures, and all else 1080p. I can't wait for the future.

moparful991705d ago

Considering that Cerny detailed that they could get code up and running on the system in as little as a month and the gestation period for games on PS4 is far quicke4 than PS3 its safe to assume the high quality games will cone much sooner and more frequently.. Sony is on it this gen..