First Details of Firefly Online Emerge

TechRaptor - The all new Firefly Online, which was announced at San Diego Comic Con, has gotten some details. Browncoats, as Firefly fans are called, have been wanting some sort of Firefly news for a very long time, and may have finally gotten a way back into the world of the show. With a Firefly-themed spin being put on many standard MMO features, this game is one that everyone should keep their eye on!

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tagan8tr1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )


SynGamer1435d ago

My primary concern is they originally started this as a smartphone/tablet-focused game, and THEN added PC and Mac support, BUT, I still want me some Firefly so whatevs :D

itBourne1435d ago

Hope I am wrong, but feeling like I will be thoroughly disappointed when this comes out.

KYU21301435d ago

will their be Reavers in the black??

TechRaptor1435d ago

According to their Gameplay 101, yessir!


Embolado1435d ago

You wanna run this ship?!?

YEAH! cant.

skoorydook1435d ago

Don't mean to nit pick but wasn't that Serenity