Where Does The Wii U Fit In?

PixelGate writes:

''With the holiday season fast approaching, as well as the next generation of gaming hardware, people are digging deep into their wallets. Whether it’s parents buying for children or people buying for themselves, Christmas always marks a rise in hardware sales. The big hitters this year will undoubtedly be the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo’s 3DS/2DS. The question, however, is where does the Wii U fit in?''

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ape0071682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

secondary console next to ps4 or Xbox one

i personally see it as a must buy, who can waste Nintendo games in HD???

MRHARDON1682d ago

I think it belongs in the shovel ware department, next to the products like Sham-wow and the other TV ad crap.

dark-kyon1682d ago

no need to be so harsh,i believe when drop to 150 us is gonna be worth to many peoples.

ape0071682d ago

yeah games like Super mario 3D world, games like DK: tropical Freeze, bayonetta 2, smash bros, mario kart 8, W101

yeah all those belong to the shovel ware department

LoL such a hardcore games

thezeldadoth1682d ago

secondary gaming device next to a PC. its the ps4 and xbox one who have no real place

wonderfulmonkeyman1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Why, right next to my TV, of course, alongside the others.^_^

It's the perfect next-gen addition to the rest of my gaming console line-up from past generations; my PS3 and PS2.

So long as Wii, Wii U, and PS3 keep getting great games, indies keep churning out genius new titles, and the internet doesn't run low of its stock of all those PS2 RPG's I'm still hunting down, I'm certain I'll have enough gaming goodness to keep me swamped till the year 2017 and beyond.
And that's before considering the games coming out for the 3DS I already own, and the PS4 I'll be getting in a year or two!XD

It's a good gen to be a gamer, and the Wii U only sweetens the deal even more, for those willing to save up.

king_george1682d ago

My thoughts exactly :) wii u is gonna be just fine

Frodosmugins1682d ago

Bought most Nintendo systems over the years..
Last one I had was a Wii sold it 3 years ago..

Even though I will be getting a ps4 next year sometime I think if next gen(after this new one) Nintendo is around I will be looking to invest in them!
Il pass on WiiU for this gen!

I'm starting to miss the fun times of Nintendo days!

krazykombatant1682d ago

The console won't be a powerhouse like the other 2 platforms but it still the games being put out are still quality and look very nice in HD. Obviously, people who haven't played it still troll the comments but such is the nature of this website.

Also playing 5 minutes at GAME or Gamestop does the gamepad no justice.

josephayal1682d ago

Where Does The Wii U Fit MEH, and Meh! The wii u is my fav console

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The story is too old to be commented.