SteamOS Hardware Requirements Reveal What Kind Of Computer Will Run SteamOS In Your Living Room

GR - Looking to build a stream box? Here's what you need.

Valve posted the FAQ for SteamOS and revealed the operating system's hardware requirements, in addition to a wealth of other details about how SteamOS works on your computer, what it'll do for you now, and what to expect later as development continues.

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ftwrthtx1556d ago

Hopefully the PC Santa brings me will run all of the Steam games for at least a year.

acharlez1556d ago

Same here. I've been a very good boy.

jsslifelike1556d ago

Santa said he'd just bring me gift cards in anticipation of January's Kaveri APU release!

XiSasukeUchiha1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

The future of gaming is here with PS4 on its side while MS XB1 in the back of the pack

Irishguy951556d ago

The future of gaming is in a console that isn't even as powerful as a 2011 gaming PC?

Pff, your argument is weak. Just like the Ps4 and just like that pussy in your avatar

GeraltofRivia1556d ago

Judging from my old Gateway FX laptop with a Nvidia 8800m GTS video card and the way it ran games at 1080p I think the "next gen" consoles are more like a 6 year old re-branded decent gaming pc of that time.

Qrphe1556d ago

You're all wrong, next-gen consoles are actually 10-year old technology since Oblivion ran at 1600x1200 in 2006

You're ridiculous btw

Studio-YaMi1556d ago

So salty Irish,soooooo salty! :x

wtopez1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

That's funny. This is what you get when PS4 fanboys get cocky waving their specs d*ck on Xbox comment threads. They get cocky thinking they can punch over their weight class and then promptly get their asses handed to them when they try the same in the PC threads.

XiSasukeUchiha1556d ago

says one using Madara pic plz you're not a real uchiha GTFO

ArmrdChaos1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Why don't you "Uchihas" just LARP it out at the next Cosplay event and leave the forums for real world discussions.

Irishguy951556d ago

Real world discussions hahaha. Yes, gaming is more real than stories.

All sources of entertainment are equally just that chaos. Just sources of entertainment.

ArmrdChaos1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

I was referring to hardware specs and related information regarding steam. Since that really was what the article was about. If someone was going to start an anime spat then take it an anime forum....that's all. =]

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GeraltofRivia1556d ago

If your future means being stuck gaming at 1080p and kicking yourself in the ass when 4K displays become affordable and you can't enjoy them , I would agree the future is here with "next gen" (6 year old gaming pc) consoles.

Beastforlifenoob1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

to have a PC that can play any game at 4k will cost you about 1700 (now) I mean a GTX titan can only run battlefield 4 at 4k resolution at 22 fps THATS A FRIKIN $1000 GRAPHICS CARD (which is 2.5 times the price of a PS4 JUST FOR A GRAPHICS CARD)... Your F**** delusional if you think that 22 fps is a good framerate once youve flipped over 1700-2000 bucks... I'd rather buy a brand new Ps4 for 399 and be able to play great exclusives that PC's will never be able to get even console exclusives *cough*gtav*cough* *destiny*.... So yeah ima buy a ps4 for 399 and not hassle with it for ages because 4k on a 32" monitor will be almost indistinguishable from a 1080p 24" monitor.

So yeah also if you telling me you have a titan good luck because the only way your going to be playing 4k (for newer games coming out next year)... Then be prepared to flip another 1 grand oh and since the next titan will be probs be GDDR6 you will also have to change your MOBO,CPU AND RAM...(and since all of this hase changed probably your PSU, which makes it almost a complete overhaul)...

Also I have a pretty good gaming PC that I bought for 1700 in late 2011/early 2012 and i can easily tell you that i enjoyed my PS3 far more due to the amazing exclusives and the fact that if you play for 30 minutes the graphical differences seem less subtle...

So go ahead pay 1700-2000 dollars just for a slightly better frame-rate and resolution (and since you mentioned monitor specifically it makes almost no difference as a 1080p monitor at 24" is nearly 40/40 vision, which is the max an eye can see). So after you paid all that money learn that you dont recieve amazing games such as Killzone shadowfall, Next uncharted (confirmed), Rockstar games (i.e. GTA), destiny, infamous, driveclub, gran turismo, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Little big planet, yakuza,resitence... And many, many more...

So basically you fork out about 3-5x the value of one PS4 so that you can play at 4k (which even on a 1,000 dollar graphics card you cant) and loose a bunch of games and a more dedicated online experience, Great obviously a few more rocks rendered on the screen at a slightly higher resolution is worth all that then go ahead buy all the Pc-ness you want.

Edit Source for the titan thing

DomceM1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Did you just recommend a Titan for gaming?


Here is a hint... a 700 dollar card on that list outperforms the titan. And its from the same company.

This is why a gamer who has no idea about hardware should never post about it. You make a stupid comment and then people are going to laugh at you.

GeraltofRivia1556d ago


"So yeah ima buy a ps4 for 399 and not hassle with it for ages because 4k on a 32" monitor will be almost indistinguishable from a 1080p 24" monitor. " you could not be anymore incorrect. if you honestly don't think that 4k or 2560 X 1600 (1600p) does not look a lot better than 1080p you either have never played a pc game beyond 1080p, or you might seriously have vision problems.

guess what , when you want to change pc hardware you can easily sell your old pc hardware online.

i currently play pc games at 1600p (which looks significantly better than 10808p) i can not comment on 4k gaming as I have not tried yet however I am positive it looks incredible. high end pc hardware to run games above 1080p will cost a good amount of money. however pc games at launch or shortly after launch are usually SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper then the console versions of those same games. i have nothing against the consoles and i will probably buy a ps4 for the great exclusives.

kevnb1556d ago

A 7850 is still a good card, the ps4 isn't outdated at all yet.

someoneagain1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@ DomceM

BF4 at 4K peaks over 4GB VRAM. The 4GB 780ti's 336GB/s GDDR5 then pages to RAM, which runs at less than 30GB/s. The 6GB Titan has the upper hand in 4K, even if you don't realize it.

@ Beastforlifenoob

I like how you insinuate that a PC has to be upgraded to support the latest graphics card. That's like saying you have to upgrade your TV and couch every time you buy a new console. Since the biggest factors of game performance are the graphics card and having enough RAM, you can throw a Titan in a Q6600 from 2007 and get 95% of the performance of the latest 4770K at 4K.

DomceM1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@someone again.

Really? You are going to try and tell me that the Titan is better than 780 TI in gaming at 4K when the very graph he posted clearly shows 780 TI running with more FPS at 4K resolution.

I know VRAM can be a bottleneck at higher res. But in bf4 its clearly not the case.

Look at the chart again. blueBar. 4K res.
GTX 780 TI: 24 fps. Titan: 22 fps.

So how does titan have the advantage? and for $300 more...

someoneagain1555d ago

@ DomceM

Yes, really. The second a game goes over 4GB VRAM usage, the TI's performance will dive. It's unfortunate that it's more expensive than the TI, but it's a more well-rounded piece of hardware.

Beastforlifenoob1555d ago

by the way a diret quote from the article:
"No matter which card you pick, 3840x2160 is simply not playable."

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desertpunk861556d ago ShowReplies(1)
OverPaperSkies1556d ago

Is here with PSflaw. At 900p and 30fps.

ATiElite1556d ago


then goes back to playing Project Cars on my 4K Sony TV

kingduqc1556d ago

The future of gaming isn't a closed platform.

let that sink in, we could get a single platform for all type of gamer. That platform can be done today and only on pc. Pc can offer the controller experience, the pc experience and the streaming to a device experience already. IF console dies and all the game dev come to it gaming would jsut be better. Kinda like we don't need blu ray and hd dvd consoles need to die.

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assdan1556d ago

Damn, guess I'll have to hold out on steam os for a while.

kB01556d ago

Intel of AMD 64-bit capable processor LOL

Soo an Intel Cpu of AMD 64 bit arch...hmmm!!:P

Anyways, 500 GB? Really? That's insane! I dont have that LOL..

256 GB SSD and 128 mSata SSD.

DoctorJones1556d ago

I could buy a 2TB hard drive for just over £60 right now, hdds are cheap as chips nowadays. Sling it in next to your ssds and you'll be fine.

kB01556d ago

Unfortunately cannot:( I'm using a laptop.

My Desktop is back home and I don't know when I'll be back around prob next Aug lol:P

kB01556d ago

I dont understand the disagrees LOL I'm just stating my predicament and a typo... lol

GrilledCheeseBook1556d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Talking about this AMD-64

as opposed to this

Pretty much anything on desktop out now supports that. The hdd requirement is probably something to put it to prevent OEMs from skimping on some parts of the PC. Don't want a Windows Vista laptop with 512MB of memory again. I guess this means not to expect Roku type devices to be released with this.

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