Tretton: There's No Need for an Artificial Feeding Frenzy for the PS4

In the 101st episode of the PlayStation Blogcast (which celebrates them reaching the 100 episode mark), Sony Computer Entertainment America Boss Jack Tretton was interviewed, and he talked about PlayStation 4 stock. - PSLS

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stuna11380d ago

Shots fired! That sounded like a "Put up or shut up" type of statement!

Angels37851380d ago

Definitely shots fired.......basically "Fastest selling? Nice BS PR talk...we're kicking your @$$ and you have to lie to try and maintain a similar face"

kneon1380d ago

12,000 in 27 minutes is pretty damn fast!!

But of course the competition could just pick a time period that makes the numbers look good for them.

Eonjay1380d ago

Exactly, which is funny because Xbox isn't selling bad at all. Its hard to do so good and only be second best.

Ju1380d ago

It looks like it's even harder to admit you are second.

mikeslemonade1380d ago

In this scenario it's essentially $399.99 vs $499.99.

scott1821380d ago

You can't really beat it at the price it is, seeing it has better hardware.

Mosiac771380d ago

27,000 in a world of 7 billion is not a lot.

johndoe112111379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )


Please do not forget your common sense at home next time.

AsimLeonheart1379d ago


The whole 7 billion population does not purchases or has the power to purchase a PS4 on Amazon. By that logic any sales figure for any product is unimpressive because none has managed to sell even a fraction of the world's population. The combined global home consoles market is only about 250 million units and not 7 billion. Besides the sales figure was quoted for Amazon only, which is mostly limited to the US. That is impressive; you downplaying it does not changes the fact.

ToyboxDX1379d ago

@ mosiac77, you do know that it's just an example of a single release to Amazon at a particular time, right?

Only a MS fanboy will spin it as a negative.

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GamersHeaven1380d ago

Sonys kicking ass and taking names.

joab7771380d ago

Its good that both are selling well but 12, 000 in 27 min doesn't seem unrealistic at all. And what time slice would change giving amazon 12, 000 consoles and all of them selling out in 27 min?

The crazy thing that is slighly overlooked and that is amazing for gamers is how well PS4 has sold in the US. Japan is still waiting...its crazy. But, this means that the early install base will exist and maybe we will see some of the countlesa exclusives that come out in Japan but never in the US.

I am glad for voth companies and while I play most games on PS4 and love it, I will buy an xbone eventually and as long as both sell well and competition exists, we win with quality and exclusives. Its early and I can't wait.

Godmars2901380d ago

More like MS put their jaw out and dared MS to punch them.

gobluesamg1380d ago

Damn son! Tell 'em Jack. All this xbox sold out stuff is ridiculous. I just saw a day one edition at Walmart tonight. No PS4's of course.

Ausbo1379d ago

the question you should be asking yourself is "why am i shopping at walmart?"

LetoAtreides821379d ago

Probably because Walmart treats their workers like trash to keep prices down. That's why I shop there.

tagan8tr1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I was at Sam's club they where out of ps4 and wii u but they had xbones

USA0071379d ago

Same here, all my local gamestops have "plenty" xbones in stock, but everytime they get PS4's in, they sell out within 10 minutes of opening.

supes_241379d ago

Just got back from Sam's club and they had at least 15 Xbox Ones on the shelf and not a PS4 in sight. I could care less about the "console war" but I do care when a big company like MS lies outright to its consumers when all we have to do is walk in a store and see for ourselves they're full of it.

GrandpaSnake1380d ago

the control for your mind is easy when words can be spun around, good job sony.

thebudgetgamer1380d ago

Oh snap son, he calling somebody a liar.

Nocando1380d ago

Uh, no. Not in the least, simply tiring of this mob mentality.Trenton is obviously being guided by his PR monkeys who have thier finger on the pulse of this internet mob. Its the same lip service we heard during e3. So, the popular opinion is that MS is spinning the numbers to look better, lets go with that and take a jab.

Prime1571379d ago

They should jab away.

Stupid gimmicks like "Kinect voice control" when the only thing needed is a Mic.

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