Xbox Fitness (Xbox One) Review – Get Off Your Ass Fatty, You've Got Some Calories to Burn | COG

Fifty over at COG looks to work up a sweat from this new and exclusive Xbox One fitness feature. Click on thru for his thoughts.

"Lost amongst all of the hype around the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One is perhaps one of what I think is the most “next-gen” ideas I’ve seen on either of the two shiny consoles. It’s called Xbox Fitness and it’s “free” for the low, low price of being an Xbox Live Gold member. Fitness is one of two genres that stand out to me as being tailor made for the Kinect (the other being dance games). Xbox Fitness streams a variety of video workouts and tracks your actions with the new Kinect hardware. The result is impressive but not without its shortcomings."

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DanielGearSolid1529d ago

Im sorry but all these tv workouts are for fitness posers, wit the gym man

TRD4L1fe1529d ago

Try insanity. The gym has nothing on that workout

Qrphe1529d ago

Insanity can surely replace every workout a bodybuilder needs

bluem00se1529d ago

Insanity cannot replace any workout a bodybuilder needs. However it is an excellent program for burning fat and acquiring some lean muscle. Insanity is about getting lean and ripped. Bodybuilding generally implies getting lean, ripped, and huge, which requires a lot of heavy weight.

FITgamer1529d ago

Insanity is good if you wanna lose weight quick, but if you do that on daily basis for year your knees will hate you. Way too much jumping and bouncing around to use as an everyday workout.

SG1_dapunisherX1529d ago

daniel don't know what he talking about

Zack_attack1528d ago

Hitting the weights is irreplaceable.

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SaffronCurse1529d ago

I've been doing insanity. Much better than a gym membership imho.

chaos-lockheart1529d ago

I'm too lazy for this, had a fitness game on 360 but barely used it.

objectivePSfan1529d ago

strongly disagree with this score, it only has 1 video of each of insanity and p90x. I was under the impression the entire set would be available.

osamede11529d ago

what the. i tried insanity on the xbox fitness, the sensor does not even log me as working out for alot of the exercises...

sak5001529d ago

Are you using it in total darkness? Even it detects u using infra red if it's dark. I dont have trouble at all and i've done 2 x 10 mins workouts 3 times already and getting achievements to boot. However I still prefer gym since i'm lifting weights as well. Got my wife started on this though as she always makes excuses to go to our free gym in the apt block.

famoussasjohn1529d ago

have you calibrated your kinect? I'd try that and see if it helps.

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