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Yami from Twinfinite writes: "For this week’s Gaming Happens, I think Nintendo needs a new advertising campaign to make up for all the unsold Wii U units. This week is technically a VGAD, but it’s an idea I’ve kept in my vault for months now and I finally wanted to share it. Let me know what you think! Don’t tell me if it sucks, I know it sucks, it took me like 10 minutes in a class as a last minute homework assignment. If Nintendo would just, you know, actually advertise the Wii U and pull at the nostalgia everyone feels for them as a company, I bet they’d sell a whole lot more. Not to mention that now the Wii U actually has games worth buying the system for. (I’m still poor, though.) New Gaming Happens next Friday!"

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Lord_Sloth1827d ago

Nah. They just need to get something aside from remakes and Mario games to advertise with. I'm not saiyan that's all they have, just that it's all they market.

ShinMaster1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

They need to remember that there are older fans out there who grew up playing their systems. I played the NES since I was a kid. But after the N64, it seems like they have narrowed their focus to kids and their parents.

They should appeal to us as well, like this:
This is not me:
My purchases are not solely nostalgia fueled.

kwandar1827d ago

Can turn things that fast (nor would you want to when you have a core audience), but don't you think that Bayonetta 2, X, Deus Ex DC, and Monster Hunter 3 are at least stepping in that direction?

They put parental controls in for a reason (would be nice if they actually PASSWORD PROTECTED accounts - doh!)

ChickeyCantor1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

"This is not me: "

It's not like those parents and kids are here browsing N4G.

So why should they advertise to you? You already get all the info from places like this.

"My purchases are not solely nostalgia fueled."
That sony advertisement is full of nostalgia fuel. Bad example, buddy.

ShinMaster1827d ago

@ ChickeyCantor

While that ad is full of nostalgia, it shows that they haven't forgotten the people that have been playing for years.

ChickeyCantor1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Seriously what is this obsession with "They forgot the people". They didn't forget anything. They have always been geared towards families mainly.

And they know that people like you find your information elsewhere.

What baffles me more is that you vouch for a commercial that "appeals" to you. And if they don't, you feel "abandoned". It means absolutely nothing. Your complaint is nothing but a whine.

Meanwhile you are at N4G gathering more information on Nintendo and Games than that commercial ever could give you.

Nintendo is going to publish Bayonetta 2 and Project X. What is your next excuse?

Here is the irony of it all:

" I played the NES since I was a kid."

[AS A KID]. And yet you complain that they continue their focus on kids/families. It's like asking them to put a gun in Marios hand because you grew up. What the diddly-fiddly F.

ShinMaster1826d ago

@ ChickeyCantor

Oh so you're one of those people who use the "Mario with guns" argument.
Third-party support is at its lowest on Nintendo home consoles. They used to be at the top of the game. Also, you know they also have franchises more mature than Mario, right? I'm not asking them to give Mario guns, even if they refuse to add any more depth.

So you have no problem with people saying that Nintendo is for kids then.

ChickeyCantor1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

"Oh so you're one of those people who use the "Mario with guns" argument. "

No I'm one of those people who doesn't whine and cry about how Nintendo is using their key/core-franchises over the last 30 years because it sells. And then pretend they have "changed" and "abandoned" their "fans". They catered to families as well as gamers who want more depth. ( Metroid, F-zero, Eternal Darkness say hi). It's the same stuck up Nintendo. It's mostly a hit and miss with them. And the negative baggage they get from the media isn't exactly doing much good for them either. ( like claiming how they have "abandoned" you)

"Also, you know they also have franchises more mature than Mario, right? "

Way to contradict yourself. It's you who said they narrowed it to kids and their parents. Who ever said those other franchises are not down the production pipeline? We could very well get a Metroid game, or a new F-zero ( GX could easily get pretty hard ). And now they are publishing two games ( bayonetta and X ) and you still complain that they are just aiming at kids.

"So you have no problem with people saying that Nintendo is for kids then."

Nintendo mainly aims at everyone, that's what a friendly environment is. Just because it is friendly doesn't mean they just aim at kids. I enjoy Mario or Zelda games, that makes me a 5 year old?

The fact they are funding bayonetta and project X shows that they are aiming at a larger market.

I'm not sure how you are missing the logic here. Mind you I said "Mainly". Does not mean exclusion to E-rated games like Mario or Animal crossing ( which is widely played by 20+ year olds.)

ShinMaster1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

""Metroid, F-zero, Eternal Darkness say hi""

...Uhh, that's exactly what I meant by "you know they also have franchises more mature than Mario, right?" and "more depth".

Eternal Darkness came and went with the GameCube and sequels were cancelled.
F-Zero has been abandoned since the GameCube. Where's StarFox?
I'm still waiting for a Metroid announcement.

* They do focus too much on the younger crowd. Being a kid or family friendly environment doesn't mean they're really focusing on everyone. Just because they throw money at 1 or 2 more mature games ON THE SIDE doesn't mean that they're part of their focus. Just look at how they market themselves.

* It's just not enough for everyone to go out and buy a Wii U.
You probably won't like this, but a PlayStation console is a lot more focused on everyone. Wheyn you have games like LBP outsell Skyward Sword, that should tell you something.
And no, playing Mario doesn't make you a 5 year old any more than me playing Mario or Pokemon or LBP or Ni No Kuni or Ratchet & Clank or Kirby or Katamari. That's not the point.

[I get a better challenge and better sense of accomplishment when playing older Mario games than 3D Land or 3D World. They're too easy and feel less rewarding IMO. Just wanted to throw that out there.]

* They're strategy may have worked for the Wii because they had the right novelty at the right time and marketed to the right people, but it's not gonna work for the Wii U anymore.

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iplay1up21827d ago

What? That's all they market? Common what about Just Dance 14? GOTY right there Baby.

Just Kidding, I have to say I have not seen one WWHD commercial, back at launch I never saw a Zombi U commercial. Hell at launch I did not even see any commercials. I just do not get it. Nintendo should have been doing marketing blitzes for the past 6 months. The reason I say 6 months, is because that is when the games were finally coming out for Wii U and there were enough out that it was worth the investment.

Dunban671827d ago

great idea to market the wii u-

it amazes me how poorly Nintendo has handled the console- its as if it was bothersome to them and they just want it to go away-

If they actually give a damn about it though they should use your idea and other creative/effective marketing- they should probably just hire you but they don t seem to be that competent right now

Ketzicorn1827d ago

They really took a huge misstep with the Wii U from everything to system design Being so similar to the Wii to being underpowered to there marketing of the system everything has just seemed off and its sad because they do offer some solid games and I actually liked the tablet controller. They really missed what the gaming and multimedia market wanted which is evideced by the PS4 and X1 selling like they have. They really need to overhaul what there doing or they will be out of home consoles because they really need the 3rd party support as any home console does and start varying there first parties like bringing back Star Fox and F-Zero while trying some new ips.

DealWithIt1827d ago

Lol....exactly my thought. This is nothing new, Sony has already done this "nostalgia rules" ad campaign, and they have done it VERY well.

DanielGearSolid1827d ago

The fact is nostalgia isnt a system seller...

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