Alex Gustafsson Beats GSP in Cover Vote for EA Sports UFC

Hardcore Gamer: Along with Jon “Bones” Jones, Alex Gustafsson has been cast as the second fighter to appear on the cover of EA Sports UFC. This was a tough battle through many fighters, but Alex has defeated GSP in the final round of user voting.

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ChaosKnight1463d ago

Will we ever see a woman on a UFC cover?

GamerEuphoria1463d ago

Probably, first all female TUF is in the works and the division is growing in size.

HighResHero1463d ago

Maybe after the division has been around long enough and promoted enough to gain a bit more legitimacy.

PoSTedUP1462d ago

gsp is my fav. havent watched ufc in the longest ive never heard of alex gustafsson. doubt we will have a girl fighter on the cover. is their even a womans UFC divsion? im pretty sure WEC has one, i could be mistaken. i gotta get back to boxing one of these days, im getting so out of shape.

cell9891462d ago

If you didn't know who Gus is you've been missing in a lot of action, GSP retired just yesterday by the way

PoSTedUP1462d ago

yeah, i have. havent watched since ufc 100 (uk vs usa) besides the occational fights i see at the bar. thanks for the info bro, that sucks, ill catch a lot of his fights on youtube that ive missed. i like boxing as well, love watching both, but physically rather box, just a past time for me.

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SwordandShield1463d ago

Well deserved. We need a Jones & Gustafsson rematch.

LOGICWINS1463d ago

Even though I think the people who said Gustafsson won need their eyes checked, he showed that Jones isn't unbeatable. That alone warrants a rematch.

SwordandShield1463d ago

I disagree. I thought Gustafsson won the fight. Jones was in way worse shape than Gustafsson after the fight. Jones should have gave him an immediate rematch instead of choosing to fight Teixeira.

LOGICWINS1463d ago

Yes, Jones was dealt more damage. But thats not how a fights scored...initially. It's based on volume of activity. Volume then equates to points. IF the round is close, then damage comes into play. Jones simply landed more and won 3-2.

Gustaffson is a hell of a fighter, but he needed to evade Jones' elbows and kicks more if he wanted to win.

kevnb1463d ago

Fights are scored one round at a time, not as a whole.

Benchm4rk1463d ago

Finally someone who seems to understand. Damage dont win fights. If damage won fights Gray maynard would of been LW champ in his first title fight with edgar. You could absolutely demolish a guy in 1 round but if you gas and he outstrikes and or wrestles you for the next 2 or 4 rounds does that mean you win the fight. No it doesnt.

BX811462d ago

bones is walking around with Gus's belt the same as Gsp was walking around with hendrick's belt.

insomnium21462d ago

You have to beat the champ to be the champ. Johny Hendricks s a prime example. You have to KO or TKO a champ to become one.

cell9891462d ago

I disagree, Jones lost that fight. Gus brought the fight to him and had it not been for that forsaken spinning back elbow he kept trying that finally landed on the 4th round, the fight would have been one sided. That's why Jones did not want the rematch

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a08andan1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Mmm I like! <3 /End gayness.

On topic, can't they have more than one person on the cover?

Edit: Ah, they will both be a part of the cover art :D win win!

DanielGearSolid1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Did yall forget wat EA did to yall wit NBA Live

Ares84HU1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I would just give you a disagree purely based on the fact that you use "yall" and use it repeatedly.

Also, it's "with" and "what". You are missing the "h" in both words. No, it doesn't make you look cool to type like this and before you say that you want to type fast; an extra letter takes less than a second to type.

People should seriously learn to talk. English isn't even my first language but when I see people bastardize the language like this, it even makes my blood boil.

On topic: Great choice! Can't wait to see what it looks like on next gen systems.

DanielGearSolid1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Thank you for showing me the error of my ways Oh Great One.

One small thing Great One, ppl should "learn how to type" would be the correct term. If you really wanna get technical, it would actually be "learn to speak properly" but its ok Great One. You're so high and mighty you can decide wat makes ppl look cool or not right, so we can just sweep that one under the rug... OH GREAT ONE

Ares84HU1462d ago

You are welcome little one!

No_Pantaloons1463d ago

The voting was pointless. They already picked jones then allowed the public to choose the 2nd person, no one else would have made any sense, so it's not surprising gus got the spot.
I really like gus btw, just saying it would have been completely different had they allowed voting for both spots on the cover. But then the ufc has always been shameless about who they force into the spotlight.

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