‘Destiny’ design director explains why game can’t be compared to MMOs

Bungie's Jason Jones has provided some comments in regards to comparing his upcoming project, “Destiny,” to massively multiplayer online games.

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1707d ago
KingDadXVI1707d ago

I can't wait to play this game.

P0werVR1706d ago

What's wrong with just calling it an Multiplayer Online games. Simply take out massive and there you have a new genre.

In this case, Multiplayer Online FPS.

ATi_Elite1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Sorry Bungie but your Destiny Game is just like a few other MMO's out there.

1. MMO = Massive Multiplayer Online and it can be ANY Genre.

2. Destiny is a Action Role Playing FPS MMO

Sounds a WHOLE lot like FIREFALL (OMG my Avatar) made by Red 5 Dev team and I have been playing for it months in the alpha/beta so I have NO idea how Bungie thinks Destiny is different when it's NOT.

Firefall is a MMO-RPG FPS or TPS shooter YOUR CHOICE, it has crafting and the PvP mode is a eSport

3. I can toss in Survarium MMO-RPG-FPS-Survival but actually Survarium is way more complex than Destiny as it stands.

I know Bungie have been busy with Destiny but sorry, your New MMO is NOT a new Genre.

Destiny looks good and the first game in mind I'm gonna compare it to is FIREFALL! Apple to Apple Bungie.

Firefall is so awesome!

henr0s1707d ago

So pretty much you haven't played the game, just read a few articles, and you're disagreeing with the lead designer on what he is saying the game is? That's just ridiculously stupid. If they say it's not MMO it's not, considering they're the ones deciding what the game turns out to be...

ATi_Elite1707d ago

Have I played Destiny? NO!

But have I read and watched every every piece of Media that Bungie has released? YES

and going solely by what Bungie has presented Destiny is just like FIREFALL!

Destiny is NOT a brand new genre or some brand new idea.

So my problem is what the Bungie Dev says and what they actually have presented and so far Destiny is just like other MMO's out there. Bungie doesn't want to use the TERM MMO because it's not a popular term with consolers who view every MMO as being World of Warcraft.

So yeah I'm challenging the Dev by what he is saying by what he has actually presented.

So YOU can FEEL free to blindly believe the Dev like a FOOL which is why you pay to play MP online like a FOOL but I like to challenge things maybe because I'm a PC Gamer and we have voices.

Sorry but some console Dev is not just gonna tell me what the definition of a MMO is when the definition is written in STONE!

JunoDivided1707d ago

Except its not massive multiplayer its connected online single player AND multiplayer that a lot of games are going this gen (The Division for example)

Roccetarius1707d ago

Just to point something out, it's Massive(ly). :)

And i definitely wouldn't class it as an MMO. Think of it like Guild Wars. It's more of a Single Player game, but with added co-operative gameplay.

webeblazing1707d ago

lol destiny and division are MMOs I know they're tryna say its new because the consoles kids will try to hate on it if they said it. This had been done like ATI said its not new even if its focused on small encounters its still the same concept

linkenski1706d ago

I agree because I think Destiniy looks like a bigger-scale version of Borderlands. I'm not excited at all.

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Scatpants1707d ago

This game looks great I just hope its something more than Borderlands with better graphics.

kevnb1707d ago

Bungie hasn't made a good campaign since halo ce... I'm skeptical at best of what they can do with destiny.

bocajbee1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )


You obviously missed Halo 3 ODST.

The others were decent too, but compared to Halo CE and ODST they fall kind of flat.

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