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Microsoft To Bring “Beloved Franchise” to PC with New Game, Cloud Will Be Central to the Experience

Microsoft Game Studios are working to bringing a "beloved franchise" to Windows 8, as specified by a career opportunity ad. (Microsoft, PC)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   630d ago
Hmmm interesting for sure
Christopher  +   630d ago
So, locking out Win7 already?

Completely unnecessary.
cesuf  +   630d ago
Releasing a game to win8 is not locking out win7. Overreact much?

And if said game relies on some form of cloud use, then obviously it is necessary.
Sarobi  +   630d ago
I heard they were planning on pulling Windows 7 from store shelves soon.. so I wouldn't be surprised if they were locking it out.
nypifisel  +   630d ago

Then you're wrongly informed cause MS just announced they would prolong the sale of W7
rdgneoz3  +   630d ago
@cesuf So at the moment, Windows 7 users can't play any MMOs, Diablo 3, or last Sim City game (which with the "power of the cloud" crashed and burned horribly at the start)? Saying "the cloud" is basically a new way of saying it has dedicated servers or has to always be connected online to play.
Christopher  +   630d ago
***Releasing a game to win8 is not locking out win7. Overreact much?***

You might want to read what the position required:

"Microsoft Game Studios is looking for a senior engineer with services development experience to join our team and help us build a new title based on a beloved franchise for Windows 8."

For windows 8.... That means exactly that... Just for Windows 8. At no point did they say "For Windows OS with a focus on Windows 8" or anything of the like.
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rainslacker  +   630d ago
This game will likely be a year or two out if they are just now looking for senior engineers. By then I'm sure Windows 7 will be phased out.
Christopher  +   630d ago
***By then I'm sure Windows 7 will be phased out.***

Not at all likely.


Windows 8 would have to see an unprecedented growth. Even then, at least 25% of the market will still be using Win7 (more than likely closer to 40%).

This is purely Microsoft forcing Windows 8 on people since the adoption rate for it has been abysmal in comparison to other Windows OS releases.
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Letros  +   629d ago
Likely for purchase through the W8 store, Project Spark/Halo:SA is W8 only and it'll work that way going forward. People complained that there's no real reason to upgrade to W8, well they listened lol. Also DX11.2 is W8 only, when tiled resources become widely used on X1, it'll translate to PC.
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rainslacker  +   629d ago
I'm sure. What I meant though is that in 2 years or so, MS will start phasing out support for Windows 7. I doubt MS wants to support another OS for the long term like they did XP. But even with XP, their software support not related to the OS itself eventually dried up. It is a way to force obsolescence though, which is what you are saying.

At this point though, it's likely the game is being designed around some feature of Windows 8. The only real difference between 7 and 8 though is the Metro UI and the way they handle apps/programs, along with some memory management stuff.
Christopher  +   629d ago
***Likely for purchase through the W8 store, Project Spark/Halo:SA is W8 only and it'll work that way going forward.***

Yes, and it's only being done to force people to upgrade to their latest and greatest. No other reason since DX 11.1 can be put out on Win7. They both use the same framework and there is zero reason the can't put it out other than they want people to use Win8 and force people to use the Win8 storefront (they want to turn PCs into closed OS systems like iOS and Android) so they can get a cut of everything sold on PC.

See why Gabe Newell is so angry with Win8 and Microsoft.

*** I doubt MS wants to support another OS for the long term like they did XP.***

Microsoft's license agreement says they will support each OS release for a minimum of 10 years.

***At this point though, it's likely the game is being designed around some feature of Windows 8.***

The _only_ feature in Win8 that can't be in Win7 is the tiles UI. Otherwise, they are holding back on Win7 to force upgrades.
Gamer1982  +   630d ago
Hmm indeed everybody thought this game was a new xbone game..
DeadlyFire  +   630d ago
It could be a Xbone/PC game. I think Fable is one that should be considered. When I think of beloved franchise from Microsoft I see only Fable and Halo. Considering the new Fable will be getting episodic like content over the whole generation of Xbone. It could be coming to PC as well. It utilizes cloud tech.
DOMination-  +   630d ago
If its pc then I'm guessing age of empires is the most likely fit
Gabenbrah  +   630d ago
Halo F2P is my guess, there's been so much evidence to put to that.
Thank god the cloud is not exclusive... lol


Nah xbox will still be here. But my ps4 will be next to my pc nov 2014..

If they are making it for win8(low selling OS) it's probably another small game like that halo thing.

I want Quantum break on pc so we can play it at it's highest potential.
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ShinMaster  +   630d ago
Looks like Microsoft is starting moving back to PC.
This might be the beginning of the end of Xbox.

...but probably not
wtopez  +   630d ago
Bring all the AAA Xbox titles to PC please. I would love to see all the 360 Halos on PC with updated graphics. And all the Gears (even Judgement- I actually really enjoyed it). Let's start with Dead Rising 3 please and thank you.
MegaRay  +   630d ago
Just cancel x1 and put all game in PC. Everyone has a pc so its a win-win
Mystogan  +   630d ago
memots  +   630d ago
Yup I would love Forza on Pc, I'm sure the mods for it could make it pretty epic
gamernova  +   630d ago
So PC is getting this infamous cloud too? Whatever. Anything added to PC is better for PC gamers and as a PC gamer I am all for more.
ShinMaster  +   630d ago
Looks like Microsoft is moving back to PC.

This might be the beginning of the end of Xbox.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   630d ago
Microsoft has always supported the PC. This is in no way an indication that it is the beginning of the end for Xbox.
ShinMaster  +   630d ago
They wouldn't be admitting to stuff like this if it wasn't true:
"we’ve lost our way a bit in supporting Windows games"

Heck, you haven't gotten a Halo game on PC since the second one.
PixelNinja  +   630d ago
Or.. maybe it's because windows is owned by Microsoft and they need to bring content out for that platform so they don't alienate their community.
ShinMaster  +   630d ago
Also because it's more profitable than Xbox.
BitbyDeath  +   630d ago
It's likely a move to combat steam.
Steam Consoles are going to become a big issue for Windows in the near future as Valve are trying to get Windows gamers (and devs) to switch over to Linux.
Blank  +   630d ago
My exact thoughts as well its a shame they pretty much had the pc gaming market to themselves in many times but they just didnt bother too mucb now that steam is picking up momentum they want to focus on pc gaming this also reminds me of the windows smartphone os before the metro ui came in they had that market but didnt focus it took apple and google to get them moving
JasonKCK  +   630d ago
ShinMaster "Windows"
ShinMaster  +   630d ago
What about it?
PixelNinja  +   630d ago
Isn't it obvious guys? If there bringing a one of their IPs to PC it has to be the one and only Age of Empires.
aquamala  +   630d ago
they are bringing a PC franchise to PC?
RedDevils  +   630d ago
Genius eh? LMAO
OrangePowerz  +   630d ago
Windows 8? Thanks I pass.
NarooN  +   630d ago
Win 8 isn't really that bad once you get past the Metro crap.
RedDevils  +   630d ago
and it's still "crap"
NarooN  +   630d ago
Win 8 is nothing more than a slightly faster version of Win 7. It's not really crap, the worst part about it is Metro, and you can easily get rid of it constantly intruding on you all the time.

It's the same as all the drones harping on about how bad Vista was, when in reality Vista was only bad when it first came out. After SP1, Vista was clearly decent.
Seafort  +   630d ago
It's a Windows 8 exclusive so they ain't bringing anything back to PC gaming.

Most PC gamers are using Windows 7 so this is just MS trying to get more market share for Windows 8. Nothing to do with coming back to PC.

And btw MS stopped supporting PC gaming when they launched the original Xbox. They have been nothing but hostile to PC gaming since.
FragMnTagM  +   630d ago
I game on a Windows 8 PC and I know a lot of people that do as well.

You get performance increases and faster loading times. Windows 7 was/is great, but I will stick with Win 8 for gaming.

From Steam hardware survey:

Windows 7 64 bit

Windows 7

Windows 8 64 bit

Windows XP 32 bit

Windows 8.1 64 bit

Windows Vista 64 bit

Windows Vista 32 bit

Windows 8

Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit

Windows XP 64 bit

Windows 8.1

Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS 64 bit

Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit

Linux 64 bit

Linux Mint 15 Olivia 64 bit

Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS

Ubuntu 13.10


Windows 7 is the most popular for sure, but Windows 8 has a decent percentage too.

If you add up the different version of Windows 8, it comes to 19.15%. So almost 20% of computers that run steam and have taken the hardware survey use it.

Windows 7 will not be supported forever, eventually people will have to switch to a newer operating system.

If Steam OS turns out the way they want it to, I will be switching to that for gaming.
memots  +   630d ago
I will eventually switch to 8.1 just waiting for all the beta testing to be done :)
stuna1  +   630d ago
Thank you! Someone who understands this! Microsoft alienated PC gamers a long time ago! Steam has been the go to source for how long!? Like someone said above, Microsoft is just trying to market Windows 8.
timotim  +   630d ago
Steam on Windows is the source you're talking about?
Grave  +   630d ago
I'm just glad they got rid of GFWL.
Somebody  +   630d ago
What happens to the GFWL games that doesn't have any studios left?
Grave  +   630d ago
That's a really good question.
Moncole  +   630d ago
I wonder if they will bring their old xbox and 360 games to PC so they will always be around so people can play them again.
CanadianTurtle  +   630d ago
Beloved eh? Honestly, the only thing I can think of is Halo, that's pretty much all they have when it comes to "beloved"
Dante81  +   630d ago
Personally, I'd take Forza.
memots  +   630d ago
Yes please !
Mystogan  +   630d ago
It's probably Age of Empires or Black and White.
zaz12  +   630d ago
I think it's Age of Empires
IaMs12  +   630d ago
If they started releasing some old 360 exculsive games remastered for PC they could make some serious revenue. I would buy it to play Halo 3-4 on the PC, especially Halo Wars. Oh they have to bring the Coop element too, thats a must haha.
Jovanian  +   630d ago
More PC love out of a result of declining sales on the console market?

I consider that a win. You do us right we do you right, microsoft
allgamespc2012  +   630d ago
we all know its Halo 3, already been leaked onto steam database registry.
Gigaguy77  +   630d ago
Halo 1/2/3
vitullo31  +   630d ago
Halo 4 on pc would be awesome
XboxFun  +   630d ago
Age of Empires! You heard it here first!
ninjahunter  +   630d ago
Oh great... Cloud... Im pretty sure every instance of cloud gaming beyond backing up your save files has been a disaster.
--bienio--  +   630d ago
Dead rising 3 and quentum break please😃

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