The Xbox One Game That Will Make It Feel Like You're Touching Your TV

Evan Narcisse wrote: "This week, I played a game that felt like the lovechild of an SNES platformer and a touchscreen puzzle-solving title. Where's this cute and wonky hybrid showing up? Why, the Xbox One, of course."

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XiSasukeUchiha1558d ago

Wow that nostalgic i might well try this

JokesOnYou1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I'm not really into indie games, many times the simple gameplay and generic looks bore me, most of the time I think they are over - hype due to nostalgia or wanting new devs to be successful....that's cool but gaming has evolved for a reason. It's hard though because indie games are real big hits or misses for me, I love 'em (a few) or hate 'em (most) but I never have a solid opinion until I play 'em.

That said there are a rare few indie games I enjoyed alot last gen. If there's a demo and its great then I'll pick this one up.

DCfan1558d ago

First time i agree with you.

Grave1558d ago

That sounds dirty ... and I like it!

GusBricker1558d ago

Nice! I thought it was for the 360 only.