Xbox One Available on Amazon, PS4 is Not

Following Microsoft and Sony's high-selling console launches, Xbox One consoles are available now on Amazon, while the PlayStation 4 remains sold out.

The Xbox One will be stocked on December 21, according to Amazon, while no date is given for any additional PS4 bundles.

According to a recent NPD report, last month marked the best November ever for hardware sales. The new console launches are largely responsible, although strong Nintendo 3DS sales were cited as well, having increased "by 15 percent year-to-date through November."

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SG1_dapunisherX1830d ago

sony is selling, xbox selling i just hope wii u make a great comeback

NatureOfLogic1830d ago

PS4 is selling more than Xbox One(not changing anytime soon). WiiU is selling at Gamecube rate. We already know all of this.

Lalanana1830d ago

Xbox one is selling.. Ps4 is not selling in America because of no supplies.. Sony is trying to do too much all at once..too many countries at once.. Now many people here in US can't find a ps4 pathetic sony..

pompombrum1830d ago

^^^ It's pathetic that Sony are trying to get the console out to as many countries as possible? You must work for Microsoft to think that.

Being honest though, Sony's strategy is nothing but Microsoft's gain. If they focus their supply on the two regions that they care about the most, it will allow them to bridge whatever gap Sony had hoped to gain on those regions.

Pogmathoin1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I do agree that Sony tried to hit too many territories at once, might not have been wise. Each country they released in will see significant shortages for a while possibly. But compared to last gen, the amount sold by both is incredible.

Edit: again for those in Ontario, keep checking shoppers drugmart, they do not request amounts, they just given a few roughly every week or two. Nobody associates this store, like Boots in UK, with Consoles. My sis in law is branch Manager at one, her store may only get 3,4 at a time, but makes some phone calls to let people know. Skywalker below, you maybe telling the truth, especially in small towns, but its bad for you here to say PS4 on shelves.... Rabid fleas will turn on you...

GamerXD1830d ago Show
TheFallenAngel1830d ago

So Sony is in the wrong for supplying many more countries than xbox? That's dumb. Sony saw the opportunity and they executed it. Now the xbone will have a harder time getting that market share. Hell its already having a hard time trying to keep up with the ps4.

JokesOnYou1830d ago

Yeah gamers are buying lots of X1's, folks see alot of value even at a higher price and X1 selling out everywhere, micro is doing a helluva job re stocking,'s going to be huge sales for X1 in December. I'm even a bit surprised I always expected X1 to win in the long run in the US but I thought it would pick up steam after a few months and catch ps4, but looks like it's going to be #1 in the US alot sooner than I thought.

Good job microsoft.

Magicite1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Pathetic birdie Lalanana chirping again.

P.S. Well done, Jokes, you know how to keep level of delusion high.

nypifisel1830d ago


That's a gross misunderstanding of the situation. PS4 just sells out, Xbox One doesn't. Tretton himself said that the last stock of 12.000 consoles Amazon got were all gone within 27 mins.

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RedDevils1830d ago

Lol @Joke you should rename to clown

scott1821830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

The problem is, no matter how many consoles Sony makes they sell out in hours or even minutes. They made the more powerful console at a lower price. Once we see true sales numbers from unbiased sources we will see how well they really sell.

Jamaicangmr1830d ago

@ Lalanana

Spoken like a true Murican. Smh! Keep it up, you paint a lovely picture.

PeaSFor1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

The truth is, Amazon have PS4s in sto....ANNDDD its gone.

better luck next time, meanwhile stocks of xbox one doesn't fly off the shelves and its well known.

Bigpappy1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Disagree. Sony has a supply problem in a lot of areas. M$ strategy in the N.A. is brilliant. They are making sure to play to their strength. If M$ ends up with a significant lead in the N.A, if is going to be very difficult for Sony to over come.

When people buy one console they are typically not in any rush to get another and sometimes don't even bother. Being strongest in the biggest market is important to getting support for the excusive system features they want to highlight. They will have a good enough presence in Europe to be relevant there also, but N.A is key for them as that is where they have the high attach rate and live subscription. Money made of total consoles sold in chicken feed when compared billions in profit from subscription and software sales. Supply constraints only work to create more demand when you are the only player releasing a new console, but parents and love ones are out there looking for a Christmas gift right now for little Johnny. M$ is wise to be well stocked where they can sell boatloads at a time. Price point is not a factor if the cheaper one is no where to be found.

PeaSFor1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Amazon sold 12,000 PS4 units in 27 minutes during a restock last week
That is around...... 7 consoles per second.

its awesome for MS to have a lot of unsold stock, but in the end of the day if you want a ps4, you aint gonna spend 100$ more toward the xbox only because its available everywhere.

and sadly for MS, unlike last gen, this time they doesn't have a full year to sell their product in a hungry market against no competitor, the simple fact that Sony have launched their console in the same period of time in NA will blatantly pull the rug from under MS feets...even IN THEIR "TERRITORY".

Unreal011830d ago

Hahaha look at JokesOnYou's bubbles. How on earth did that happen?!

headblackman1830d ago

just because ps4 is out of stock at a store and the xbox one is in stock at the store doesn't mean that the ps4 is outselling the xbox one. that could just mean that sony is limited on the units that they have to ship and microsoft does.

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AceBlazer131830d ago

@trollalana 100000 sold in multiple countries is equal to if not better than 100000 sold in 1.

ThePope1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

No its not. If the One coutry buys more games, apps, and DLC its better than selling to a country that cant afford as much. Becasue publishers target the countries that spend money.

christocolus1830d ago

Im glad they both selling really well.....xbx one sales still surprise me though. Never thought it would sell this good.

LetoAtreides821830d ago

I was at a very busy Walmart yesterday afternoon in Chicopee, Massachusetts and they had three Xbox One boxes, no PS4s.

amiga-man1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

PS4s are hard to come by they are pretty much none existent in the shops here in Britain Sony just cant keep up with demand which shows little sign of abating,

the same is not true for the xbox which is already becoming more easily available in fact my search here in England for a PS4 was fruitless but I did have some shops point out they had the xbox even though I didn't ask or was looking for them, I have no idea how much lead the PS4 will build over the coming months but one thing that seems obvious to anyone the PS4 is the system currently in demand.

I will add I now have a PS4 but only because my wife paid Game over the odds for a bundle containing games and accessories I had no interest in but even they are long gone, good luck hunting a PS4 down before christmas, as new supplies come available you might get lucky.

Fingers crossed for ya.

TruthInsider 1830d ago

Same, i got mine from GAME - £629!

It did come with:
Extra controller
1 year PS+
Killzone SF
COD Ghosts
Wolverine Blu ray
Despicable Me 2 Blu ray
Pacific Rim Blu ray

So in actual fact, i saved about £70 (if i wanted the Blu-rays too, which i didn't)

So happy i got one, although i haven't turned it on for 3 days as i'm playing GT6!

Grrrr PD/Sony :-D

Skywalker3331830d ago

thats weird, i've found many ps4s in Argos and many small stores in Bath and Bristol. It may have to do that big gaming chains sold out all their 1st month stock in advance. just look arround, u can find ps4 and x1 easily ;)

Volkama1830d ago

It wont build a lead at all if it is not available....

At this point the only people that should be glad PS4s are not on store shelves are Microsoft and Nintendo.

VforVideogames1830d ago

same here in Yuba California no ps4 but like 4 XB1s is that a bad or a good thing?

Sci0n1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

wow small world because I know Yuba City too, its near Marysville, Chico and Oroville in northern cal! Small world! I moved west from Boston too northern cal.

Sci0n1830d ago

Nice I know chicopee its not far from holyoke or springfield, I am from boston but moved west. Its pretty much been that way at all the retail stores I been too in the passed few weeks except some stores had more then 3 xbox ones and all had no PS4's.

PR_FROM_OHIO1830d ago

Thursday at work i sold about 8-9 PS4's in about 3hrs an 1 XBOXONE

ThePope1830d ago

Chevrolet sells a lot more cars per hour than Lexus. Does that make Chevrolet a better car?

SpinalRemains1381830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

You got it backward.

PS4 is selling more because its better.

Xbox One is a Lexus when I'm a professional baseball player.

That's the thing about analogies. You have to provide equal footing. You don't just use hyperbole to support your point. That's not correct. No soup for you!

slimeybrainboy1830d ago

Did he say PS4 was better? He just gave some insight into his tiny portion of what's selling.

He wasn't claiming to be the omniscient messiah. You're very defensive dude

RedDevils1830d ago

The different is, X1 is not better it just cost more

PR_FROM_OHIO1829d ago

Funny thing is LEXUS cars are overpriced garbage!! lol but ok the fact is PS4 is outselling the 1.

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1830d ago
Hellsvacancy1830d ago

In the UK, my (older) sister walked in to Comet and bought her husband a Xbox1, she said she literally walked in, asked some dude about XB's and he went and got one

She said the only trouble she had with the entire process was when it came to setting up the wireless network, too many options she said, took her 45 minutes

I tried to persuade her to buy a PS4, my brother in-law's not really a gamer, hasn't gamed in years, he saw a trailer for Ryse Son Of Rome and was sold apparently

Chris121830d ago

I smell BS. There aren't too many options, just select your network, type in your password and that's it. No different to any other wireless device. Your Sony fanboyism is embellishing your story perfectly. Well done

Hellsvacancy1830d ago

I'll get a picture if you want, she said she got lost with the network setting because she didn't know what type of network she had

RedDevils1830d ago

I think the girl is slow on the tech stuff

Ashby_JC1830d ago

So because a casual gamer wanted...Ryse and needed a specific system to get said game...and his non gaming sister couldn't set up the wireless.

The story is BS? What makes it hard to believe?

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Gambloid1830d ago

Comet closed down December 2012.....

Chris121830d ago

That's right, it did. Look at all my negatives for calling him out, now proved to be a liar. Only on N4G!

TruthInsider 1830d ago

LoL that's funny, i'm a PS fan but thats just sad making up lies like that !

SpinalRemains1381830d ago

That's sad.

Inventing an entire scenario with family characters and all. Lol

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Gabenbrah1830d ago

All you do is select your wireless network and enter password... Same as connecting to any other network...

Chris121830d ago

I said that, but the Sony Ponies are out in force today. Then Comet turned into Currys. This site has turned into a joke with this supposed console war.

ltachiUchiha1830d ago


Maybe if u stopped trying to be a detective & call everyone out who u think is bull sh*tting, u wouldn't get so many disagrees. I find those who try an be "Mr Know It All" to be more annoying then fanboys. Take a chill pill mate and let the fanboys be.

Hellsvacancy1830d ago

In the UK Comet and Currys are exactly the same shop, it was an easy mistake to make

Surely if I was going to lie I would try and lie in my favour, by saying something like "me and my sister bought PS4s"

I've not even got a next gen console yet

gamer20131830d ago

Hey, Xb1 has the games casuals want apparently. Wait until Titanfall launches!

ThePope1830d ago

Sounds like her fault not the Xbox's. Which is fine, but its not what your saying.

sak5001830d ago

This site's a joke with 8~10 bubbles $ony nominated members thronging in every MS articles.

Here comes the delusional low selfesteem sdf guys trying desperately to downplay the competition and raise teh status of their almight sony empire. They can't even afford ps2 let alone ps3 or ps4. ONly thing making them feel alive is by praising their lord sony's creations. I paid $870 to pick up day one edition here in dubai and it's now so short in supply it's raised to 990$. PS4 price started from $780 to now to $650. It's available everywhere. Even the regular xb1 price is about $730.

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