Dead Rising 3 "Operation Broken Eagle" DLC Coming Soon

Junkie Monkeys: Santa is coming with the first Dead Rising 3 DLC expansion! If you thought you were done adventuring in the world of Dead Rising 3, you're sadly mistaken.

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Pogmathoin1557d ago

At last minute, switched from this to BF4 when picking up X1. While BF4 is fine, think I should have got this....

infectedaztec1556d ago

Try out the demo. Its only E60 if you want it.

looks great though. If I pick up another game before titanfall itll be this

Septic1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Is the demo up?

infectedaztec1556d ago

Yup. 8gigs though...prob the whole game

GusBricker1557d ago

I hope one mission = equivalent to 1 story chapter.

Ashby_JC1557d ago

They already have the season pass available to purchase on the XB1 store. I have it pinned and may purchase it. I will wait to see how many hours its estimated to be. 4 Hours would be nice and worth $10.

mhunterjr1556d ago

Does it say how many expansions there will be? If this one turns out to be substantial and they plan to have 3 or more , I might get the season pass.

Ashby_JC1556d ago

Looks like four.

I don't know if you played the game yet. But one of the characters is the biker gang leader you encounter early in the game.

jeromeface1556d ago

Of course there's "milk your debit card content coming soon" this is a M$ exclusive.... expect to pay 180 for a game in the end instead of 60.

Ashby_JC1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

The full game is more then worth $60.

There are other games you can paint with this negative. But dead rising 3 is not one of them .

Let me ask you have you played or even own dead rising 3?