Nintendo Renews Trademark For Metroid Prime

Nintendo has registered and renewed the trademark for the brilliant Metroid Prime series. The status date for the trademark was renewed and registered on August 13th, 2013. It's common practise for companies to renew their trademarks, but it would come as a welcome surprise to many if Retro Studios were planning to develop another game in the Metroid Prime series for the latest Nintendo home console, Wii U.

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Concertoine1558d ago

one can hope.
with retro hiring people from crytek, naughty dog, zipperhead, amungst other prestigious developers there has to be at least 2 teams.

SpiralTear1558d ago

They've definitely been enlisting a lot of workers from high-profile companies lately. It'd be interesting to see how employees from Crytek and Naughty Dog could contribute to a brand new Metroid Prime.

animegamingnerd1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

i am willing to bet that the reason why donkey kong is being made is being is just like the wind waker HD something that retro is making to test the Wii U hardware out and something quick and easy to make to hold their fans over until their next big game comes out

Satanas1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

So at the VGX they "hinted" the two teams, ultimately saying "can't tell you" when asked if there were multiple teams. That definitely gets me pretty excited. I think the big slip up here was this for me:


Listen to when Geoff asks if we'd see any new Metroid. Sounds like Reggie is about to say "Of course" before cutting himself off at around 4:41

Chrischi19881557d ago

Yeah, they definitely hinted the game, in a way^^

linkenski1555d ago

I also thought maybe Reggie deliberately asked Geoff before the show to comment on his metroid/zelda badge. I think we're going to see both Metroid and Zelda in 2014

XiSasukeUchiha1558d ago

Yes finally Metroid Prime 4

awesomeabe19981558d ago

Why not a change of Metroid? Maybe a new series? How about a story of Samus I the real world but post apocalyptic? How about Samus building an army of Metroids to help save the world? Why not first person but without the whole tech frame?

BosSSyndrome1558d ago

First person without the HUD is an option in the prime series.

memots1558d ago

sorry but your idea sound ... well how to put it nicely ... "not very good"
who am i kidding this sound stupid.

might has well make another reboot like Tomb raider why don't you.... /s

awesomeabe19981558d ago

Retro can continue making Metroid primes but Nintendo need some type of FPS that an XB or PS gamer would look at and say "I want that" I was saying that retro should change Metroid a little because Nintendo tries to place an already developed character in a new IP world or game. So if Nintendo wanted to make a FPS they would make a story and see if Samus fits well into the story.

Nintendo needs to combine the fast pace of CoD. The vehicle and enviromental interactions of BF4. The mechanics of Titanfall. And the weapons of Halo. Add colorful environments and maps of Nintendo games. There you go. The best FPS ever that only Nintendo can perfect.

meganick1558d ago

I'd love a new Prime game. The first three are classics.

zerocrossing1558d ago

Oh please let this mean a new prime game is in the works, been waiting to play a Metroid game for what seems like ages.

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The story is too old to be commented.