Yoshida: PS4 Version of Final Fantasy XIV Is “Awesome,” Runs at 30 FPS but Displays Many Characters

The PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will enter its beta testing phase in February, and Game Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida is starting to share more details about it.

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kiz26941830d ago

Hmm little disappointing, but at least I hope it will be rock solid at 30.

Abriael1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

I would doubt it. That's not what MMORPGs are about. Even with a BEEFY gaming PC you dip under 30 fps in the most crowded situations unless you're playing something graphically nefarious like wow.

Keep in mind that Final Fantasy XIV easily puts you in situations with hundreds of people around you in big fights like Odin or Behemoth.

kiz26941830d ago

yeah I understand what you saying, but this runs on my PS3 with many frame drops, Just thought it might be quite solid on PS4.

Abriael1830d ago

The PS4 version has really nothing to do with the PS3 version. It'll be 1080p native (PS3 is 720p), and the graphical fidelity will be comparable to PC at max settings. It's gonna be seriously like night and day :D

DA_SHREDDER1830d ago

i cant wait to get that far into the game to witness that, its finding the time to play it is the hard part.

Abriael1830d ago

@DA_SHREDDER: with Odin you can actually see him very early in the game, since he's a FATE that appears in the field :D

cell9891830d ago

haha @ "graphically nefarious"

TomShoe1830d ago

Not surprised. This isn't really a twitch game that needs 60 FPS.

rdgneoz31830d ago

God, trying to do Odin or Behemoth when the game first came out on PS3 was a pain. Getting killed by things you can't even see is annoying as hell...

mikeslemonade1830d ago

Since when is 30 frames not solid? The standard right now is 30, 40 is great, and 60 is amazing.

For me if it stays at 30 then it's good enough. Last generation games dropped to single digits a lot.

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linkenski1830d ago

Even my Laptop that runs games like Arkham Asylum in 60fps with full settings can't even run a game like WoW at stable 60fps. It's more like 40-60fps most of the time.

mgeezy3131830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

There is nothing disappointing about 30FPS. Unless of course, you can do it better? Spoiled gamers really ruin the vibe, man...

DA_SHREDDER1830d ago

waiting for my beta invite

Flipgeneral1830d ago

I should have jumped on the $10 sale when I had a chance. Free upgrade to ps4! Bah, lesson learned

PurpHerbison1829d ago

This game will see a 10 dollar price tag a lot so don't worry.

desertpunk861830d ago

at least is 30fps the hardware on ps4 is too inferior to produce multiple characters at 60fps maybe they should of lower the res to 480p so it can run at 60fps.

MegaRay1830d ago

Well... you should give this idea to the xbone instead. But I dont think its good idea to do so, I mean look at my bubbles :'(

Abriael1830d ago

lol, "multiple"

We're talking about hundreds here. Not even a very beefy gaming PC holds 60 fps all the time in an MMORPG like FFXIV

black0o1830d ago

i think that method is exclusive to the xBone

rebeljoe141830d ago

Yep typical xbox owner, full of false ego and no brains or reading comprehension

Toman851830d ago

Yeah yeah. Talk about Xbox One, or wait Xbox 720p out of the boxee box. I have it, 720p on most titles out there.

tommygunzII1830d ago

Maybe that's why they didn't call it the 720.

speedforce1311830d ago

your shitbox one can't do any better.

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