Crysis 3 - The Best Multiplayer Shooter on the Market?‏

If you’ve had enough of the relatively stagnant world of Call of Duty in your patient wait for Titanfall, Crysis 3’s subtle tweaks to the formula might just be for you. The fundamentals are as solid as anything else on the market while its unique selling points have been implemented with the care and attention that they deserve. The single player campaign might be wholly forgettable, but Crysis 3’s surprisingly wonderful multiplayer makes it one of the last generation's most enjoyable online shooters.

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Mr Tretton1705d ago

I'm not gonna say it's the best, but I'm still playing it. (PC) Too bad barely anyone else is.

cesuf1705d ago

I think one of the biggest reasons why (and my personal reason), was that Crysis 3 never released on Steam, unlike 1 and 2. I was disappointed to see it only be available on Origins.

Liam23821705d ago

There seems to be a decent community on 360.

ATi_Elite1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Warface is better than Crysis 3 MP!

I can name about 15 shooters with better MP than Crysis 3 so I have no idea how they came up with this article.

Battlefield Play 4 Free has a better MP than Crysis 3 LOL

Man I miss Crysis 1 type of gameplay. The Huge sandbox and gameplay that allowed you to approach each area how you saw fit going from stealth to Rambo to tactical on the fly.

Crysis is such a classic game!