The Walking Dead Season 2 PS3 Season Pass Priced, Saves You Some Good Money

With each episode being priced at $5 each, buying the Season Pass means you save $5, or get 1 episode free (however you decide to look at it). - PSLS

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lonewolfjedi1682d ago

man telltale is working hard! so many games in development from them

KERV0RKIAN1682d ago

Can I get this on my ps4?sold my ps3.

Soldierone1682d ago

Not on day 1, but it will be, I believe later in the month.

famoussasjohn1682d ago

How would your choices and such carry over though? That's my main concern. I may just pick it up on 360 to avoid any complications or potential spoilers by waiting.

JeromeNtheHouse1682d ago


If anything, they'll do something like Mass Effect when they came out on the ps3 or if you never played the previous ones, where it'll give u a recap and have u make decisions for the major events of the series.