'The Division' devs talk limited ammo, in-game black market and smartwatch map

Continuing our reveal of new information that has surfaced for The Division, we now turn our attention toward whether or not players will have limited ammo, how trading will work within the game and how the smartwatch map will work.

Mathias Karlson and Axel Rydby, who are the lead game designer and design director for The Division, talked about how ammunition will work and if players will need to be frugal with how they use their fire power.

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XiSasukeUchiha1803d ago

Damn this game gets more exciting everyday

ssj271803d ago

This game has what we need from next gen game so far. The visuals, details on the levels, density, physics are great.. I hope is fun to play and intriguing enough.

Morgue1803d ago

Keep talking because I'm listening.

Callediceman1803d ago

I like the cut of this games jib

MatrixxGT1803d ago

Lol I read it as they will have a smartwatch app until last paragraph I learned it was in-game smartwatch. Lol I feel stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.