Holiday Greetings from Naughty Dog

The team at Naughty Dog has wished us a happy holiday. And more importantly, has teased big news coming in 2014.

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Hatsune-Miku1831d ago

I cant wait to see uncharted 4 and how amazing it will look .

minimur121831d ago

I'm hoping that with uncharted, the2 teams make alternate time sets. Like the uncharted coming up is the original explorer, in the 1500s or whayever , then the next game would be as drake following the footsteps of the explorer trying to forgure out what happened. Or the other way around - it may be frustrating if you know the answer and drake is like ' well wtf does this mean? Lol

You know, off topic. I'd love a game on the Qin era. The beginning of China all those years ago. How awesome would that be!

Freak of Nature1830d ago

Yes and how well it will play, and to see any new innovative gameplay. Any new additions to style and format.

Wonder if that old Bandicoot is another surprise too, that with more TLOU would be epic...

Freak of Nature1830d ago

Also wanted to add....

Sony included those Crash avatars on PS4 right out of the box and that Crash logo on the stop sign of PS4 ad, makes one think?

Possibly that new IP space game rumor?

Be nice if it was a new Crash game for PS4, the new space game IP, and TLOU 2 along with Uncharted PS4...Wow what a line-up, you have my permission to go ahead with this plan ND...

JackISbacK1831d ago

e3 2014 is knocking on my doors,next cristmas is gona be more amazing.

dasbeer881830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Even Naughty Dog has fallen into the category of Happy Holidays? Oh come your pride and say Merry f***ing Christmas!!

Wagz221830d ago

Maybe not everyone working at Naughty Dog is Christian?


Bring on Uncharted News.. I'm Ready!

staticdash221831d ago

I love that picture! Drake being himself, and sully is no santa lol

bjmartynhak1831d ago


That Drake's nose looks more like someone that had some extra drinks. Yeah, looks like Drake!

staticdash221831d ago

Oh, and this is the same thing that Guerrilla Games did last year right before Kilzone Shadow Fall was announced. They went on the Blog and said 2013 was gonna be a big year, it turned ut true.

I wouldn't be surprised if we hear that there are multiple projects planned fir the first few years of PS4's cycle. I'm pretty sure Uncharted PS4, and now a new IP are in development. Naughty Dog has expressed interest in possibly going into Sci-Fi, so take that as you will...

Majin-vegeta1831d ago

Let the teasing commence.


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The story is too old to be commented.