Madden NFL 25 With NY Giants Brandon Jacobs

Antwand “BlackBible” Pearman got the chance to talk with New York Giants’ Running Back Brandon Jacobs. They talked all things gaming and fitness including his Madden 25 tactics, and the unreal experience of playing as himself, and against himself in the game. Although, honored to have joined the Madden roster in 2005, he usually makes the modest decision to go for another respected running back. Fortunately, the surreal experience of playing against himself and his team on Madden 25 leaves him wondering, who’s got the cheat codes?

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NYC_Gamer1589d ago

I'm pissed off about the Giants having zero chance of making the play offs

E2S1589d ago

It's ok, we're due for another ring in one or two years.

lodossrage1589d ago

I feel you as a NY person myself. But to be fair they have 2 of the last 6 bowls under their belt. So even though they aren't making it this year, they aren't starving for a lombardi lol

Now the Jets on the other hand, THEY need that lombardi badly.

P0werVR1589d ago

Seahawks looking BEAST!