What If the Next PlayStation and Xbox Arrived in 2 or 3 Years Instead of 7 or 8

TIME - You’re probably seeing stories that the games console market is on the rebound, the presumption — and these stories are steeped in unalloyed presumption — stemming from initial record-breaking PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sales (more than two million sold a piece, though the release timescales and markets they’ve been introduced to differ).

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XboxFun1710d ago

That would suck big time.

colonel1791710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

It's impossible for that to happen because of the time it takes to make the games. Actually, that is the reason why Sony started saying that the PS3 would have a 10 year lifespan.

If a game like Uncharted takes 2 years to make, they are not going to release a console the following year, and for games like GTA which take more than 3 years, would be business suicide.

The only way they could make it work is by starting doing iphone like games which take months to complete, but that would defeat the purpose of a gaming console entirely.

decrypt1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

That reasoning was valid when different gens had different architectures, if they now decide to follow X86 then gens may not matter.

As games made for PS4 may easily run on PS5 and PS5 may even be backward compatible.

Hence you may have a situation where once PS5 is out it runs new game since 1080p while PS4 manages to run them in 720p.

It would be like a closed PC, devs wouldnt have to rewrite the game when a gen changes.

I think due to similarities with PC architecture, it will surprise many how quickly the new consoles will be taken very close to max potential, Hence a 3-4 year gen might not be a bad idea specially if they keep with x86 next gen. Support the old console for 7-8 years. Just make games look better on the next console.

jukins1710d ago

@colonel179 its not impossible for that to happen. they could just make things scalable as you see with the yearly updates to phones/tablets/pcs. Keep architectures the same just increase the power. I actually think this is the route console makers will take. Less money spent for R&D for total console rebuilds.

As decrypt said, it would be like the PC which consoles are like now more than ever.

Highlife1710d ago

Imagine battlefield on even more consoles. I think there would be to many bugs if that were to happen.

Magicite1710d ago

I think that would be not very profitable for companies. Besides You cant create next-gen console this fast, unless You rush.

decrypt1710d ago

Well they essentially picked up off the shelf parts this gen around. Meaning they hardly had to invest as much as they did when the researched making a Cell CPU, Bluray etc.

If they repeat the same next gen IE take APU from AMD the upgrade can be made relatively cheaply. Hence not much research money. Specially now that they even have PSN running full stream, last gen that had to be developed too.

frelyler1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

decrypt makes a valid point you, also it sure seems profitable to Apple.

XboxFun1710d ago

Also this is one of the reasons Sega failed hard. Releasing the Saturn and then not too long after releasing the Dreamcast burning all third party developers who had games in development for the Saturn.

joab7771710d ago

Yep. If it was 4-5 and they continued making for both like a higher end pc and it didn't excees $400, I'd b down. I just think that eventually they will need to have semi upgradable consoles. They can still make games for it, but if u shell out some may run and look a little better. We r a long way off though.

avengers19781710d ago

They better be huge, huge leaps forward in every aspect. So no, I do however see it in 5-6 years

Rainstorm811710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

To the people that want this......theres already a system for you.....its called gaming PC

Im not a fan of cross gen games now, but under this model that's mostly what we would have and mostly nothing would genuinely take advantage of the hardware

3-4-51710d ago

It would never give dev's the chance to sharpen their skills with the console.


* You are trying to learn how to fly a plane and get your Pilot's license. Imagine if every day you went to go "learn to fly" you had to do it on a different plane.

You wouldn't get very good at flying any plane at all.....ever..

You know when Dev's make a mistake and then learn from it and fix it in the 2nd game or next game ?

Consoles every 2-3 years would RUIN that, and ALL it would be is mistakes and bug filled games left and right.......even more so than today.

alexkoepp1710d ago

4-5 years is perfect. those figures 2-3 too short and 7-8 too long

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iamnsuperman1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

People would be pissed and faith in console would fail. Despite what the console manufacturs might want they can't realistically do such a move. Each console iteration doesn't play all the same games (unlike the phone model where any version can have an app, within reason, supports any app). The console manufacturers would be over saturating and splitting their own market by doing such a move (even more so if they had app and game support across all the iterations)

creeping judas1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I dont think it's enough time for any console maker to make back the cost of R&D and production costs of the consoles. They need longer periods of time to recoup the amounts of monies they invested in the current gen consoles. We all know the consoles are either making no money, or very little money for each maker at the initial stages of the console life cycle. It's not until later when the cost of production, and parts decrease that they start making actual real profit off of the sale of each console.

Scrumptious1710d ago

I agree to a point, but has it not been rumored that the new generations of PS4 ans Xbox One are currently making a profit or close to it since they utilized modified versions of the latest technology rather than investing in expensive proprietary technology such as the Cell chip? In addition, the fragmentation of your install base is painful and results in software which does not maximize the potential of a platform. Android is a good example of this.

isyourhouseonfire1710d ago

That would be awesome if it came that quickly. Keep the technology coming, life is too short to wait.

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