A Playstation Fan Buys a Xbox One

"I have purchased every Playstation console but I’ve never owned a Xbox - until now."

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GamersRulz1706d ago ShowReplies(1)
Grave1705d ago

I am a Sony fan, but I think you really missed out if you never bought an X360 as well.

rashada071705d ago

yea ultimately I ended with a PS3 but the 360 was a really good console to have.

abzdine1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

yeah, really the wrong xbox he decided to buy!!!
Anyway, good he could feel PS consoles are better. I dont have to buy an xbox to realize that cause PS consoles always deliver what i expect from a gaming console: GAMES!

GearSkiN1705d ago

Wrong xbox?? We're still in early stage buddy most game won't come out till later on, happens to all new product, things doesn't get better right away.

Sono4211704d ago

I actually just bought one today too... and got the day one edition of everything lmaooo

Day one edition of dead rising 3, day one edition of Ryse, and day one Edition of the Xbox One itself ahah and they still had plenty of Xbox One's there :o I went to Gamestop :p

And just saying I have a PS4 too... but got that at launch :p

Sono4211704d ago

Why am I getting dislikes? I did get day one editions of everything.. I even got the Day One membership card thing with the free killer instinct character.. If you guys are seriously going to fanboy it up I can upload pictures...

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Concertoine1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

blue dragon, a decent bit of console exclusives, lost odyssey, dead rising, viva pinata (guilty pleasure), gears of war 1-3, halo, some better multiplats, forza, alan wake, amongst others.
360 wasn't a bad system at all, especially in its youth.

xDHAV0K24x1705d ago

One of the greatest consoles of all time

da_2pacalypse1705d ago

In the first 3-4 years, the xbox 360 was really good. Tons of exclusives every year, and gamers were happy. Microsoft stopped publishing games though, and that's ultimately the biggest problem with the xbox right now... not enough focus on games.

n4rc1704d ago

I always seem to have to bring this up.. Exclusives aren't the end all, be all of gaming..

I never noticed any game drought.. I played all the most popular games in the last few years... Because they were all multiplats..

Even now.. Games like the division, destiny or watchdogs etc are the anticipated games.. Sure titanfall or infamous are up there.. But compared to the number of great mp titles, its a drop in the bucket.

cell9891705d ago

the only game Ive ever wanted to play on the 360 was Gears Of War, not enough for me, plus my time is of the essence, I still got a backlog of games for my PS3 Ive yet to finish ;/

Pogmathoin1705d ago

Article was a needle of common sense in an ocean full off fanboyism crap. Fair dues to the author, great games he would miss are now open to him... And that is the way it should be...

Flipgeneral1705d ago

Man, I got my ps4 but I really want an xbox one as well. I see great exclusives coming from both sides!

But yeah, screw fanboyism.. why not put that energy towards promoting console gaming as a whole. A novel and hopeless thought!

Transporter471705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

I had a 360 before a PS3, I only play my PS3 there is nothing to play on 360 worth playing anymore nothing... it just collects dust. Since the first few years I played it.

Gamer6661705d ago

And people will miss out this gen if they don't buy both consoles.

quenomamen1705d ago

Went through 2 360s while my PS3 held strong, learned my lesson.

omi25p1705d ago

Im the same. Im mainly and Xbox gamer, I own a PS3 and Will get a PS4 simply for the great exclusives.

ricochetmg1705d ago

Depends on when. If we talking the first three years of 360 then I agree after that it was a long slope downhill.

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Belking1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

This won't go over well I see a lot of people going with xb1 over the competition next year when games like Titan fall, quantum break and sunset overdrive hits, and that's only the beginning. IMO, Xbox is the best place to play. Play station hasn't been the same since ps2 days for me. Xbox has taken that crown. Even the person in that article ( even though he is wrong about xb1 not having a sleep feature) can see how Xbox has improved on things like quality,features and a better controller.

FriedGoat1705d ago

I think you'll find Titan Fall will get most of it's sales on PC. That's where I'll be getting it anyway, whilst I enjoy my PS4.

Mikefizzled1705d ago

VGchartz preorders tell a very different story. Xone = 122k, 360 = 31k and PC = 43k. Obviously only in the US and not including digital preorders.

MrCrimson1705d ago

this comment reminds me of that south park episode with the mormons.


dantesparda1705d ago

I love how Belking thinks that casuals care about unknown IP's like Titanfall, or Quantum Break or Sunset Overdrive.

AndrewLB1704d ago

Mike- Most PC gamers I know get the digital download version. It's nice to have it pre-loaded and get to play the moment the activation key is sent out.

n4rc1704d ago

Andrew... X1 is in the same boat.. Day one downloads make preorder counts way smaller..

I haven't preordered a single game for my x1 and I don't intend to.. Even tho I plan on being on titanfall among others on day one

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xUnKnOwN741705d ago

"Play station hasn't been the same since ps2 days for me." Key words... FOR ME.

n4rc1704d ago

So?.. Do we need to preface every single comment in here with that?

Nobodies opinion means anything but that.. Ever

You disagree with him? Key words.. YOU. LOL

TrollCraftTales1705d ago

Titanfall is on PC as well, and most people I know are getting it on PC. I find it pointless to buy a $500 system for Titanfall when you can play it right now on what your are typing on. Quantum Break doesn't interest me at all, it seems like it will be like Beyond 2 Souls, but with TV integration, so you will have to wait to play the game for a new episode to come out or whatever they are doing. At the end you said Xbox has improved on things like quality, features, and a better controller. I hope you mean it improved on the 360, because as far as I can tell the PS4 has more quality, features, and a better controller IMO...

lets_go_gunners1705d ago

How many people have been making this wrong observation. Quantum break is a 3rd person shooter not an interactive whatever beyond 2 souls was. Not every pc was made the same what I'm typing on sure as hell can't run titanfall.
Your opinion of controller is subjective it's like saying yellow is a better color than purple. Keep your opinions to yourself unless you can convey them in a proper manor.

bennissimo1705d ago

I'm not planning to play Titanfall on my Macbook Air.

Most people I know have already gotten or will get the X1 just to play Titanfall, since video games deliver a better experience on consoles.

WeAreLegion1705d ago

Titanfall is using the Source engine. I guarantee you the computer you're using to type that can run it.

TrollCraftTales1701d ago


So you are pretty much saying "keep your opinions to yourself unless I agree with them"?

I have the right to say whatever I want. I laugh whenever people tell me to keep my opinions to myself. Yes, I agree I was exaggerating with Quantum Break, but everything else is justifiable.

It's not like I am lying and saying bullshit like Xbox One can't even run Titanfall at 120p and PC is the master race lol fags or something like that, I am just saying that most people have a PC that can run Titanfall on at least low settings, and it would cost less to upgrade your PC to play Titanfall than to buy an X1. Titanfall is a source engine game anyway, pretty much anything can run source...

I have the right to say I like the PS4 controller MUCH more than the Xbox One, more so of a right since I have played hours on both, unlike most people that say one is better than the other. I will not bitch at you if you say you like Xbox more than PS, or MAC more than PC. That is your opinion and you have the right to convey it however you want, just as I do. If you don't like my opinion, ignore it. If I am saying something wrong, as I was with Quantum Break, tell me in a polite manner, just as you did in the beginning.

TL:DR I laugh at you saying "Keep your opinions to yourself unless you can convey them in a proper manor." but obviously meaning "keep your opinions to yourself unless I agree with them". You are not the internet police, you have no right to tell me what I can and can't do or say. I can express my opinion just as much as you can. Don't be a douchefag about it....

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KratosSaveUs1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Lol MS will never ever have more exclusives than Sony. TF ain't exclusive so all y'all have is Quantum Break which is nothing special looks Luke a fake Splinter Cell. and Halo 17. PS4 has InFamous Second Son,Driveclub,The Order 1886,and Uncharted. Uncharted is alone is better than anything the Xbone is getting. And that's not all. Sony's many 1st party studios are all working on PS4 games. Sony has way better studios than MS. Naughty Dog is better than any MS studio. Sucker Punch and Santa Monica are better than anything MS has too. If you like Xbox play Xbox. But don't lie to yourself talking about Xbone has the games. Every generation Sony brings the best/most exclusives. And PS4 has the best controller now. Even developers said it was the vest they ever used.

infectedaztec1705d ago

Somebody clearly plays brands rather than games,some of the studios haven't even announced games yet you champion them as a ps4 strength.

Based on announced games, I went with xbox. But i will get a ps4 in maybe 2 years. Id say theyll have some good exclusives out by then

KingDadXVI1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

@GreatnessAwaits All I can say is that your name is apt. You are waiting for it to arrive. Infamous is the only game announced for 2014 that has a chance of selling like Quantum Break, Halo 5, or TitanFall.

Infamous is a great game but it will not sell like the above 3 games that I just mentioned.

Halo 4 sold 16 million copies in two years and Infamous 2 sold 4 million in 3 years. Here are the links if you don't believe me:

PS4 currently has no AAA system sellers scheduled for 2014 that can compare to what MS has lined up for the Xbox One.

Greatness may await but when is it going to arrive?

I am getting a PS4 by the way as I do like some of the games that they will eventually have but I am not getting one until next Christmas provided they have some non indie AAA exclusives.

@scott182 My point is that they don't have any games coming out that are going to compete with what MS has in 2014. Simple as that. Therefore I have bought the Xbox One first. 3rd party vs. 3rd party? I don't really care if a 200lb pile of shit makes the game as long as it is good. Who gives a rats ass who made the game if it is good? You are pretty typical of the Fan Boy craze if you think that a name makes the game.

You are just gonna have to wait like everyone else for Greatness to arrive.

scott1821705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )


I like how you are using sales now to determine quality, I thought that wasn't popular anymore. Look at how much more Gran turismo sells than almost any Microsoft exclusive... Plus resogun is the highest rated game and it's AAA as any game on the bone. And Killzone sf is the highest selling of any next gen exclusive.

We all know Sony has the top quality first party teams, Naughty Dog even won developer of the year. The top games will be coming from Sony's first party devs, not from 3rd party studios paid off by M$,

DigitalRaptor1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

@ KingDadXVI

I'm sorry, but absolutely NOTHING correlates in your comment.

Quantum Break isn't confirmed for 2014 anywhere.

Halo 5 isn't confirmed for 2014 anywhere.

The Order: 1886 or Uncharted 4 aren't confirmed for 2014 either but they have about as much chance as those 2 games you mentioned for the Xbone.

So... DriveClub, inFamous Second Son, PlanetSide 2, Deep Down, Yakuza Ishin, Guilty Gear Xrd, and an absolute storm of unique, creative and interesting independently-developed games on PS4 that aren't available on Xbone.

You said "I don't really care if a 200lb pile of shit makes the game as long as it is good." So indies don't count to this statement of yours? You're using last-gen fanboy crap to try and downplay a more diverse and numerous lineup on PS4 than Xbone can achieve in the time it's got until 2014 finishes and 2015 begins. And when E3 2014 comes around... uh oh!

Try again.

MakiSaad21705d ago

KingDadXVI Halo 4 has sold 16 mil ??????? you need to get your eyes checked dude I mean seriously, From the link you have provided it only states 8.69m not 16 mil it's not COD or GTA you know

scott1821705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

You know when those games are coming out? You could make a lot of money with your ability to see into the future. Sony will have plenty of AAA first party games to match every year of M$ paying off 3rd party devs for games.

xDHAV0K24x1705d ago

So u give no props to them for improving on their exclusive promise? Ur gonna ignore the upcoming releases of new IP's? Their launch exclusives as well? Yeah ur right. They have no games. Fuck outta here.

WilDRangeRrfc1705d ago

I have my PS4 and I love it,360 gamer last gen but to dismiss Xbox and say its games are inferior is YOUR opinion not fact pal,no doubt Uncharted and TLOU are great games but if you add up 360 metric against PS3 Xbox wins hands down,sale numbers don't lie either buddy,Gears Of War or Halo sold more than pretty much all PS exclusives combined,TLOU only sold just over a million copies so to say PS has better games and studios is your opinion,MS have a few of their own and way more cash to buy up more,I'm not getting X1 and I love my PS4 but I can admit that X1 launch games are way better

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scott1821705d ago


"This won't go over well here"

Your comments never do.

GarrusVakarian1705d ago

".lol I see a lot of people going with xb1 over the competition next year when games like Titan fall, quantum break and sunset overdrive hits"

And at the same time, Infamous SS, Driveclub, The Order 1886 are going to be released, PS4 gamers aren't going to be going anywhere.

"Play station hasn't been the same since ps2 "

Apart from the fact that they sold more PS3's than the 360, despite the year headstart of the 360. They also had more and better exclusives....PS3 was a great gen.

I can see people adding X1 to their homes (im one of them), but no one is going to give up their PS4 for an X1. Especially seeing as the vast, vast majority of games will be multiplats next gen....and we all know the PS4's multiplats look and run better than the X1's.

AndrewLB1704d ago

I know a ton of people who bought PS3 solely because it had a great blu-ray player at a time where regular blu-ray players cost more than the console. So i wouldn't go assuming they sold a ton more games based on base console sales.

quenomamen1705d ago

There is no exlusive worth the $500 and weaker hardware. not Halo, Call of Titan, Sunset, or the great system seller Killer Instinct.

buynit1705d ago

What exclusive is out for the ps4 that makes it worth 400?

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joeorc1705d ago

Congratz, on the new console to go with your other console's.

The systems both have been smooth as butter the time i have spent with both the PS4 and the XBOXONE.

AngelicIceDiamond1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

And Xbox fan bought a PlayStation so what?

These two are the newest video game consoles. And they are house hold brand name machines. Of course fans will buy one or the the console.

Or in the writers case both.

EDIT: Congrats to the writer. I'm glad he's enjoying his brand new One and PS4. He won't be missing out on any great games now. Again, congrats.

MatrixxGT1705d ago

I enjoyed 360 games. Had multiple 360's though. Switched to ps3 around 2010. I went with ps4 first this time. Sony showed me they will support their consoles for a long time. The future games will be great, Remote play is a great feature for my lifestyle. I will probably get xbox one in about 2 or maybe 3 years from now and see if the price comes down and see how much support MS keeps giving it like they are now as far as games go. I really don't care about any of the media features, just the games. I will say that if xbox ever releases a feature like sonys remote play and it works good enough like sonys, id probably buy it tomorrow.

Lucifun1705d ago

The only way MS can make a remote play for X1 is if they use the other windows products to utilize it.