10 Games We Can't Wait to See on Xbox One and PS4

CCC Says: "Forza is out. Battlefield and Call of Duty are out. Need For Speed is out. There are several titles that have made their new-gen appearance already from their tenure in the last gen. There have been several titles announced to be coming soon for the new gen, but there are a whole bunch of titles that are still “out there in the ether” concerning their arrival to the new gen systems. So we took a few minutes to talk about the ones that we want to see make an appearance on the Xbox One and the PS4."

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XboxFun1826d ago

Cool list a Chromehounds would be awesome but I doubt MS would make one with Titanfall being so anticipated at the moment. MS wouldn't want to cannibalize their games at the moment.

Crackdown needs to happen, but it needs to be done right. Fully open world, huge city, make it two or three cities if needed. There needs to be 6 player online co-op any more would be just chaos. And there should be a deep customization and options for characters.

Alan Wake is also a no brainer. Hopefully after Quantum, Rememdy can begin work on a new Alan Wake.

"Hell, grab up the team from Kingdoms of Amalur."

That is a damn good idea for Fable and a definite direction is should go in.

WilDRangeRrfc1824d ago

Bring Gears to PS4,then my crossover will be complete!!!