New Gran Turismo 6 Glitch Lets You Earn 50,000,000 Credits, Saving $360 in Microtransactions

With the introduction of the free BMW M4 Coupé to Gran Turismo 6 another glitch was introduced much like the one with the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, allowing you to earn an inordinate amount of credits (50,000,000) in minutes, saving you the equivalent of $360 in microtransactions.

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Pintheshadows1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Don't do it. Earn the cars the way you should always earn cars in GT. By winning races and putting time and effort in.

The fact that two people disagreed with me is shocking.

Godmars2901594d ago

Yeah, it is kind of funny how everyone was saying earn your cars before this glitch, now they're saying use the glitch to get all the cars. Which you shold be earning through normal gameplay.

memots1594d ago

I did the 20m glitch. And i got most car i already had in gt5,

I am good, Not going to glitch anymore. All i really wanted back was my Vettel red bull x1, got it free with gt5 and it was 6m to get it here.

the rest was a Ferrari i paid huge money for and the formula gt i grinded so much for in gt5P.

Yes i cheated but i think you should have had an option to move your favorite top 10 car from Gt5 and no be able to sell them. Then i wouldn't have use the glitch. 50m is way too much

Pintheshadows1594d ago

I did that as well Memots, and you know what, I regret it immensely.

pandehz1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

DO it, your time is more valuable than pixels.

Get your pick of all the cars and enjoy the controls/race/visual experience etc, ignore the illusion of time-spent-effort-made=reward earned.

''time-spent-effort-m ade=reward earned'' this should apply only in real life. Its an illusion in real too but that's a whole different topic.

MestreRothN4G1594d ago

The progression in games is a big part of the experience and reason to achieve great scores / overcome challenges.

Well, at least it was before the microtransactions domination. Now I agree with you. Cheat the hell out of the game. It's like putting 1k lives in Candy Crush or unlocking the stages without paying out. =)

They must be furious to see their progression walls falling down like a drunk old man.

specialguest1594d ago

There's nothing wrong with this glitch. We'll just consider this like a secret trick to get cheats such as max lives, credits, level skip, etc, like games from the old school era. Back when it required a secret combination of things to do in order to get the cheats, unlike today where they charge us through MT.

RadioActiveTwinky1594d ago

Either way MT will ruin a retailed price game. Its the reason why some of these glitches are possible.

Seraphemz1594d ago

Then they shouldnt have microtransactions where someone can just BUY it..instead of "earning" it.

C-H-E-F1594d ago

Playing GT with overpowered cars on lower level tracks is BORING. I understand some people may want a lambo or something, but making 50mil in gt6 is going to render the game 100% boring real quick.

kneon1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Couldn't agree more. The game is most fun in the first few hours when all you have is crap cars and no money.

I'm trying to keep that going as I progress in the game by not buying any cars and not spending any money on tuning and tires. I haven't even changed any car setups except for turning off traction control for the rally racing.

So far I've racked up about 50 cars all through racing. I've only bought the initial Honda fit and a set of SH tires for the fit and that's it. So I'm sitting on close to $3,000,000 credits and have no use for them yet.

Hyper_Tension1401594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Yea I agree, I felt like a badass the first time I earned 20,000,000 in gt5 and brought the redbull x1. Loving gt6 so far much better than gt5.

rainslacker1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Grinding out GT with appropriately spec'd cars is boring as well. I love the racing part, but not the having to do it many many many times just to grind to 1-2 million credits, just so you can start doing some of the much more challenging tracks locked away behind all those challenges. This is even more true of the cars that cost 5+ million credits.

GT6 is better about it as there seems to be more variety in the tracks, but GT5 was pretty much all the same races over and over again.

I love GT. It's one of my most played games. But I forgot how long the early part of the game takes. And how frustrating it is they give you the worst cars for the licence trials.

If you like challenge though, see how often you can lap the other cars in the Red Bull concept car in a longer race with no car restrictions on it.. It's quite fun.:)

PS3Freak1594d ago

Agreed. Getting 50 million for nothing would ruin the fun for me. But I like to play Gran Turismo the old fashioned way. To each their own.

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Transporter471594d ago

Wouldn't this defeat the purpose of playing the game and acquiring the cars?

Abriael1594d ago

And here i thought the purpose of the game was driving.

Silly me :D

Transporter471594d ago

I guess, I'm used to the old school way, of in order to get the fast cars you need to get better by slowly advancing through the game which then unlocks the cars.

ShinMaster1594d ago

Yes, you drive to acquire more and better cars. That's the point.

PS3Freak1594d ago

It's always been more about car collecting for me. But I've been playing since '97 with GT1.

SoapShoes1594d ago

@Abriael, do you get RPGs and expect to your stats to be maxed out? You must really be missing Game Shark. I prefer to actually beat my games. If you want a GT with no career get GTPSP....

rainslacker1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

You can use this glitch to collect cars. Doesn't mean you have to use those cars to speed up progression.

Sometimes it's nice to just take out some of those more expensive cars and drive them around the track. That's what I did with the first glitch.

I still use the regular cars either given to me, or mostly purchased through normal means on the regular game progression.

I never did like how you had to race the races countless times just to get a specific car for one race. I don't mind the challenge of racing with cars similar to what the AI cars use.

I don't really feel guilty about it. If the glitch weren't there I certainly wouldn't buy credits with real money. No point for me.

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ruefrak1594d ago

So does this mute the whole argument over microtransactions? Doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

Abriael1594d ago

pretty much. They don't seem to care enough about microtransactions to even fix this.

MestreRothN4G1594d ago

1. In any game they'd fix it. In a MT game, you can bet this is high on their priorities.

2. This doesn't mute the discussion simply because now what you were supposed to pay to get, you are supposed to cheat for the same reason.

The design of MT games is effed up with or without cheats.

It is like playing a game with overpowered enemies (oh, you can buy a boost for you armor) and suddenly a cheat for god mode appearing. Does it fix the design?

Both cheats and MT ruin the progression experience.

rainslacker1594d ago

Don't know if they can fix it. The first one relied on a patch, and the removal of that patch. Can't really fix something if the user doesn't connect to the internet, as the vanilla software allowed the glitch to work.

Removing the patch from distribution may be able to do it, but seems like this may be an issue for every patch if it works the way I'm suspecting the first glitch to work.

If so, it means people in the know would never spend real money. For Sony though there is a huge casual base with GT, so they likely don't keep up on this stuff and may still purchase credits.

andrewsqual1594d ago

Didn't look at the video but isn't the 20,000,000 limit in this game just like in GT5? How can you make 50,000,000 then?

Abriael1594d ago

Maybe you should look at the video lol.

funnybus3rd1592d ago

When you update to 1.01 the limit goes up to 50 million.

-Foxtrot1594d ago

Funny how most games with MT end up having glitches which ends up ruining developers little money schemes.

Same happened with Rockstar with the online money glitch

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