Soul Sacrifice Delta Demo Showcases New Enemies and Gameplay Changes | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: Earlier this year, Soul Sacrifice blew Vita owners away.

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xHeavYx1830d ago

Having a blast with Souls Sacrifice thanks to PS+, can't wait for this game

admiralvic1830d ago

It's a great game, since even when you do everything it has to offer, you still have all the free DLC (with new bosses no less) to do.

ChaosKnight1830d ago

So there's a whole new Soul Sacrifice?

Whxian1830d ago

well yes delta is sorts of like an expansion with improved gameplay, new missions/bosses, but i think when it was announced they also mentioned that they were working on soul sacrifice 2 as well.

Nail131829d ago

Soul Sacrifice Delta is a buy at launch for me. I owe them money from getting the original free on PS+ :)

ninjahunter1828d ago

They definitely made some moves in the right direction.
In their next game im hoping they make the levels less flat.
A lot of the maps are really cool n such, but there's no depth to them, stairs, tiers, hills, buildings you can climb, I feel like all that stuff would definitely add a whole new level of immersion to the game, versus just a flat arena.
An example would be like skyrim, the ground is never flat, there are ridges, structures, all sorts of stuff, and it really adds depth to the world.